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To the south of the desert, which extends its arid lands to New Mexico (1,500 km from Mexico City), Chihuahuahua (1,455m above sea level) lives mainly from cattle breeding, it is the city of Mexican cowboys. It is also the cradle of the Mennonite community. Discover its cathedral, its palacio de gobierno, its plaza de armas... The city also houses a museum dedicated to Pancho Villa (museo Casa de Villa), hero of the Mexican revolution whose home and headquarters it was. The diversity of its Mexican landscapes is due to the country's varied climatic conditions: tropical in the south, temperate at the foot of the cordilleras and on the high plateau, dry in the north and Baja California. The rainy season lasts from June to September, showers occur at the end of the day and are short-lived. ancient city of the Conchos Indians is called by the conquistadors Chichimecas. The silver mines give birth to a beautiful and prosperous city in the northern desert, surrounded by majestic mountains that abound in natural resources. Its colonial and Victorian buildings, beautiful parks, squares and narrow streets make it the most attractive city in northern Mexico. We can say without hesitation that this city has a dog... Yet this beautiful city should not only be the Chepe terminus, the train of the Chihuahua Pacifico line, it deserves a little more attention.

  • Traditional

    The Traditional assortment is an assortment of time-honored flavor combinations prepared with a distinctive zChocolat touch. From a raspberry ganache covered in dark chocolate to a passion fruit caramel blanketed in milk chocolate, it’s a delicious way to experience the essential zChocolat recipes.  Includes pieces 0 to 11 from the Numbered...

  • Z Chocolate Only

    Dedicated exclusively to the only chocolate worthy to be known simply as Z, this assortment is the perfect way to indulge in pure zChocolat goodness. Each piece is either a white, milk, or dark chocolate rendition of Pascal Caffet’s signature recipe and is bursting with salty-sweet caramel and rich hazelnut praline. A scrumptious solution for those...

  • Dark Chocolate

    Indulge your dark side with this assembly of zChocolat’s most sophisticated pieces. Each gastronomic gem in this assortment is enveloped in a silky Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark chocolate couverture combined with exquisitely exotic flavors like velvety Madagascar Bourbon-Vanilla ganache infused with a hint of Provençale...

  • All Numbers

    This chocolate assortment pack is the perfect choice to experience heavenly French chocolates for the very first time. It includes our Traditional and Exotic assortments with our entire Numbered Collection of chocolates from number 0 to number 24 plus 5 legendary Z chocolates.

Luxury chocolate gifts delivered in Chihuahua

zChocolat, world leader in luxury chocolate gift giving and Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier have been delivering their high-quality and premium French chocolates in Chihuahua, Mexico since November 1st 1999 and have always made a grand and lasting impression with gift recipients in Chihuahua. Whether you are shipping to Rubio, San Rafael, Rosario or any of the suburbs, zChocolat delivers high-end & exclusive French chocolates within 4 business days and in perfect conditions.

Refined gifts, exclusive and tailor-made

We have a wide selection of personalized chocolate gifts with the name of your recipient including:

  • Hearts

    Whimsical heart-shaped morsels are drenched in colorful chocolate coatings to create our most romantic collection ever. Featuring four intriguing recipes, this assortment pairs classic flavors with fanciful exteriors. Rich hazelnut pralines take cover in creamy milk chocolate. Decadent white vanilla ganache hides beneath an unassuming white surface....

  • Milk Chocolate

    Our premium milk chocolates begin with 100% pure cocoa butter, pressed from the finest cocoa beans in Ivory Coast. The result is a creamy confection that perfectly balances the sweet and rich chocolate flavor with incredible international ingredients like slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, unforgettable Italian Gianduja praliné, tasty...

  • Exotic

    With ingredients from around the world, the Exotique assortment is a tantalizing tour of zChocolat’s most uniquely indulgent recipes. Flavors like coconut, lemon, cinnamon, coriander, pistachio, sesame, and violet are expertly paired with classic French chocolate for a collection that is as unexpected as it is exceptional. Includes pieces 12 through...

  • White Z Chocolate

    Enjoy fifteen of our white Z chocolates in a single package. Each piece is a luscious duet of sweet-salty caramel and crunchy hazelnut praline, enveloped in velvety white chocolate couverture made of pure cocoa butter. A great way to savor this unique variation on our most popular recipe.

