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“Upon first glance, the box looks like a jewel, a tiny treasure hidden in a precious chest. Touching the wood is also very nice, very sensual. Then there is the realisation that this little box is protecting artisan-made chocolate. Upon this realisation, a terrible thought springs to mind: the tasting will not match the visual impression. Time to open: pretty boxes, piled on, just like you would organise the finest haute couture fabrics. Inside, maximum sobriety prevails, with filled-chocolates of equal size, only differentiated by their number, like famous perfumes. At that point, eyes closed, it is time to surrender to true luxury, the one who talks to the mind through the senses. A few squares of happiness make you travel. You will find words to describe these sensations, which you will share with loved ones. All different and diverse, just like the friends with whom you will share those treasures, but always with one constant: the taste of real chocolate, not hidden nor altered. Enjoy the tasting!”

Jany Gleize, Maître Cuisinier de France - La Bonne Etape Restaurant, Château-Arnoux, France

Couverture for all our dark chocolates


“First, there is the box, which introduces these chocolates as precious items, reminiscent of jewellery boxes, spices and cigars boxes… On top of that, the customisation allows the customer-taster to make the product his, unique, not ‘like everybody else’s’, especially if he has picked the chocolate flavours himself. The luxury side is also present with the packaging and the leaflet. Matching the numbers with the list on the little leaflet became a game and a lovely moment of sharing between the guests. Also, it focused everybody’s attention on the chocolate tasting, adding even more value to the moment and to the product. It’s easy to get caught in the game, it makes you want to discover more, and to share your personal favourite with others. The box got empty very quickly! Regarding the chocolates themselves, I thought the size was perfect, the coating was refined, the chocolate dark but not bitter, the milk coating was not too sweet, the ganache flavours were original without being eccentric. As a big praline fan, I appreciated the diversity of choice, the smoothness (the praline was not too dry), the texture (the praline was neither too mixed nor too gritty). Finally, and to conclude, I think I will pop by the boutique very shortly to fill my box with my favourite chocolates (I ticked them on the notepad) and… buy another box, because when you love something…”

Eric Sapet, elected best young chef in 2003 by guide Champérard – La Petite Maison de Cucuron Restaurant, Cucuron, France



“Obviously the mahogany box set the standards very high as far as packaging goes, but the efforts spent on the box match the excellent level of the chocolates, with a choice of right recipes, and a simple and elegant format – simple but not simplistic. The mahogany box, treasure chest where pirates hide their gold, invites to a treasure hunt based on tasting, a playful and federative game to play with friends or family «Happiness cannot be bought, but this comes very close».”

Olivier Valade, Maître Restaurateur, Tables et Saveurs de Bretagne, EuroToques France – Maison Tirel Guerin, La Gouesnière Restaurant, Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, France



“Z is not simply chocolates but is an experience. From the wooden box to the beautiful book describing the flavors and textures, it is evident that there is no detail that has not been well considered and contemplated. The real reward comes with the flavor of the chocolates, bold yet nuanced like a great wine, with a delicacy on the palate that shows mastery of the chocolate craft. Are these the best chocolates in the world? You will have to taste and decide…”

Brad Farmerie, Food Network “IRONCHEF America”, 2009



“I was immediately struck by the beautiful packaging of zChocolat’s Diamond box, which was elegant and impressive, setting high expectations for what was inside. I was not disappointed. The three tiers of wrapped and numbered chocolates were all very luxurious, using premium ingredients in traditional, exotic and praliné assortments. This is a gift that I would not hesitate in a moment to give, and would be even more excited to receive.”

J. Joho, Restaurateur of the Year, 2012, Gayot - Everest Restaurant, Chicago, IL, USA



“I enjoy having a piece of zChocolat with a cup of espresso in my garden in the morning. The chocolates are very well made and beautifully presented.”

Masayoshi Takayama, 3 Michelin stars, 3 NY Times stars and 5 Forbes Travel Guide stars – Masa NYC Restaurant, New York, NY, USA



“When zChocolat asked if I wanted to taste and review some of their fine chocolates, I was not expecting such an elegant package to arrive! This presentation arrived in a cloth bag with a lovely embroidered Z across the front. A small pocket containing a description booklet of each of their chocolates preparing you for what’s inside. I reached inside of the cloth bag and was welcomed by a beautiful wooden mahogany box that resembled a treasure chest I was looking to explore. I was presented with an envelope-like pocket box. I flipped open the pocket and was presented with 15 colorfully assorted zChocolates. From the exotique collection I enjoyed every bite, but seemed to favor the White Z Chocolate and Chocolate number 24. All of my senses took over when I tasted these fine chocolates. I will always hold on to this box dearly to fill in the near future and to remind me of the great journey of flavors I was embarked in by tasting zChocolat.”

Kurt Gutenbrunner, ”Best International Ambassador” award – Wallsé Restaurant, New York, NY, USA


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