Happy birthday! We will double the amount of chocolate on your order.
Joyeux anniversaire ! Nous doublerons gracieusement la quantité de chocolat sur votre commande.
¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Doblaremos la cantidad de chocolates en su pedido.
Cyber Monday Until Midnight PST today: we DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF CHOCOLATE on all orders placed online.
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  • Cyber Monday Jusqu'au 28/11 08:59 : nous DOUBLONS GRATUITEMENT la quantité de chocolat !
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  • Cyber Monday Hasta la 28/11 08:59 : DOBLAMOS GRATUITAMENTE la cantidad de chocolate de sus pedidos.
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  • We guaranty Christmas delivery worldwide for all orders received no later than Tuesday December 20 PST
    Nous garantissons la livraison pour Noël dans le monde entier jusqu'au mercredi 21 décembre 12H GMT
    Garantizamos la entrega para Navidad en el mundo entero hasta el miércoles 21 de Didiembre a las 12H GMT
    To celebrate Women’s Day (March 8), we DOUBLE the number of chocolates included in each online order!
    Pour célébrer la Journée de la Femme le 8 mars, nous doublons la quantité de chocolats sur toutes les commandes.
    Este Día de la Mujer (8 de marzo), doblamos gratuitamente la cantidad de chocolates en cualquier pedido hecho en línea.
    This week, we offer a complimentary chocolate covered in pure 24 karat food-grade gold leaf with each product purchased.
    Cette semaine, nous vous offrons un chocolat Z recouvert à la main d’une feuille d’or 24 carats pour toute commande de chocolats.
    Esta semana, ofrecemos un chocolate Z recubierto a mano de una hoja de oro 24 quilates con cada pedido de chocolates.

    Your VIP Membership


    Our VIP Membership is a bold loyalty program for individuals (not corporations) who love to give fine gifts throughout the year while enjoying substantial savings. As a VIP Member, you will earn double chocolates on all orders excluding special offers. The reward chocolates are recorded in your account as complimentary assortments that you can then customize and ship to anyone in the world… including yourself.


    Each VIP membership is valid for one year from date of purchase.  While we hope to be your go-to source for premium gifts for many years to come, we will never automatically renew your subscription or otherwise compromise your trust. To simplify the renewal process, a reminder email is sent 15 days prior to the termination date of the membership, inviting you to renew online.  By renewing within 30 days of the termination date, you will maintain any unredeemed complimentary assortments associated with the account.  You will also be credited an additional complimentary assortment.


    Our VIP membership is available for an annual fee of USD 86.25 payable in a single installment.


    If over the course of a year you purchase even just 2 chocolate assortments — whether packaged together within a single gift or sold separately — the VIP Membership will pay for itself (the VIP membership is priced at USD 86.25 per annum while a complimentary chocolate assortment’s retail price is USD 43.58).


    All our chocolate gifts are made of one or more chocolate assortments. Each time you order a gift, we credit to your account the same number of assortments that make up that gift (this number is mentioned in the product description) as soon as your order is received. The complimentary assortments are recorded in your account and can be redeemed online by ordering your favorite selections from our Assortment Collection.


    To illustrate the exceptional value of the VIP Membership, consider the following example. Assume you wish to order our Birthday zBox 30 (USD 87.39) to celebrate your best friend’s birthday. By reviewing the product description, you notice that the Birthday zBox 30 contains 2 chocolate assortments packaged in a stylish black ballotin.  By making this purchase with your VIP membership, not only will your friend receive something exceptional for their special day, but your account will also be credited with 2 complimentary assortments that can be redeemed immediately. What can you do with two assortment credits? You could use one to order a Personalized Assortment (USD 43.58) for yourself filled with your favorite chocolate recipes, while the other credit is a perfect excuse to order a Hearts Assortment (USD 43.58) for your fiancée from our Assortment Collection. Not ready to make a decision?  You may also choose to redeem both assortments at a later time (but no later than 30 days after your membership’s expiration date). Unlike many company reward programs that require lengthy commitments before receiving any benefits, with your first USD 87.39 birthday gift you have already received USD 87.17 in complimentary assortments.


    Contact us if you have any questions or click on the button below to purchase and activate your VIP Membership benefits immediately.