Summer Jams
Like No Other

“A Zero sugar ganache with the perfect balance of sweet bitterness”

The ideal indulgence for bitter chocolate lovers and diabetics alike, the Alizé 0% sugar-free square truffle is the epitome of zChocolat’s “sweet bitterness” signature. It is the masterful marriage between the bitterness of its intense chocolate in highly pure ganache and the slight tinge of the sweetness of its other incredible ingredients from various continents. Like the trade winds it was named after, the Alizé 0% brings together the famed hazelnut paste from Piedmont, Italy, pure cocoa paste from Madagascar, cocoa butter from Switzerland and chopped almonds from the United States. Bitterness is part and parcel of a chocolate’s DNA. Yet, the Alizé 0% attains a perfect balance of “sweet bitterness” unlike any other chocolate, making it a must-try for every fervent chocoholic. Kindly note that you can customize the sleeve of this assortment with the image of your choice (❶) by selecting the "My image on the box" gifting option below.

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