Pascal Caffet

All our chocolates are handmade by our chocolate master Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition: no alcohol, no preservatives, no coloring, high cocoa content, low sugar and 100% pure cocoa butter.

Summer packaging

Thankfully, unique temperature sensitive packaging and DHL Express delivery mean connoisseurs of zChocolat’s all-natural, preservative-free confections can enjoy fine French chocolate anywhere in the world. Insulated delivery boxes keep your gift at the perfect temperature while a reflective outer layer provides additional protection from world-famous rays in Mexico.

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All our Signature Chocolates can be delivered in Chihuahua and at any time of the year with our summer packaging depending on the season.

We also deliver chocolate gifts in the following places in Mexico : chocolate delivery in Acapulco - gift delivery in Zapopan

  • ZBox 22 Truffles

    Relish the most delectable traditional French truffle with a special zChocolat twist. This 22-truffle ZBox features our world-renowned crunchy praliné made from Italian hazelnut surrounded by a layer of luscious Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark chocolate couverture. Finished off with a kiss of pleasantly bittersweet Criollo cocoa powder,...

  • Passion zBox 6

    Immortalize your love with a passionate pair of classy cube coffers: one to capture the heart, and another to captivate the palates. The first box sealed with a handmade red wax heart holds a magical and mysterious, eternal red rose. A symbol of everlasting love, this stemless rose can be kept for years without wilting. The second box encases...

  • Birthday 30-pc

    Spice up the birthday bash with our entire Numbered Collection. This stylish gift brings together our world-renowned Traditional Assortment recipes with our Exotic Assortment flavors from around the world. This is the perfect way to kick off another flavorful year for that special person who will undoubtedly be delighted with a unique and unexpected treat...

  • Praliné

    The classic French praline is perfected in this extraordinary assortment.  Chosen from our famous Numbered Collection, each piece features carefully ground ingredients like hazelnut, sesame seed, almond, pistachio, coriander, and walnut, blended with just the right amount of premium cocoa. With a slightly sandy texture and a rich nutty flavor, you'll...

  • Pisces Chameleon 15

    Embrace the idealistic tendencies of Pisces (February 20 - March 21) with a singularly indulgent gift just for them. Each Zodiac Box is handcrafted from regional chestnut wood and adorned with an artistic rendition of the current astrological sign. Filled with fifteen pieces of decadent French chocolate, it’s a sensational way to send a personalized...

  • Z Eternal Rose

    The Z Eternal Red Rose is a symbol of everlasting love which will capture your loved one’s heart at first sight. It is presented in our classy cube coffer sealed with our handmade red wax heart and can be kept for years without wilting. It is the perfect addition to any chocolate gift in this collection. Vincent Van Gogh once said. “Love...

  • All Numbers & Z

    This chocolate assortment pack includes our Traditional, Exotic and Z chocolate Only assortments with our entire Numbered Collection of chocolates from number 0 to number 24 plus 20 pieces of our most popular chocolate, the Z chocolate: a duo of sweet and salty caramel with Bourbon-Vanilla from Madagascar and a crunchy slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts...

  • Romantic 12-pc

    Daintily decorated with our latest LOVE sleeve, this romantic assortment of 12 luscious heart-shaped chocolates will melt your recipient's heart instantly as it reveals the Toquade: a delicious white vanilla ganache cloaked in a white exterior, the Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, the Mystique: fleur de sel (salty) caramel infused...

Please note that we do not deliver in Mexico on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) and the following upcoming holidays:

  • 2020-01-01 NEW YEAR'S DAY
  • 2020-02-03 Constitution Anniversary
  • 2020-03-16 Benito Juarez Bday
  • 2020-04-09 Holy Week
  • 2020-04-10 Good Friday
  • 2020-05-01 Labour Day
  • 2020-09-16 Independence Day
  • 2020-11-02 Memorial Day
  • 2020-11-16 Revolution Anniversary
  • 2020-12-24 CHRISTMAS EVE
  • 2020-12-25 CHRISTMAS DAY
  • 2020-12-31 NEW YEAR'S EVE

Chihuahua, cradle of revolutionaries:

