Ramadan chocolate
Ramadan chocolate

At zChocolat WE CARE.

At zChocolat

WE CARE because we are perfectionist epicureans whose vision is to become one of the most accountable and environmentally-responsible online brands far beyond being just another e-commerce company delivering emails and products. We deliver excellence, sustainability, joy, happiness, love and affection all intentionally and intricately interwoven into some of the finest French chocolates showcased in one-of-a-kind luxury gift boxes.

WE CARE about you and your purchase experience, which should be no less than perfect.

WE CARE about your gift recipients, making sure your kindest gesture will forever remain in their hearts, minds, and souls, long after your chocolate gifts have pleased their palates.

WE CARE about our team of unsung superheroes and their professional and personal success as they ensure your zChocolat experience exceeds your expectations.

WE CARE about our planet in the most environmentally responsible way possible, going beyond a net-zero carbon footprint toward becoming climate-positive while boosting the love index in homes worldwide.

WE CARE about hospital patients afflicted by pain and physical illnesses who aside from needing good health and healing, also need joy, happiness, love, and affection as well as the uniquely transformative experience that chocolate bliss can bring.

WE CARE about the safety, security, and survival of the people of Ukraine affected by war and injustice who have lost their land, and their loved ones, and who are still living in the constant dangers and nightmares of war.

At zChocolat, WE CARE because our brand and business are grounded on these two pillars: Gift-giving is an act of caring and Fine French chocolate is the perfect way of lavishly delivering that care.


Starting with Accountability

We are a service-first organization, obsessed with customer service excellence, satisfaction, and delight. We are humble and listen to what you are saying and not saying. Accountability is the reason why over 70% of buyers become loyal Z customers.

Scaling with Generosity to Make our World a Better Place

Because “chocolate” brings joy, happiness, love, and affection to anyone and everyone around the world, we have decided to significantly scale our contribution by doubling the amount of chocolates on all orders you place online at no additional cost with no fine prints.

Customizing with Z’s Exceptionality

We empower you to “WOW!” your gift recipients with exceptional, one-of-a-kind gifts. We embrace innovative customization options and are never satisfied with the predictable and the commonplace. We fashion products that stand out and thrill to make your gift recipient feel genuinely special and forever grateful.

Delighting with Stress-Free Ordering

We immediately replace, exchange, or refund your order if it is not 100% satisfactory and beyond your expectations, anytime, anywhere, and for any or no reason at all. It’s that simple. In the trailing 3 years, only 0.26% of orders have been refunded, which means our Z Magic has worked for 99.74% of all orders worldwide.


Impressing with Worldwide Availability

We make our luxury French chocolates available worldwide, no matter where you order or where you deliver. We keep you informed in real-time from the time you place your order until final delivery on the date you request.

Learning from Listening Carefully

Finally, we will ask you for your feedback and will respond personally in detail to what you have to say. This is our way of committing to continuous learning and improvement of all our products, services, and, ultimately, your overall Z experience.


Fast and Efficient Deliveries from France

The “WOW!” effect starts when your precious package is delivered overnight or second-day all the way from France in perfect condition—always. If the local temperature is high, our summer packaging runs the show.




We elegantly nestle your gift in a posh cover pouch with an external pocket housing your personalized note and a booklet with detailed descriptions of each chocolate in the native language of your gift recipients. If you provide us with their email addresses, they will also receive a personal email upon delivery with more information about our chocolates and our direct contact information in case they have any questions.

French Ramadan chocolates


The quality of our chocolates is one of the finest in the world. Each chocolate is handmade by our World-Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, with zealous adherence to French tradition: 100% natural ingredients, high cocoa content, 100% pure cocoa butter, low sugar, no alcohol, no coloring, no preservatives, no GMOs, and no palm oil. It’s one of those tasting experiences your gift recipient will never forget.

The Delight is In The Details

To delight different customers with different tastes and preferences, we pay the closest attention to every detail. If your gift recipients are vegan, we have a Vegan collection. If they are diabetic, we have sugarless chocolates. If you know their specific taste and preferences, you can individually handpick their favorite Z chocolate recipes for the ultimate tasting experience.

Vegan chocolates
Gluten free chocolates
Sugar free chocolates



At zChocolat, we embrace a “people first” approach starting with our team. We ensure that our team is happy, appreciated, and motivated because they are unsung superheroes who create recipes, make your chocolates, package your orders, and answer your questions. We are a family with a soft and transparent hierarchy because we profoundly care about the quality of our relationships as much as the quality of our work and products.

The Values We Hold Dear Together

We are bound together not just by work but by our values. We value the highest standards as reflected in our RSE certification and our pursuit of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. We embrace integrity, accountability, generosity, humility, commitment to customers, kindness, passion for our work, eco-responsibility, sustainability and resilience.

One Word about RESILIENCE

We have been put to the test countless times, but never more so than by the terrible fire that burnt our headquarters and logistics center to the ground on May 17th, 2021. In response to this adversity, the Z team demonstrated their unrivaled resilience in working relentlessly to rebuild a new operational facility by October 18th, 2021, in an astounding 5-month turnaround faster than anybody could have ever expected.


