• French Chocolate Assortments

    Each of our fifteen delicious French chocolate assortments invites you to discover a different corner of the zChocolat universe. It's an enchanting experience that will transport you to a world of indulgence and delights crafted with Zealous adherence to French tradition, ensuring that each bite is an explosion of flavors with Zero competition. Experience the extraordinary taste of Z chocolates now and let us take you and your loved ones on a journey to pure chocolate bliss.

    French chocolate: an epitome of Luxury

  • Jams Like No Other

    Savor the ultimate indulgence of gifting the most exquisite jams imaginable. Each jar is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of genuine flavors. Discover the perfect harmony between the sun-kissed apricots from Provence infused with fragrant vanilla. Dive into the wild essence of Alpine blueberries, capturing the pure beauty of the Italian Alps. Experience the allure of heavenly raspberries from the Provençal Drôme, reminiscent of the idyllic French countryside. These 3 exceptional jams with timeless aesthetics are a treasure to savor and share.

  • All-Natural Vegan Selection

    Indulge in our Vegan Collection, a harmonious ensemble of 100% natural luxurious treats artfully crafted without a trace of animal or dairy products. Orchestrated by World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, these confections celebrate the peak of French artisanal excellence, featuring only natural ingredients, enriched cocoa depth, subtly sweet undertones, and 100% pure cocoa butter. Completely free of artificial flavors, alcohol, colorants, and preservatives, this unadulterated gastronomic joy delivers a tantalizing taste of paradise to your doorstep, anywhere, anytime.

    10 reasons to love Vegan chocolate

  • Chic & Modern ZBoxes

    Indulge in this exquisite collection, where each chocolate is a celebration of our unwavering commitment to excellence. You will experience a journey through the art of French chocolaterie that promises to enchant, inspire, and transform any moment into an unforgettable experience of chocolate perfection. Featuring chic & modern lines, our ZBox collection is the culmination of a decade’s worth of effort to reinvent the traditional chocolate box. It delivers our most popular recipes in splendid black-and-white packaging with gifts that are as beautiful on the outside as they are delicious on the inside.

  • Luxurious Mahogany Gifts

    Meticulously handcrafted in the Jura region of France by a vanishing breed of the finest woodworkers, this opulent collection of mahogany gift boxes exudes the excellence and eminence of French savoir-faire. The silky grain and deep reddish hue of this magnificent material impeccably finished with a unique serial number carved into its base make for a memorable impression and a treasured keepsake.

    Luxury chocolate: fantasy or reality?

  • Heavenly Chocolate Bars

    We raised the bar a couple more inches after 2 years of research and tests to deliver the perfect chocolate bar experience with the Z benchmark. This mouthwatering marriage between breathtaking innovation and beloved tradition boasts epicurean recipes that evoke pure chocolate bliss. From a strong and long dark chocolate finish to a milky and creamy praliné, this fancy collection carved with the precious, lace-like, tiled design that made zChocolat quintessential and iconic, has the perfect panache to tease and please all palates worldwide.

  • Precious 24 K Edible Gold

    In an unrivaled celebration of culinary luxury and epicurean excellence, every piece of chocolate in this collection has been painstakingly hand-coated in exquisite 24-karat edible gold.  Packaged in classic mahogany boxes crafted by local French artisans, the result is an unapologetically opulent collection sure to make the recipient feel like royalty.

  • Macarons Collection

    Step into a regal indulgence that dates back to the opulent courts of the 16th-century French royalty. With roots tracing back to the spellbinding influence of Catherine de Médicis, zChocolat takes the French macaron to unprecedented new heights of gastronomic artistry. This collection encapsulates the timeless allure of France's most celebrated dessert, meticulously crafted by a symphony of 10 master pastry chefs at the heart of the French patisserie tradition where the shell yields effortlessly with a tender crack, yet remains resilient enough to not crumble, guiding your taste buds seamlessly to the delectable core: a piece of heaven.

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