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Shipping Rates & Timing in Riyadh

We deliver within 3 business days and charge a flat fee of USD 21.19 per shipment for up to 5 items sent to the same delivery address. Beyond 5 items per delivery address, the shipping cost is USD 5.89 per item. If your order is received before 2PM European time, your chocolates ship the same day.

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97% of packages were delivered on time in 2016. zChocolat has already successfully delivered 8,688 chocolate gifts to Saudi Arabia.

Customer Service Hotline: 1-800-529-9512 Toll-free from the United States or via email

A Longing for Luxury Chocolates

Located on a desert plateau, Saudi Arabia’s capital has experienced an exceptional transformation over the last half-century. Growing from a modest city of roughly 150,000 people in the 1960’s to a busy urban center boasting 6 million inhabitants, Riyadh has become one of the Middle East’s most important cities and an intriguing destination for both locals and tourists. Alongside this rapid growth has come an increasing interest in luxury goods, including high-end food imports. And while chocolate may be a relative newcomer to the Riyadh palate, it has quickly become a preferred form of indulgence among the city’s elite. Delivering to Saudi Arabia since 1999, zChocolat has earned a reputation for providing truly premium chocolate gifts to discerning recipients throughout the Arabian Peninsula because of their commitment to using all-natural ingredients and high quality single-origin cocoas. Fast shipping and convenient online ordering have further cemented their position as one of the city’s premier providers of fine European chocolates.

Corporate Gifting Perfected

Riyadh’s famous financial district is readily recognizable by the 302 meter-high Kingdom Centre that dominates the skyline with its dual towers and graceful sky bridge and by the 267 meter-high Al Faisaliah Centre with its iconic glass-globe summit. And while Saudi Arabia continues to be known for its thriving oil-based economy, businesses spanning a wide range of industries are also booming in the capital city. Regardless of the specific economic sector, corporate gift giving is a well-established practice in the region. For companies seeking to stand out, zChocolat’s carefully curated selection of business gifts brings the best of French savoir faire to any corporate occasion. Clients, partners, and employees are sure to enjoy zChocolat’s premium chocolates and candies, while customization options make it easy to add a company logo to the box lid or to inscribe a client’s name on the box front. For frequent gifters, the Corporate VIP Membership makes shopping even more convenient while providing a way to earn bonus assortments without the hassle of minimum orders.

Luxury chocolate gifts delivered in Riyadh

zChocolat, world leader in luxury chocolate gift giving and Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier have been delivering their high-quality and premium French chocolates in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since November 1st 1999 and have always made a grand and lasting impression with gift recipients in Riyadh. Whether you are shipping to downtown Riyadh or the suburbs, zChocolat delivers high-end & exclusive French chocolates within 3 business days and in perfect conditions.

Refined gifts, exclusive and tailor-made

We have a wide selection of personalized chocolate gifts with the name of your recipient including:

  • zBox 15

    The zBox 15 brings together a selection of the best-loved recipes from our Numbered Collection. Elegantly encased in our signature black and white ballotin, it’s a beautiful way to sample some of zChocolat’s most celebrated flavors.

  • Pâtes de Fruits

    With a jewel-like appearance and smooth, supple texture, one bite of our Pâtes de Fruits assortment will instantly transport you to the Provence countryside. Because each piece begins with fresh orchard fruit picked at the peak of sweetness, these candies nearly burst with natural cherry, lemon, apple, orange, strawberry, raspberry, and apricot...

  • Z Chocolate Only

    Dedicated exclusively to the only chocolate worthy to be known simply as Z, this assortment is the perfect way to indulge in pure zChocolat goodness. Each piece is either a white, milk, or dark chocolate rendition of Pascal Caffet’s signature recipe and is bursting with salty-sweet caramel and rich hazelnut praline. A scrumptious solution for those...

  • Summer zBox 30

    Handcrafted gourmet chocolates are partnered with the fresh flavors of orchard-ripened fruit in this special Summer zBox.  Packaged in a colorful edition of our always-sophisticated ballotin, each order includes 15 pieces of our most-requested chocolate recipes bundled with a complimentary assortment of pates de fruits candies.  A uniquely...

Pascal Caffet

All our chocolates are handmade by our chocolate master Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition: no alcohol, no preservatives, no coloring, high cocoa content, low sugar and 100% pure cocoa butter.

Summer packaging

Thankfully, unique temperature sensitive packaging and DHL Express delivery mean connoisseurs of zChocolat’s all-natural, preservative-free confections can enjoy fine French chocolate anywhere in the world. Insulated delivery boxes keep your gift at the perfect temperature while a reflective outer layer provides additional protection from world-famous rays in Saudi Arabia.

zChocolat in Riyadh

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All our Signature Chocolates can be delivered in Riyadh and at any time of the year with our summer packaging depending on the season.

Extraordinary Ramadan Gifts

While more diverse than rural parts of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh’s population remains predominantly Muslim, and Islam is officially recognized as the state religion. The month long observance of Ramadan is a high point of the local calendar and is marked by daytime fasting followed by special Iftar meals enjoyed with family and friends after sunset. zChocolat is proud to offer a line of dedicated gourmet gifts ideal for sharing throughout this special season. Like all zChocolat creations, members of the Ramadan Collection are halal and contain no alcohol and no animal fat. Available in a range of sizes, each product features the finest recipes from Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, and is packaged in elegant boxes adorned with a traditional seasonal greeting. From a 4-piece box including three stunning chocolate recipes plus a single Z chocolate coated in food grade gold leaf to an astounding 550-piece multi-assortment selection in a giant lacquered wood box, there’s something in the collection for every occasion from the beginning of Ramadan through even the most elaborate Eid al Fitr celebrations.

Stress-free Delivery

Food has always played an important role in Saudi Arabian society, with local hosts typically going to great lengths to ensure an enjoyable experience for visitors and guests. For anyone who has enjoyed this famous hospitality, doorstep delivery of France’s finest chocolates is an excellent way to return the favor. Featuring only high-grade single-origin cocoas and carefully sourced ingredients like Valencia’s famous almonds and Piedmont’s celebrated hazelnuts, each recipe is a sensory journey that’s sure to delight even the most discerning recipient. Whether it’s remembering a milestone birthday, acknowledging a major anniversary, sharing holiday cheer, or expressing gratitude for memories shared, zChocolat has the perfect gourmet gift ready to ship. Fast three-day delivery and special summer packaging guarantees maximum freshness in spite of Riyadh’s notoriously hot weather, while package tracking, signature on delivery, and delivery confirmation provide extra peace of mind.

Please note that we do not deliver in Saudi Arabia on weekends (Fridays & Saturdays) and the following upcoming holidays:

  • 2017-06-25 Eid Al Fitr
  • 2017-06-26 Eid Al Fitr
  • 2017-06-27 Eid Al Fitr
  • 2017-06-28 Eid Al Fitr
  • 2017-06-29 Eid Al Fitr
  • 2017-08-31 Eid Al Adha
  • 2017-09-03 Eid Al Adha
  • 2017-09-04 Eid Al Adha
  • 2017-09-05 Eid Al Adha
  • 2017-09-24 National Day

No Alcohol, No Animal Fat

Our French chocolate gifts do not contain any alcohol or animal fat of any sort and therefore abide by local Muslim regulation in Saudi Arabia.

No zip codes.

When filling out your gift recipient's address, please note that addresses in Riyadh do not require ZIP Codes.