100 famous Michelin-starred chefs have tried our chocolates.

zChocolat shares their feedback with you.

100 famous Michelin-starred chefs have tried our chocolates. zChocolat shares their feedback with you.


"I shared the zChocolates with my team and with the pastry team. They were received with overwhelming pleasure. Everyone said that they are fantastic. They are beautiful and executed to perfection. The flavor combinations of chocolates like these can sometimes be odd but you found a lot of flavor balance in your combinations. I love the way they were organized as well from classic to more exotic. It is very obvious that these chocolates are a result of a lot of hard work and dedication to your craft of chocolate making. Overall we are very impressed with what you do at Z Chocolat. You have set the bar very high."

Richard Lee, 2 Michelin stars, Chef de Cuisine, Saison, San Francisco, CA, USA


"The chocolates were a wonderful experience from start to finish, from the wooden box they came in, to the chocolate work and the fillings inside them. I am a huge fan of praline and so I think those were my favorites. I always look for thin shells when eating filled chocolates as a sign of good chocolate work and I was not disappointed, very balanced flavors in all them. Thank you very much for including me!"

Ricky Odbert, 1 Michelin star, Six Test Kitchen, Paso Robles, CA, USA


“Z is not just chocolates, it is an experience. From the mahogany wooden box to the beautiful book describing the flavors and textures, it is evident that there is no detail that has not been well considered and contemplated The real reward comes with the flavor of the chocolates, bold yet nuanced like a great wine, with a delicacy on the palate that shows mastery of the chocolate craft. Are these the best chocolates in the world? You will have to taste and decide…”

Brad Farmerie, Food Network “IRONCHEF America”, 2009



"There is no doubt, zChocolat chocolate is the best !! It was naturally very creamy and rich. My wife loves chocolate, and she is a very picky person. But she loves it. She said that she does not like US chocolate, because it feels too strong. But zChocolat chocolate is gentle and feels like a warm hug. Also, it was a big surprise, when I opened the package, I found a luxury box with my name on it. It will be my treasure box."

Tomoyuki Hayashi, 1 Michelin star - Sushi Amane, New York, NY, USA

Couverture for all our dark chocolates

Gareth McCaughey 

“The presentation on delivery is particularly impressive. The packaging, wooden clasp box, attention to details in regards to the cloth tote bag, personal message and internal boxes is immaculate. The way by which the chocolates are laid out and the ability to be able to access more information from the provided URL was impressive. Kudos on all those fronts. I like the fact that you have three different choices in regards to Classic, Praliné and Exotic. I find all the chocolates to be quite lovely. The flavour profile across all three categories is superb and I would struggle to indicate which one I prefer. Although I have to say that I am a particular fan of the Praliné box. The depth of flavour in all of the praline chocolates is excellent. I found the additional textures in this particular category add to my enjoyment of the chocolate. I would also say that the creaminess and sweetness of the praliné seems to be the best. I'm not a massive fan of white chocolate but do thoroughly enjoy the textural crunch in the white chocolate which helps to decrease the overall sweetness which you would expect from white chocolate. Both the Classic and Exotic flavours are brilliant and I don't struggle to enjoy a balanced flavour of smooth creamy chocolate and sweetness.”

Gareth McCaughey, 1 Michelin star, The Muddlers Inn, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK


“I enjoy having a piece of zChocolat with a cup of espresso in my garden in the morning. The chocolates are very well made and beautifully presented.”

Masayoshi Takayama, 3 Michelin stars, 3 NY Times stars and 5 Forbes Travel Guide stars – Masa NYC Restaurant, New York, NY, USA


Daniel Smith 

"The Z Chocolates, come in the most beautiful packaging and a box that we will keep on display. They would be perfect to give or receive as a gift. Each flavour of chocolate comes in its own separate casing which is perfect for allergies and intolerances. Each chocolate has a fantastic flavour, and is elegant looking, tempered perfectly. They all have a very fine flavour and you can tell only the finest products are used. We particularly enjoy the whole almonds covered in chocolate, the pistachio pralines and the Orangettes. I would be happy to use these in my restaurant or purchase as a gift for family and friends. Congratulations on producing a fine product. "

Daniel Smith, 1 Michelin Star, 3 AA Rosettes, Observer Chef of the Year,  Bridge ArmsFordwich Arms, Canterbury, England, UK

James Knappett 

"The whole experience with zChocolat is fantastic. To begin with, the incredible personalized packaging, which is very special and a unique touch. Then, the chocolate is refined and delicate. Delicious with excellent execution. I really enjoy your chocolates."

James Knappett, 2 Michelin stars, Welcome and Service Award 2018, Top 100: National Restaurant Awards, Kitchen Table London, London, England, UK

Gareth Ward 

"My chefs and I very much enjoyed the chocolate selection, consistent positive feedback on the chocolate tempering also. We found the numbering system effective and enjoyable. The flavour pairings seem very thought out and interesting, and we particularly enjoyed the dark chocolate variations. On an individual level, there is a nice subtle acidity which reduces the natural bitterness of the dark chocolate. Some complimentary flavours like the one with a hint of coconut are coming through strong. Some very creamy ganaches are silky and not over set. The hint of pepper comes through which pairs nicely with the dark chocolate blend. Some chocolates have a lovely texture where the crunch is there finely ground which works very well. You have a well balanced flavour profile with no sense of ingredients overpowering each other."

Gareth Ward, 2 Michelin stars, Ynyshir, Machynlleth, Wales, UK

Asimakis Chaniotis 

"I have tasted zChocolates and the only thing I can say is that I am stunned by the organisation in the box and how easy it is to identify the chocolates, seeing all the details from the qr code in the box with amazing information about the origin of every ingredient, chocolate and nuts and the way that it is prepared. Also the flavour is amazing and you can really taste that they use very high quality ingredients. I would suggest those amazing chocolates to any restaurant or hotel around the world."

Asimakis Chaniotis, 1 Michelin star, Acorn Award 30 under 30, 3 AA Rosettes, Pied à Terre, London, England, UK

Hywel Griffith 

"After receiving a box of zChocolat I must say I am delightfully impressed, from the presentation box to the chocolates themselves all oozes quality, with my favourite being the Orangettes, they aren't too sweet and have a lovely texture to them."