Named the cradle of the revolution, it occupies a prominent place in the history of Mexico. Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla, heroes of independence, were executed there in 1811 by the Spaniards. Later, President Benito Juárez installed his government there under the French occupation and Porfirio Díaz provided the railway. Pancho Villa, a popular hero, visionary, bandit and even governor of Chihuahua, spent several years there during the revolution. It is also the birthplace of Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca, an American-Mexican actor who played in the film Lawrence of Arabia.
Chihuahua is the capital of Chihuahua State in Mexico. The city has also been an archdiocese since 1958. The metropolitan siege of the Archdiocese of Chihuahua is located in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, a baroque building from the 18th century. Chihuahua: city and dog breed:
Mexican gastronomy owes its famous Burritos to Chihuahua. The State of Chihuahua also gave its name to the smallest dog in the world. The eponymous breed of dog owes its name to this state because it is the place where Europeans discovered this native Indian breed.
In an important volcanic area, the most important pre-Hispanic city in the region is called Nuevo Casas Grande. It is a prosperous city of Mormon farmers and settlers.

What to do in Chihuahua?

  • Its Plaza de Armas with its kiosk of French music imported from Paris in 1893
  • Quinta Gameros: The story goes that Manuel Gameros started building this wonderful palace in 1907 to give it to his fiancée as a wedding gift. The young woman had time to fall in love with the architect before the work was completed. However, the gentleman remained true to his promise. The building, inspired by Art Nouveau, is sumptuous. The dining room is magnificent and the whole is harmonious, very rich. A beautiful collection of period furniture, Art Nouveau style, is to be discovered.
  • His Catedral Metropolitana dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi.
  • Its Palacio de Gobierno with its own Museo de Hidalgo, its Galería de Armas.
  • In front of the Palacio are erected the statue of the Angel de la Libertad and the Templo of San Francisco.
  • His Palacio Federal which houses the cell where Father Miguel Hidalgo was imprisoned.
  • Sa Casa Chihuahua, today Centro Cultural and its gallery Calabozo de Hidalgo.
  • His Aqueduct called Los Arquitos.
  • His many museums including the Museo Casa de Villa or Museo de la Revolución Mexicana, former house of Luz Corral de Villa, wife of the famous general Pancho Villa. You can also discover its art museums such as Quinta Gameros, Casa Redonda and Casa Sebastián, Museo Casa Juárez and finally Museo Tariké.

Chihuahua : A city full of history

Las Grutas de Nombre de Dios also known as Grutas Chihuahua Chihuahua: the San Francisco square on which you will find the church of the same name, all white and so pretty which also serves as a backdrop to the moving statue of the Indian Victorio (the legendary Apache warrior) that young art students are trying to immortalize.
Benito Juarez settled there during the French intervention. The Mexican memory does not forget that we are here at the heart of the history of the Mexican revolution. The whole city is talking about the revolution and the ghosts of the two Mexican heroes haunt the streets of the city. On Hidalgo Square stand statues of Jose Morelos, Ignacio Allende (who was executed here), Aldama and Jimenez but also the monument to Miguel Hidalgo. Opposite, in the courtyard of the Palacio del Gobernio, the "murals" of Aarón Pina Mora describe the history and economic activity of the state.
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla:
Born on May 8,1753 in the state of Guanajuato, priest of the parish of Dolores Hidalgo, a small mining town. It was on September 15,1810 that he sounded the bell of Dolores to exhort and mobilize the peones of the whole country to demand and obtain independence. In October, he issued his first decree in favor of the abolition of slavery in Mexico. This day called "El Grito" will become the Independence Day. He was captured by Felix María Calleja during the Battle of the Bridge of Calderón on 17 January 1811.
Aaron Pina Mora presents the face of Hidalgo just before he was shot and beheaded on 30 July 1811. His head was sent to Guanajuato, where his army had won its first major victory. It will remain suspended in a pawn for ten years at one of the corners of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas. After the war of independence the cage was removed and its ashes were exhumed from the San Francisco church in 1821 to be transferred to Mexico City in the Monumento a la Independancia. For the emotion, we must also go to the Quinta Luz "Museum of the Revolution".
A walk on the beautiful paseo Bolivar, lined with houses from the beginning of the last century, allows you to return slowly to our time. All that remains is to buy boots or to visit Quinta Gameros: the story tells that Manuel Gameros started building this wonderful palace in 1907 to offer it to his fiancé as a wedding gift. The young woman had time to fall in love with the architect before the work was completed. The gentleman remained faithful to his promises. The Art Nouveau inspired building is very harmonious.