Offsetting our carbon footprint

We are a climate-positive company. We have calculated our carbon footprint and offset it by planting trees in large-scale projects whose nurseries and plantations are managed by Graine de Vie in Fonenana, Madagascar. We work in partnership with Madagascar National Parks to secure, protect, and restore the primary forests.


Working with Small-Scale
Cocoa Plantations

We work with a select group of small cocoa plantations in Venezuela, West Africa, and Madagascar rather than large cocoa conglomerates to respect the land and the value of the people. We work exclusively with the Ambohimena Sud farm in Madagascar, one of 8 farms forming the MAVA plantation.

French Ramadan chocolates

Aligning with The MAVA Mission

We are aligned with the MAVA plantation, a long-standing plantation committed to a new form of sustainable agriculture and cocoa production by growing coca trees in the shade of banana trees. The resulting ecosystem not only avoids the use of inputs but also combats deforestation. It is also involved in reinstating native species (banana, kaffir lime, pink peppercorn) and provides a safe habitat for countless animals and plants.

French Ramadan chocolates

Supporting Workers

We support MAVA’s work for workers. Child labor has long been banned at MAVA whilst women are given pride of place. From harvest and post-harvest processes to the final sorting, the women are in charge of the men and responsible for the production standard. Overall, MAVA strives to train and support them to gain responsibility and independence.

French Ramadan chocolates

Working Exclusively with Recyclable, Reusable, and 100% Made in France Materials

All  packaging materials, including zBoxes, assortments, and outer packaging boxes are made locally - in France and are recyclable. We have entirely banned plastic from our packaging except for our necessary gel packs to keep your chocolates fresh during shipping, and these are reusable just like our mahogany and chestnut wooden boxes.

French Ramadan chocolates



Sending the Gift of Chocolate

We are passionate about our job because we make you and your gift recipients feel exceptional and even more passionate because we can also extend that feeling to those who may need it the most. Hence, every year we send hundreds of kilograms of chocolates to hospitals around the world for children, women, and all patients with severe illnesses and disabilities to taste the gift of that special feeling.

Sharing the Same Opportunity With You

When you decide to give your bonus chocolates to a hospital, your generosity will deliver smiles to patients’ faces almost instantly. The responses from hospitals and patients have been nothing short of phenomenal. We feel so privileged and grateful.

We are currently working with six different hospitals from various cities and countries around the world
such as New York, the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

NYU Langone Health

NYU Langone Health is one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers, devoted to excellence in patient care, education, and research.

University Hospital

The Robert-Debré University Hospital aims to treat pediatric pathologies and rare childhood diseases, such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease.

The Christie NHS Foundation

The Christie NHS Foundation is the largest single-site cancer centre in Europe treating more than 60,000 patients a year.

Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital

Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital is a leading facility in breast cancer treatment and neonatal care.

Al Jalila Children's
Specialty Hospital

Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital is a child–friendly, state of the art paediatric medical facility.

Society for the Promotion
of Hospice Care

The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care is a non-profit NGO that advocates and provides hospice and palliative care services.


Ramadan chocolate

We are shocked, speechless, and deeply saddened by the horrors happening in Ukraine.  That is why we have decided to join the unprecedented surge of global solidarity to help bridge this incomprehensible and intolerable chasm between two stark realities.
We’re sending tens of kilograms of chocolates every month to Ukrainian refugees in France, as well as in Poland, Moldova, and Ukraine. While basic food nurtures health, chocolates nurture happiness and hope for a better future. We wish to bring the pretty little smiles back to the faces of children—and their parents too! Hence, we have built the following caregiving network to deliver our chocolates to those in need:

Nova Poshta Global

Nova Poshta Global - The private Ukrainian shipping carrier transformed into “Humanitarian Nova Poshta” is delivering international aid directly to the Ukrainians thanks to its European logistics network. They are in contact with local humanitarian associations and are highly efficient and motivated!

Ramadan chocolate for Iftar

Solomiya X.

Solomiya X. - an Ukrainian client who hosts refugees in Poland and had to leave her husband to fight the Russian army. We’re sending her chocolates and also medical equipment thanks to the Humanitarian Nova Poshta.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army (L’Armée du Salut) - The organization distributing our chocolates directly to the 600 refugees in accommodation centers in Paris. This number doubles every two weeks.

La Voix de l’Enfant

La Voix de l’Enfant - The organization brings together 80 associations for the defense of children around the world. It provides assistance to Ukrainian children and also participates in the reception of Ukrainian children in France. Our chocolates will help to soften their painful moments.

Ramadan festival

Bertrand Z.

Bertrand Z. - A Moldovan client hosting about twenty refugees in his home and who is also working with the Codru reception center in Moldova.

Ramadan festival


And we have hired Dariia, a 20-year-old Ukrainian refugee who joined the zChocolat team to help us prepare your orders.