Hywel Griffith, 1 Michelin Star, Beach House, Oxwich, Wales, UK


“I was immediately struck by the beautiful packaging of zChocolat’s Diamond box, which was elegant and impressive, setting high expectations for what was inside. I was not disappointed. The three tiers of wrapped and numbered chocolates were all very luxurious, using premium ingredients in traditional, exotic and praliné assortments. This is a gift that I would not hesitate in a moment to give, and would be even more excited to receive.”

J. Joho, Restaurateur of the Year, 2012, Gayot - Everest Restaurant, Chicago, IL, USA


Thomas Chen 

"The zChocolats are presented in a beautiful elegant box and are a true delight. Each piece has been meticulously crafted with a smooth and velvet texture. The quality of the chocolate is undeniable. Very enjoyable!"

Thomas Chen, 1 Michelin star, Tuome, New York, NY, USA

Jiho Kim 

"Our team was very impressed from packaging to quality of chocolate, creation and detail. It was the perfect bite size and I can't think which one is my favorite. If someone is looking for a chocolate gift, I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Amazing job!! Thanks."

 Jiho Kim, 1 Michelin Star, Joomak Banjum, New York, NY, USA

James Mackenzie 

"I'm a big fan of chocolate, and I've tried my fair share of luxury brands. But zChocolat is in a league of its own. The quality of the ingredients is evident, and the flavours are exceptional. The ganaches are rich and creamy, the pralines are crisp. The presentation of the chocolates is also top-notch. The box is beautifully designed, which adds a luxurious feeling to the whole experience. It's a great gift for a special occasion."

James Mackenzie, 1 Michelin Star, The Good Hotel Guide: Inn of the year 2020, Pipe and Glass, Beverley, England, UK

Peter Gray 

"I have just shared an exceptional tasting experience with my team. The expectation really started to build as the beautifully packaged wooden box was revealed. On opening it, we were not disappointed taking in the library of chocolate boxes presented to us. Well designed and carefully crafted packaging opened out to reveal the wow factor, where uniquely formed shapes take centre stage. From the less formal smooth nutty sensations and delicate flavours of Gianduja or Orangette's of tangy, fresh and beautifully tempered chocolate to the more formal and quizzically numbered delights that are outlined on both a QR code or the little black book that accompanies this wonderfully experiential presentation. In summary, this is the ultimate gift. Flawless in every way; exceptional craftmanship, presentation and amazing detail both visually and in the flavours. The unique shapes work well both in the hand and mouth, allowing you to absorb the sensational quality and texture - we particularly like the fact that there were no nasty alcohol surprises, it was all about the chocolate, with beautifully paired flavours. We think this product is unmatched, an absolute winner for us."

Peter Gray, 1 Michelin star, 3 AA Rosettes, The Hinds Head Bray Bray, England, UK


"I am very impressed with the packaging and the thought put into how it is opened by the customer. The handbook is really insightful and the numbering inspired. Also from a consumer point of view it's great to see each individual chocolate’s ingredients, especially with the influx of diets and intolerances. I love the box you sent with my name on it, a beautiful touch. I would be more than happy to serve your chocolates to any guest in the restaurant."

Mark Donald, 1 Michelin star, 4 AA Rosettes, Chef to Watch - National Restaurant Awards 2022, Top 100: National Restaurant Awards 2023, The Glenturret Restaurant, Crieff, Scotland

Liam Nichols 

"The chocolates are incredible. They are pure luxury, from the moment you open the box to eating your first and last chocolate it’s pure chocolate indulgence. Incredible quality. Incredible craftsmanship. "

Liam Nichols, 1 Michelin star, Stoke Mill Restaurant, Norwich, England, UK

Endo Kazutoshi 

"From the exquisite packaging to the last lingering taste on your tongue, every aspect of the experience is a testament to the dedication and passion behind zChocolat. The elegant design, coupled with the informative descriptions of each flavour, creates an immersive and sophisticated experience. It is evident that great care is taken in sourcing the ingredients."

Endo Kazutoshi, 1 Michelin Star, Endo at The Rotunda, London, England, UK

Richard Craven 

"I am so impressed with the care taken with the outer packaging and the cool packs ensuring that the packages contents arrived in peak condition. The personalised Mahogany gift box again exceeded my expectations, this before I had even tried the chocolates themselves. I love the range of flavours and textures from the classically inspired Chocamandines and Orangettes, through to the more modern Exotique range, what I loved about all the chocolates was the purity of the flavour of both the chocolate itself and the well considered complementary ingredients, it was no surprise at all to learn that they are curated by a world champion chocolatier. This is truly an exquisite collection that I will certainly be gifting to discerning friends in the future."

Richard Craven, 1 Michelin Star, The Royal Oak, Whatcote, England, UK

Jeremy Chan 

"The chocolates are very refined and delicious."

Jeremy Chan, 2 Michelin Stars, Ikoyi, London, England, UK

Jordan Billan 

"As a first impression, zChocolat presents a very beautiful gift box, like a jewellery box that one would give to a loved one for a special occasion. Chic, elegant and tailor-made, the assortments of chocolates are all finely crafted with tastes that will delight the most indulgent and finest gourmets. We feel that each chocolate and recipe has been finely crafted for the pleasure of tasting. For my part, I prefer classic flavours rather than exotic ones."

Jordan Billan, 1 Michelin Star, 14.5/20 Gault & Millau - Grand de Demain, Toques Blanches lyonnaises, Clos du Cèdre, Beaune, France

Eugène Hobraiche 

"Thank you for the high quality demonstrated. In terms of the packaging, the gift wrapping and ribbon are simple but very classy. The gift box has a beautiful finish with a small personalised engraving. An idea could be to indicate the number of each chocolate on the packaging. The chocolate shell is very thin, so some ganaches are visible in the corners through the white couverture. The couverture is beautifully shiny without any marks. There is a huge variety of flavours, with some ganaches being slightly sweet and with difficulty in identifying certain flavours for some."

Eugène Hobraiche, 1 Michelin Star, Haut Bonheur de la Table, Cassel, France

Alexandre Fabris 

"The chocolates are of very very high quality. The gift box is also stunning. It is clear that this is a very high quality and extraordinary product."

Alexandre Fabris, 1 Michelin Star, La Palmeraie - Château de Valmer, La Croix-Valmer, France

Franco Bowanee 

"The zChocolats are quite simply divine... The presentation of the gift box, the combination of flavours of the chocolates, everything is perfect."

