Summer Jams
Like No Other

“A wild symphony of premium milk chocolate flavors”

Experience the ultimate milk chocolate indulgence with our premium milk chocolate assortment, masterfully crafted from 100% pure Ivory Coast cocoa butter, extracted from the choicest cocoa beans. Each bite reveals a creamy symphony that harmoniously marries the rich depth of chocolate with a cavalcade of global flavors. Delight in the nutty notes of slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, the velvety allure of Italian Gianduja praliné, the crunch of Spanish-Valencian almonds intertwined with Chinese peanuts, the earthy whisper of toasted Dutch sesame seeds, the aromatic zing of freshly milled Ukrainian coriander seeds, and the sweet tartness of seedless raspberry purée whisked into a robust 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. Discover the enchanting taste of our newest addition, Chocolate n°20: a harmonious blend of Piedmont hazelnut praliné, luxurious white chocolate, and creamy vanilla ganache. Showcasing a curated collection of our 12 most coveted milk chocolate recipes, complemented by three legendary Milk Z chocolates, this assortment is the perfect treat for those with a refined palate for milk chocolate.

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