My Image on the Box

You may print the picture of your choice or the logo of your company on all chocolate assortmentsZBoxes or mahogany boxes. We do not merely “print” but rather professionally engrave your creations on all our products with style and elegance using laser technology. No extra delays and no minimum orders. And if you do not have any personal creation but want to personalize your gift anyhow, use any themed images from our proprietary library.

Plaque Acajou
Plaque ZBox
Plaque ZBox

Mahogany boxes:
we customize the plate inside the lid.

we customize the plate atop the lid.

Chocolate assortments:
we customize the sleeve.

Easy as 1-2-3

Absolutely no technical knowledge is needed for these customization options, as zChocolat will take care of everything for you automatically. However, for those interested in technical details, we prefer JPEG format no heavier than 5 megabytes with any side of the image being no smaller than 500 pixels.

Easy to do

A bit of advice

To keep your personal photo or logo in harmony with all different gift boxes, we suggest cropping your personal images to a square and using a black and white image for ZBoxes, a sepia colored image for mahogany boxes and whichever you prefer for chocolate assortments. The option to crop the image and change its color to black & white or sepia will be available online right after uploading your image.

Optimize the look

How to proceed

You will find this customization option on the right-hand side of the product page in the GIFTING SERVICES section. Click on “MY IMAGE ON THE BOX” and follow the instructions. If this step-by-step instruction is not clear, kindly contact us and we will assist you immediately.

How to add a personal photo

What is the cost?

If you choose to upload a personal photo/logo or select a themed image from our image library, a supplement of USD 8.36 is applied for chocolate assortments, USD 10.45 for ZBoxes and USD 26.15 for mahogany boxes.