Franco Bowanee, 1 Michelin Star, Château de Vault-de-Lugny, Vault-de-Lugny, France

Olivier Couvin 

"Having tried the zChocolats, here are my impressions: The Chocamandines weren't the most exciting for me. The Gianduja are delicious (to be noted that the tasting should be experienced at room temperature, not everyone knows this). The Orangettes are great! The Pralinés are very good, but I am less of a fan of the Exotic chocolates. I think that the moulds could be a bit sharper as there were some defects on the chocolates. In any case, thank you very much. In terms of the packaging, it is magnificent, worthy of a luxury brand, but it is just one part of the experience."

Olivier Couvin, 2 Michelin Stars, Paul Bocuse, Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or, France

Sam Miller 

"I think that the chocolates are a great product. Really nice packaging in the box. The personalised name on it is a nice touch. All the nuts ones are great. The chocolate covered almonds stay nice and crisp and the giandjua are delicious, a big favourite with me. The Chocolate and orange are a favourite with my wife as she loves chocolate and orange as a combination, maybe the texture of the orange helps. I would say some of the other flavours aren't quite pronounced enough, for example the lemon one. It’s a great selection of flavours though, with good variety. Having the numbers on is a great idea and really helps people to get the chocolate they want. The shape of the chocolates looks a bit mass produced and not so hand crafted/artisanal. But as I’ve said the quality of the nuts you use really shines through, all the pralines are really good, so delicious. It’s certainly a product that I would consider buying again."

Sam Miller, 1 Michelin Star, The Cottage in the Wood, Braithwaite, England, UK

Boris Harispe 

"We (my team and I) really enjoy the chocolates, there is a very lovely range of different choices which means that there is something for everyone to love. The flavours are clear and recognisable (something which isn't the case for all filled chocolates on the market). The only downside is that we found the outer shell to be slightly too thick."

Boris Harispe, 1 Michelin Star, L'Abissiou, Les Sables-d'Olonne, France

Alex Bond 

"The Z chocolates are absolutely fantastic and I would recommend them to everyone. The shape of the chocolates and package is just perfect."

Alex Bond, 1 Michelin Star, Alchemilla, Nottingham, England, UK

Franck Putelat 

"What a gift box !! Wow, bravo for the personalisation, packaging and easy opening."

Franck Putelat, 2 Michelin Stars, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2019, 4 Toques - 17/20 Gault & Millau, La Table de Franck Putelat, Carcassonne, France

Clément Convard 

"The packaging is stunning, the box is truly very pretty! I find the chocolates very good too!"

Clément Convard, 1 Michelin Star, Le Cénacle, Toulouse, France

Olivier Bellin 

"The box is magnificent: immaculate presentation. As a point of development, the spacing of the chocolates in the box could be improved."

Olivier Bellin, 2 Michelin Stars, Gault & Millau 4 Toques, Les Grandes Tables du Monde, Relais et Châteaux, L'Auberge des Glazick, Plomodiern, France

Alexis Letellier 

"First of all, we really appreciate the high quality of the packaging. The chocolates truly are exceptional. The ganaches are very good and not sickly as ganaches can be. We also find the flavour of the fruits that have been incorporated to be equally delicious."

Alexis Letellier, 1 Michelin Star, La Vieille Tour, Cellettes, France

Antoine Bergeron 

"The range offered by zChocolat demonstrates a beautiful finesse with a wonderful range of textures for the fillings. On top of this, the packaging shows a level of craftsmanship that is rarely seen."

Antoine Bergeron, 1 Michelin Star, La Source, Saint-Galmier, France

Mallory Gabsi 

"As soon as I tasted the first zChocolat praline, I immediately loved it. It was truly love at first taste. While I was tasting the chocolates, my right-hand man joined me, I let him try the chocolates, and it was also bliss for him! Even before finishing the box, I had already contacted the commercial team at zChocolat to see how we could collaborate with my restaurant. It is exactly the type of delicacy that I wish to offer to my clients at the end of their meal or to accompany a coffee."

Mallory Gabsi, 1 Michelin Star, Restaurant Mallory Gabsi, Paris, France

Jordan Yuste 

"I really appreciate the packaging as a whole: the pretty engraved box, the pouch and little booklet, but also the high level of care: the speed and quality of shipping, and preservation of the chocolates. The chocolates themselves are simply delicious! A very nice surprise indeed! They were all very good. The flavours mentioned were present, distinct, in tune and balanced. Sometimes they were revealed in several stages and had a beautiful finish on the palate. What I appreciate even more is the work on the different textures. Complex. Delicate. Refined. Gourmet. It is a very nice tasting experience, a very nice discovery!"

Jordan Yuste, 1 Michelin Star, L’Arrivage, Sète, France

Philippe Lagraula 

"The chocolates are of a truly high quality. I very much enjoy tasting them, elegance and sophistication are the first words that come to mind when summarising this tasting experience."

Philippe Lagraula, 1 Michelin Star, La Table Mirasol, Mont-de-Marsan, France

Alexandre MIQUEL 

"The gift box is simply stunning, and on top of this, it is engraved with my name, how splendid! I don't even dare to touch it! The chocolates are very beautiful, with a great deal of finesse. Now, it is time to try them! I, of course, try some of the chocolates, and they are absolutely delicious and completely moreish! You can tell that the product is of a high quality with lots of flavours. Not too much sugar and not sickly. The chocolates are simply fantastic!"

Alexandre Miquel, 1 Michelin Star, Clarance, Lille, France

Stephen Harris 

"The packaging was stunning - we loved the wooden chest. It was like going into an old shop in Paris with wooden draws opening to reveal the chocolates. We especially liked the exotic range as the tropical fruits went very well with the chocolate. The pure chocolate ganache ones demonstrated the origins of the chocolate very well. The nuts in the pralines were very fresh unlike in many other brands. This meant they tasted very distinctive."

  Stephen Harris, 1 Michelin Star, The Sportsman, Seasalter, England, UK

Patrice et Xabi Ibarboure 

"We find the packaging to be of a very high standard, very elegant and qualitative, the chocolates are very well presented, bravo. The little booklet allows you to clearly identify the chocolates and makes you want to choose your favourite, it's very well done. As for the tasting, we really appreciate all the flavours offered, we could clearly identify the taste of each one without necessarily reading the booklet, however it seems to us that the thickness of the coating of the chocolates could be a point of improvement, we find it a bit thick."

Patrice et Xabi Ibarboure, 1 Michelin Star, Le Table des Frères Ibarboure, Bidart, France

Geoffrey Smeddle

"There is no question, these are the most exquisite chocolates I can recall seeing in an extremely long time. The first impression, with the beautifully crafted presentation box, really stops you in your tracks and hints seductively at the unique selection within. It’s a deeply impressive start. But then of course comes the discovery and tasting of the chocolates themselves. Magnificent is the only deserving word to describe the quality, craftsmanship, clarity of flavour and texture of zChocolats. Lifting the lid felt more like opening a box of precious jewels. Congratulations. zChocolat truly exceeds every expectation at every turn."

Geoffrey Smeddle, 1 Michelin Star, The Good Food Guide top 50 UK Restaurants 2020, 5 star Visit Scotland Restaurant, AA 5 Star Inspectors’ Choice, The Peat Inn, St Andrews, Scotland, UK

Julien Hennote

"As far as the chocolate is concerned, we enjoyed the tasting with my team, which started with the case which is a true jewellery box! I appreciate the chocolate shell which enhances the texture, the different pralinés are very decadent with distinct flavours. The range of tastes is wide and the explanations are perfect. In short, perfect if you want to give beautiful gifts!"

Julien Hennote, 1 Michelin Star, Pourquoi pas, Castelbrac Hotel, Dinard, France

Enrique Casarrubias 

"From the presentation to the actual taste, you can clearly see the level of French savoir-faire. Expert flavours and smells highlight each product, the descriptions are perfectly detailed and allows one to find oneself easily in the culinary journey."

Enrique Casarrubias, 1 Michelin Star,  Young Talent Gault & Millau 2017, Jury pre-selection Dessert Bocuse d’Or 2022, Oxte, Paris, France

Loïc Lefèbvre 

"I find the gift box to be very qualitative with a high quality wood, resembling a jewellery box. In terms of the presentation and organisation, the interiors of the box are very refined, and the visual appearance of the chocolates is very elegant. In terms of taste, the ganaches are very perfumed, the flavours are perhaps a bit traditional, and the couverture slightly thick."

Loïc Lefèbvre, 1 Michelin Star, L'Atelier du Peintre, Colmar, France

Erwan Houssin 

"The Z chocolates are magnificent, full of finesse and quality and it seems to me that the chocolatier is guilty of excellence! Congratulations for these magnificent chocolates and packaging."

Erwan Houssin, 1 Michelin Star, Le Grand Cap, Leucate, France

Sylvestre Wahid 

"Very high quality chocolate. Low in sugar and that is very pleasing. I really enjoy the pralines."

Sylvestre Wahid, 1 Michelin Star, Sylvestre, Courchevel, France

Mickael Clautour 

"First of all, I am very grateful to have had the honour of tasting your chocolates. I received a very beautiful mahogany wooden box engraved with my name, a bit like a beautiful box filled with treasures. I am very sensitive to the quality of the packaging and this one is irreproachable, it is very elegant. In addition, it is made in France and it is recyclable. Regarding the content, it's very beautiful, the choice is varied and very pleasant to devour with your eyes at first, then in your mouth... the thickness is ideal for a harmony of textures and flavours. A very beautiful setting for French delicacies. To be enjoyed without moderation!"

Mickael Clautour, 1 Michelin Star, Aumi, Puymoyen, France

Isao Horai 

"After tasting all of the zChocolates, I prefer the Traditional assortment. As I am specialised in Japanese cuisine, I tend to prefer simple flavours. I am also very impressed with the gift box which is very well made, and I really appreciate the thoughtfulness in engraving my name on the box. Absolutely lovely!!!"

Isao Horai, 1 Michelin Star, Sushi-B, Lorient, France

Nicolas Le Tirrand 

"The zChocolats are excellent. Chef Le Tirrand appreciates the unctuous and powerful aspect of each bite. The quality of your raw materials is clear."

Nicolas Le Tirrand, 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau 2 Toques, Sources, Lorient, France

Franck Charpentier 

"As soon as we received the box, we could feel the perfection, Haute couture without a doubt! We tasted the zChocolates as a family, a tasting that revealed elegance, finesse and voluptuousness. A crisp texture at first with a very nice balance in the mouth, intense, round and fresh. A perfect combination for all of the senses by passing from the gourmet classic recipes to the slightly spicy original with subtlety."

Franck Charpentier, 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau Trophy (Île-de-France) 2017/2021, Maître Cuisinier de France, International Toques Blanches, Le Quincangrogne, Dampmart, France

Shaun Rankin 

"Indulgence knows no boundaries, and zChocolat masterfully defines the art of crafting chocolates that transcend taste and elevate the senses. Each exquisite piece is a testament to their dedication to perfection and an homage to the finest ingredients. As a chef dedicated to creating exceptional culinary experiences, I can wholeheartedly appreciate the passion and craftsmanship that zChocolat brings to every creation."

Shaun Rankin, 1 Michelin Star, 3 Stars Wine List, Grantley Hall, Ripon, England, UK

François Sauvêtre 

"I was lucky to receive and sample this magnificent gift box. The packaging is splendid and the personalisation is a wonderful surprise. Upon opening the box, one finds the sumptuous, shiny chocolates. This invitation to pleasure gives way to indulgence, and here again it is flawless, refined, crisp, succulent,  any chocolate lover will find their happiness amongst these chocolates."

François Sauvêtre 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau 3 Toques, L'Oiseau Bleu, Bordeaux, France

Pascal Bastian 

"First of all, I am completely spellbound by the beautiful, personalised mahogany box. Visual pleasure is always intertwined with taste, and this box undoubtedly awakens the desire to try the chocolates. Open this case and let yourself be carried away by the intense chocolatey taste. A real personality in these assorted chocolates with a very clear identity in terms of flavours and textures. Each bite gives you a feeling of velvety lightness with character. Delicacy, finesse and indulgence are in order. Bravo zChocolat."

Pascal Bastian, 2 Michelin Stars, Gault & Millau 3 Toques, Cheval Blanc Lembach, Lembach, France

Thomas Koebel 

"The chocolate boasts a refined quality, while the fusion of two fillings proves to be remarkably captivating. The flavors are exceptionally vivid and skillfully presented, offering a sensory experience that lingers beautifully on the palate."

Thomas Koebel, 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau 2 Toques, Le Relais de la Poste, Wantzenau, France

Nicolas Seibold 

"The chocolate box is a marvel of beauty, and the chocolates themselves are an absolute delight. From the moment you savor them, you'll discover a remarkable finesse in flavors, textures, and an intricately charming design – an experience that truly captivates the senses!"

Nicolas Seibold, 1 Michelin Star, La Mutinerie, Lyon, France

Dominique Giraudeau 

"The chocolates we discovered were a delightful revelation. They exude an extraordinary and distinct flavor profile that is both exceptionally delicious and remarkably original. The shells, boasting an optimal thickness, provide a gratifyingly crisp texture, while their individual shapes adds an extra layer of uniqueness. The presentation is nothing short of exceptional, showcasing meticulously crafted and personalized packaging.  Without a doubt, I relish the experience immensely."

Dominique Giraudeau, 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau 2 Toques, Le Grand Cerf, Montchenot, France

Éric GuÉrin 

"It all begins with the tender caress of the eyes, an enchanting pleasure bestowed upon us as we receive this exquisitely wrapped treasure. Once unveiled, the accompanied revelation beckons us to immerse our hands, promising a stolen indulgence akin to the allure of gourmet delicacies. No need for gilded dust or flashy embellishments; the meticulously arranged squares keep their secrets, evoking unyielding confidence in an utterly gratifying experience. Then, with a delightful crunch and a satisfying crackle, the unabashed essence of chocolate unfurls, revealing a myriad of velvety flavors that dance upon the tongue and caress the palate. From the classic to the exotic, the palette is vast and empathetic, fulfilling every craving with unwavering integrity and authenticity. This uniquely artful and top-tier box perfectly marries the realms of taste and aesthetics, celebrating the epitome of French culinary expertise. In conclusion, two words linger in our thoughts: pure pleasure / exquisite delight."

Éric Guérin, 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau 3 Toques, Knight of the National Order of the Merit, "Marianne de la Cuisine", Eco-table, La Mare aux Oiseaux, Saint-Joachim, France

Antoine Cevoz-Mamy 

"The chocolates are absolutely divine, boasting an exquisite and unparalleled finesse. I must admit, it's been ages since I've savored chocolates of such superior quality and artistry! Moreover, the packaging is simply stunning and exudes a luxurious aura that enhances the overall experience, making it feel like a truly special and indulgent treat!"

Antoine Cevoz-Mamy, 1 Michelin Star, L'Incomparable, Aix-les-Bains, France

Matthieu Dupuis Baumal

"The packaging's beauty is beyond words, and the thoughtful personalization inspires us with endless ideas. Each chocolate is a work of art, both visually and in taste, and the carefully selected chocolate coatings add a delectable touch to the experience. Our entire team gathered to enjoy the tasting, and it became an unforgettable moment of pure delight. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Matthieu Dupuis Baumal, 1 Michelin Star, “Grand de Demain” Gault & Millau Trophy, Le Art, Aix en Provence, France

Maximin Hellio 

"An abundant gift box offering a delightful moment of indulgence. I am particularly pleased that each chocolate is alcohol-free and free from additives. The box itself exudes elegance and refinement, making it truly appealing. The detailed description adds to its allure, creating a sense of comfort and anticipation for the tasting journey. With each bite, the distinct flavors of the chocolates are easily discernible, adding to the pleasure of the experience. This remarkable assortment is sure to captivate the hearts of chocolate connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike."

Maximin Hellio, 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau 3 Toques, Maximin Hellio, Deauville, France

Clément Raby 

"It all begins with the arrival of the package in its exquisite high-end presentation box, showcasing an impressive attention to detail: a personalized wooden box resembling a luxurious jewelry case, a warm welcoming message, a tasting notebook, and chocolates meticulously wrapped and protected for safe transport. This experience is undeniably luxurious and tailored to perfection. Moving on to the tasting, it proves to be just as exceptional: the chocolates are not only visually stunning with their glossy appearance but also perfectly sized. The chocolate coating strikes the right balance, allowing the true essence of the diverse cocoa origins to shine through. The fillings are impeccably crafted, generously indulgent, and not overly sweet, ensuring that each ingredient's distinct flavors are readily perceived from the very first bite. The explosion of flavors and the remarkable finesse elevate the entire experience. A resounding applause to the entire zChocolat team for their outstanding work and dedication!"

Clément Raby, 1 Michelin Star, 'Table de Prestige' France & International, La Tête en l'air, Vannes, France

Christophe Schmitt 

"I organised a tasting with my teams, and we found the zChocolats to be of a great finesse, the pralinés are very indulgent and traditional, but there is a lot of originality in some of the chocolates. We are also impressed with the elegant and well thought-out packaging, perfect for an upmarket clientele who love this type of personal and tailored detail."

Christophe Schmitt, 1 Michelin Star, Taittinger France & International Culinary Award 2012, finalist of the Concours « One of the Best Workers of France » 2015 and 2022, Faventia - Terre Blanche,  Tourrettes, France

Christophe Poirier 

"These chocolates are of a very high quality with finesse and a perfect balance, well made with flavour combinations that may seem surprising but are indeed excellent. The recipes are balanced and you can tell that a lot of hard work has gone into making them. Everything is in perfect harmony, from the gift box to the texture of the chocolates which are truly delicious. I am a very honest person, so if it were not the case I would say so, but in this case, I have to admit that they are excellent."

 Christophe Poirier, 1 Michelin Star, Prosper Montagné Culinary Award 2015, La Licorne Royale,  Lyons-la-Forêt, France

Adam Smith 

"The chocolates are nothing short of fantastic, the presentation is second to none and very clearly a high end luxury product. The quality and taste of all the chocolates is clear to see, I particularly enjoy the praline selection, gianduja and the chocamandines, these are expertly made with great products giving a purity of flavours and textures. As a personal taste I don't enjoy the exotic flavour range as much as I do the others and find that the base capping of the chocolates to be noticeably thicker than the others, this is by no means a criticism just my personal preference."

Adam Smith, 1 Michelin Star, Woven by Adam Smith, Ascot, England, UK

Jean-Yves Schillinger 

"The zChocolat experience starts with the packaging, flawless and the presentation of the personalised gift box is of the highest quality, the perfect gift to give. Then comes the tasting. Whether it be the Orangettes, Gianduja, Chocamandines as well as the three numbered collections, every single assortment, without exception is perfectly executed with a rare level of finesse. In general with a box of chocolates, the best stand high above the others, and not every chocolate is to my taste, but this is not the case here. Bravo zChocolat!"

Jean-Yves Schillinger, 2 Michelin Stars, Restaurant JY'S, Colmar, France

Michel Trama 

"The gift box is a very classy presentation, an example of true craftsmanship to be kept and treasured. Delicacy, subtlety, finesse, flavour, in a single word: excellence. The highest level of indulgence."

Michel Trama, 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau 5 Toques, Relais et Châteaux, Les Grandes Tables du Monde, L'Aubergade, Puymirol, France

Juan Carlos Perez Durán 

"Upon opening the packaging, I must say that I was very surprised by every detail, from the personalisation on the gift box to the way it was packaged. But without a doubt, the chocolats are of an exceptional quality, they have very subtle flavour combinations for all chocolate lovers. But if I had to shine a light on certain flavours, it would be the number 1 for its exquisite vanilla flavouring and the number 7 for its delicious pistachio flavour."

Juan Carlos Perez Durán, 1 Michelin Star, Relais et Châteaux, La Signoria, Calvi, Corsica, France

Lionel Giraud 

"The packaging is perfect, elegant, qualitative, beautiful, worthy of the greatest craftsmanship. The chocolates are just like the gift box, proof of savoir-faire. Each selection has a balance of flavours, is incredibly moreish with an emotional and indulgent appeal. A wonderful discovery which in my humble opinion will be crowned with success. I could even declare that the discovery of these chocolates intoxicated me with pleasure."

Lionel Giraud, 2 Michelin Stars, Gault & Millau 4 Toques, La Maison Saint-Crescent, Narbonne, France

Michael Wignall 

"Let's start with the delivery packing. The chocolates arrived in perfect condition, and I must admit that I've never seen such care and attention in making sure they arrived safely and at the correct temperature. I've had high end chocolates from other suppliers (3 star chefs) that unfortunately arrived damaged on more than one occasion, due to bad/poor packaging. The presentation box/bag are so beautifully made and the attention to detail with the name on the box is so special. The chocolates themselves are one of the highest quality that I've tasted. The numbered pralines are such a great way of interacting and add more involvement and in-depth information, making the overall experience a little more than just enjoying chocolates. The Orangettes are a firm favourite with the team. Just the right amount of sweetness in the orange to complement the bitter chocolate. And very uniform in size. The Chocamandines are made with very good quality almonds, nice texture and coating. The Gianduja is very neatly cut and coated. Smooth, with just the right amount of texture. Very good. Simple yet elegant in flavour and wonderful mouth feel. The Exotic assortment is probably my least favourite, all very nice but I think some of the flavours didn't show as well as others..."

Michael Wignall, 1 Michelin Star, 4 AA Rosettes, The Angel at Hetton,, Skipton, England, UK

Orson Vergnaud 

"Amazing different ranges of chocolate. Each chocolate is unique. The filling of each chocolate really enhances the chocolate as a whole. You can feel the quality of the product used to make each chocolate in each one of them. There is an option for every palate, and if you are a fan of chocolate you will for sure be pleased. I would easily serve them in my restaurant as petit four or to take home."

Orson Vergnaud, 1 Michelin Star, Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay, London, England, UK

Pierre Marion 

"The personalised packaging shows very very beautiful craftsmanship (which is very appreciable), an immaculate delivery, everything is very well thought out, especially the numbers on the chocolates with clear and precise explanations. In terms of taste, they are wonderful, very well-tempered chocolate, perfectly executed ganaches and pralines and above all, masterful flavours. In conclusion, it's a goldsmith's work, a huge congratulations."

Pierre Marion, 1 Michelin Star, Gault & Millau 3 Toques, Le Pily, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, France

Galton Blackiston 

"Well, what a presentation box! Just stunning with my name on the box spelt correctly! The chocolates themselves are just great and of great quality, my favourites are the Classique, Exotique and Praliné though they are all great. Well done on a vegan chocolate as well. You really couldn’t have shown the chocolates off better."

Galton Blackiston, 1 Michelin Star, 4 AA Rosettes, Morston Hall, Morston, England, UK

Kenneth Culhane 

"The presentation is as meticulous as the artistry portrayed in the chocolates, refined flavour profiles with uncompromising quality in the ingredients that are harmonious with the complexities of the expressions of the individual characteristics in the chocolates. Creating a wonderfully long finish on the palate, a real journey in the world of taste and flavours."

Kenneth Culhane, 1 Michelin Star, The Dysart Petersham, Richmond, England, UK

Shaun Hill 

"These chocolates are first class, good crisp snap to the coatings and  obvious top quality ingredients for the fillings. My preference is always away from soft fruit fillings, but I still appreciate the craftsmanship of the ones in this selection, though I enjoy the pralines and classic sections best of all. None suffer from being overly sweet and all are of the grade I would use in my restaurant - if I were not making them myself of course. Good luck and best wishes."

Shaun Hill, 1 Michelin Star, The Walnut Tree Inn, Abergavenny, Wales, UK

Callum Graham 

"I haven’t seen anyone produce anything from the packaging side of things to such a high standard. From the ribbon and wrapping then as you peel that off to reveal the engraved box that you had personalised with a really high standard of finish and similar to our petit four box. The chocolates all truly had depth of flavour and showed some incredible techniques & fantastic craftsmanship. My personal highlight was the chocolate with 2 layers. A real treat as you bite into them to discover two layers. "

Callum Graham, 1 Michelin Star, 4 AA Rosettes, Bohemia, St Helier, Jersey, UK

Nathan Davies 

"From the moment they arrive it's clear to see the product is extremely good quality, from the packaging to the engraved box. The chocolates are very special and it's very noticeable that all ingredients used are of the very highest standard with very defined flavours. A brilliant mixture of textures, flavour and balance. All in all very luxurious and elegant and would very gladly buy again."

Nathan Davies, 1 Michelin Star, The Good Food Guide’s Top 20 Most Exciting Restaurants 2022, SY23 Restaurant, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

Mike North 

"Z Chocolats come beautifully presented in a personalized wooden box, the sort of box you might expect to receive an expensive piece of jewellery or nice watch in, but of course despite the beautiful artisan made presentation box it is the chocolates themselves you want to know about. I have tasted, along with my culinary colleagues, the six envelopes sent to me and we all agree the standard of all the chocolates sent are of the highest quality.

Classique: The dark chocolate we found to be nicely balanced with gentle notes of cedar and fermented fruits with a long subtle finish, with very delicate notes of coffee, leather and a very gentle acidity. The milk chocolate is nicely balanced with rich chocolate notes and a soft creaminess but without any heavy sense of coco butter or cream, delicately creamy, smooth and rich.

Amandes chocolates: These were a particular favorite of my wife Imogen. She enjoyed the delicate crunch of the almonds both the nut and also the crystallized sugar coating. She was impressed by the very uniformed size of each almond and appreciated the fine coco dusting which did not cling to her fingers when eating. A very fine Amandes indeed.

Orangette: beautiful soft gel like structure of intense Seville orange flavor; a sense of waxy orange leaf on the palate, the chocolate covering is delicate and thin, a very well balanced strength of coco to the orange. A favorite of all of ours.

Exotique: Wonderfully thin dark chocolate shells filled with a crème delicately scented with notes of coconut and spice with a delicate acidity of passion fruit, yuzu and lime.

Praline: Much like the classiques the tempered chocolate shells both dark and milk are delicate, offering just the right amount of bitterness and acidity to enhance the praline centers. The centre of a beautifully smooth hazelnut rich cream. The crisp shell and smooth praline delivering a beautiful and elegant well balanced chocolate.

Gianduja: These smooth chocolates without shells are beautiful, as with the amandes the coco dust is so fine it leaves your fingers completely clean on eating. The texture of the chocolate is exquisite. A completely smooth creaminess of dark chocolate, delicately bitter tempered by the finest texture and taste of hazelnut. Quite simply stunning. Of all the chocolates presented to me the Gianduja is my favorite, in part to its taste and texture but also its simplicity relaying on the finest of ingredients prepared by a master craftsperson of the highest order.

These chocolates are simply exquisite and I cannot recommend them enough. I will certainly be ordering some for those special in my life."

Mike North, 1 Michelin Star, 3 AA Rosettes, The Nut Tree, Murcott, Oxfordshire, England, UK

Stephen Stevens 

"My fiancé Claire and I were really impressed with the presentation box and the personal engraving was a special touch. We enjoyed trying the many numbered variety of chocolates on offer and reading about them in the reference book. These are a well executed selection of chocolates, all flavour profiles are well balanced; not one overpowering the other, with some having a really nice nut crunch for added texture. Ganaches are really smooth on the palette as they should be. Our personal favourites were the White Z and number 21 Tonka bean."

Stephen Stevens, 1 Michelin Star, 4 AA Rosettes, Sosban and The Old Butchers, Menai Bridge, Wales, UK

Stephen McLaughlin 

"zChocolat produces first class chocolate bonbons and other chocolate delicacies. The quality of the cocoa used is clear to be seen. The depth of flavours and the luxurious mouthfeels are as good as I have ever tasted. I particularly enjoyed the use of great quality roasted nuts in several of the bonbons."

Stephen McLaughlin, 2 Michelin Stars, 4 AA Rosettes, Les Grandes Tables du Monde, Best UK Restaurants 2023, Andrew Fairlie, Auchterardern, Scotland, UK

Chris Cleghorn 

"The passion, simplicity and attention to detail that zChocolat has produced is of an excellent quality. It’s clear the work and planning that has gone into producing a very well rounded selection of original chocolates. On the first impression, I was amazed by the quality of the carefully constructed wooden box. Finished nicely with the personal engraving. Very nice touch. These are certainly not style over substance, by any means. Each chocolate you can taste the clear quality of each chocolate. Complemented nicely by assorted fillings that let the flavours shine. There is a great selection to please all preferences and the overall quality is exceptional. Certainly a great addition for a special occasion or just a treat. Personal favourite was the dark ‘Z’ chocolate."

Chris Cleghorn, 1 Michelin Star, 3 AA Rosettes, 2022 Cateys Award Hotel Restaurant Chef of the Year, Olive Tree Restaurant, Queensberry Hotel, Bath, England, UK

Woongchul Park 

"zChocolat offers a truly exceptional packaging experience. Each chocolate is elegantly presented in a finest wooden box, engraved with a unique serial number that provides all the essential details about the chocolates. From classic flavours to innovative combinations, I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse range of high-quality chocolates on offer. They are skillfully balanced and expertly combined, resulting in a delightful taste experience. From start to finish, the entire experience was truly enjoyable, making it the perfect choice for a special gift. I would highly recommend Z Chocolate for anyone seeking a premium and memorable chocolate experience."

Woongchul Park, 1 Michelin star, Sollip, London, England, UK

Paul Leonard 

"I really enjoyed the chocolates, exceptional quality of chocolate, obviously really well made. The varieties of flavours were excellent, the techniques used are first class also. Would honestly say some of the best chocolates I've ever had."

Paul Leonard, 1 Michelin star, The Forest Side, Grasmere, England, UK

Philip Howard 

"I have been cooking at the highest level for many many years and it goes without saying that suppliers of just about anything are keen to show us their products. Every now and then I get to try a new product that really does stand out. zChocolates really are exceptional. Yes, in every range of chocolates there will be favourites and preferences but it is the overall quality of the entire experience that is so exceptional. Service, communication, packaging, branding - and, of course the chocolates themselves. zChocolates are clearly made by true experts in their field - with undoubtably exceptional ingredients. They are beautifully presented, immaculately made and are quite simply a world class product. From the vegan orangettes, to the chocamandine, to the gianduja truffles…all simply sublime. The main repertoire of chocolates offers something for everyone. There are classics and contemporary chocolates offering an exciting range to sample. They are incredibly refined and elegant offering a magnificent chocolate experience to even the most discerning palate."

Philip Howard, 1 Michelin star, AA Restaurant of the Year 2017, GQ Chef of the Year 2017, Elystan Street, London, England, UK

Simon Martin  

"The chocolates were brilliant, my partner and I took great pleasure divulging in them. We didn’t enjoy the ones including fruit, and we felt there were a lot which included nuts. I’d love to offer your chocolates in my restaurant. Please could you send a price list so that we can consider this."

Simon Martin, 1 Michelin star, 4 AA Rosettes, Mana Manchester, England, UK


"Probably the World best box of chocolates from the way they are packaged up to the clean, natural flavours of each individual chocolate. The mahogany box adds that extra attention to detail, especially with the personalisation. This is pure luxury in a box; my personal favourite is the pistachio."

Stephen Smith, 1 Michelin star, The Star Inn, York, England, UK

Gareth Bartram 

"I am blown away by how beautifully packaged the Chocolates are, great craftsmanship has gone into how they are presented, from the black fabric bag with pocket for a personal message down to the personalised wooden box the chocolates are housed in. I couldn't get over how much detail has gone into the packaging and knew if the chocolates themselves tasted half as good I knew I was in for a treat. After opening the wooden box I was greeted by a plethora for different varieties and flavours, each one expertly made and designed to wow the senses. Each one was different in looks and in flavour, some with perfectly tempered chocolate and some rolled in cocoa powder, each one tasted as described and packed full of flavour and textures. Praline had to be my favourite but all were excellent and Z chocolates are at the top of my list when buying chocolates in future."

Gareth Bartram, 1 Michelin star, 4 AA Rosettes, Winteringham Fields, Scunthorpe, England, UK

Adam Byatt 

"I tried Z chocolates with my family and team, we were all delighted by the packaging, the quality of the chocolate and clarity of individual flavours. Absolutely delicious and one of the finest examples of gastronomic chocolates I have tried."

Adam Byatt, 1 Michelin star, Trinity Restaurant, London, England, UK

Pascal Aussignac 

"From the packaging, the explanations, the extraordinaire quality and diversity of these chocolates, my senses have been transported to a new era of pleasures. zChocolat, you are just a stunner!"

Pascal Aussignac, 1 Michelin star, Restaurant of the Year 2007, Restaurant Chef of the Year 2013, Best French Cookbook by Gourmand Award, France, Three times Best in Taste award at Taste of London, Best International Dish 2016, Club Gascon, London, England, UK

David Schlosser 

"The chocolates, its presentation are wonderful. I think the chocolate is well made and delicious. I like the size of them and packaging very much."

David Schlosser, 1 Michelin star, Shibumi, Los Angeles, CA, USA


"I reached home at midnight on Saturday after work. I popped a bottle of champagne and I told my wife I had a surprise and a game for us. The presentation and packaging is outstanding. We wanted to see if we were able to figure out the flavors without guidance. The flavors are clean, highlighting the product. The balance of sweetness, bitterness, acidity… and the use of salt is so precise. The tempering is amazing as well, crunchy shells containing fluid/creamy goodness."

Pepe Moncayo, 1 Michelin star, Twice winner of the Rammy Award, Cranes, Washington D.C., USA


"The Z chocolates are excellent. You can tell it is very high-quality and the packaging is incredible. The whole team really enjoyed the different combinations of flavors. We want to offer them to our guests, creating a custom experience with Z chocolate."

Mike Collantes, 1 Michelin star, Sosekifl, Winter Park, FL, USA


“Upon first glance, the box looks like a jewel, a tiny treasure hidden in a precious chest. Touching the wood is also very nice, very sensual. Then there is the realisation that this little box is protecting artisan-made chocolate. Upon this realisation, a terrible thought springs to mind: the tasting will not match the visual impression. Time to open: pretty boxes, piled on, just like you would organise the finest haute couture fabrics. Inside, maximum sobriety prevails, with filled-chocolates of equal size, only differentiated by their number, like famous perfumes. At that point, eyes closed, it is time to surrender to true luxury, the one who talks to the mind through the senses. A few squares of happiness make you travel. You will find words to describe these sensations, which you will share with loved ones. All different and diverse, just like the friends with whom you will share those treasures, but always with one constant: the taste of real chocolate, not hidden nor altered. Enjoy the tasting!”

Jany Gleize, Maître Cuisinier de France - La Bonne Etape Restaurant, Château-Arnoux, France

Couverture for all our dark chocolates


“First, there is the box, which introduces these chocolates as precious items, reminiscent of jewellery boxes, spices and cigars boxes… On top of that, the customisation allows the customer-taster to make the product his, unique, not ‘like everybody else’s’, especially if they have picked the chocolate flavours themselves. The luxury side is also present with the packaging and the leaflet. Matching the numbers with the list on the little leaflet became a game and a lovely moment of sharing between the guests. Also, it focused everybody’s attention on the chocolate tasting, adding even more value to the moment and to the product. It’s easy to get caught in the game, it makes you want to discover more, and to share your personal favourite with others. The box got empty very quickly! Regarding the chocolates themselves, I thought the size was perfect, the coating was refined, the chocolate dark but not bitter, the milk coating was not too sweet, the ganache flavours were original without being eccentric. As a big praline fan, I appreciated the diversity of choice, the smoothness (the praline was not too dry), the texture (the praline was neither too mixed nor too gritty). Finally, and to conclude, I think I will pop by the boutique very shortly to fill my box with my favourite chocolates (I ticked them on the notepad) and… buy another box, because when you love something…”

Eric Sapet, elected best young chef in 2003 by guide Champérard – La Petite Maison de Cucuron Restaurant, Cucuron, France



“Obviously the mahogany box sets the standards very high as far as packaging goes, but the efforts spent on the box match the excellent level of the chocolates, with a choice of right recipes, and a simple and elegant format – simple but not simplistic. The mahogany box, treasure chest where pirates hide their gold, invites to a treasure hunt based on tasting, a playful and federative game to play with friends or family «Happiness cannot be bought, but this comes very close».”

Olivier Valade, Maître Restaurateur, Tables et Saveurs de Bretagne, EuroToques France – Maison Tirel Guerin, La Gouesnière Restaurant, Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, France



“When zChocolat asked if I wanted to taste and review some of their fine chocolates, I was not expecting such an elegant package to arrive! This presentation arrived in a cloth bag with a lovely embroidered Z across the front. A small pocket containing a description booklet of each of their chocolates preparing you for what’s inside. I reached inside of the cloth bag and was welcomed by a beautiful wooden mahogany box that resembled a treasure chest I was looking to explore. I was presented with an envelope-like pocket box. I flipped open the pocket and was presented with 15 colorfully assorted zChocolates. From the exotique collection I enjoyed every bite, but seemed to favor the White Z Chocolate and Chocolate number 24. All of my senses took over when I tasted these fine chocolates. I will always hold on to this box dearly to fill in the near future and to remind me of the great journey of flavors I was embarked in by tasting zChocolat.”

Kurt Gutenbrunner, ”Best International Ambassador” award – Wallsé Restaurant, New York, NY, USA



“This chocolate tasting experience was a very pleasant discovery for me, and each mouthful created a true gustatory pleasure for me. My first impression dictates a perfect balance between smooth and crunchy but also between sweetness and bitterness. Then, I am certain that zChocolats can be eaten alone at any time of the day, but I can imagine them perfectly at the end of a meal with a coffee.

 Jean Coussau, 2 Michelin Star, Relais de la Poste , Magescq, France 


I took the time to taste your chocolates, it is indeed a beautiful range of chocolate with beautiful aromatics on the chocolates, (maybe too sweet for me, but that's just my personal taste) ”

 Nicolas Aubry, 1 Michelin Star, Ezia, Montlivault, France