10 Reasons To Love Vegan Chocolate

Vegan chocolate is one of the most delectable desserts that vegans enjoy while being faithful to their way of life. But for the rest of the people who are not vegan, or even vegetarian, why buy a vegan chocolate box?

In this article, let’s explore why everyone deserves a vegan chocolate gift and why a vegan chocolate bar is a treat that anyone can enjoy, whether they are vegan or not.

Let’s briefly explore how veganism came about. Then turn our focus on vegan chocolates, how they are unique, and why they are a luxury that everyone in the world can—and should—enjoy, regardless of their beliefs and way of life.

Vegan Chocolate Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

 Why Do People Become Vegan?

Veganism has its roots in vegetarianism, a way of life that dates back around 2,500 years ago. It was during the time of Pythagoras and Ancient Greece. It was also around the time of religious movements in the East, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism, which discouraged violence against animals.

But it is even way longer than that if you take into consideration our prehistoric hunter-gatherer ancestors who mostly survived on a plant-based diet and at a time when they rarely had meat for sustenance. People called it the “Pythagorean diet” until the “vegetarian diet” replaced this around the 19th century.

What does vegan mean?

Veganism came as an offshoot of vegetarianism. The “vegan” diet was defined as early as 1944 by The Vegan Society. Its original and complete definition will help us better understand and appreciate this way of life. According to The Vegan Society:

Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms, it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.”

How Is Vegan Different From Vegetarian?

In short, a vegetarian diet does not include any meat, poultry, or seafood. It is a meal plan made up of foods that mostly come from plants. A vegan diet, on the other hand, goes even further by also avoiding eggs, dairy, honey, or any other products of animal origin. Therefore, vegan chocolates do not have any of the above ingredients, making them perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Vegan Chocolate Is The Original Chocolate

 Is Chocolate Vegan?

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The quick answer is Yes and No! Because it depends on the ingredients. That’s great news because chocolate is one of the luxuries in life that not only vegans but everyone would not want to give up if given a choice. It’s one of those little luxuries in life that is near and dear to us as chocolate often ties in with special people, occasions, moments, and memories.

The original vegan chocolate was invented by the Mesoamericans solely from the cacao plant. Then, the Europeans arrived in Mesoamerica, discovered chocolate, and brought it back to their continent. It was in Europe that chocolate started to become widespread after chocolate makers began adding other ingredients to create milk chocolate, which now became non-vegan.

Today, while the easier way to know if a chocolate bar is vegan or not is to simply read the label, it’s not exactly the most reliable. Many chocolate manufacturers are quite sneaky in labeling their products as vegan-friendly because of their growing need and appeal. Thus, it helps to know what makes them vegan or not so you don’t have to keep asking, “Is chocolate vegan?”

❸ Vegan Chocolate Is Pure Chocolate

 When Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

Dark chocolate packaging and labels usually include a percentage rating that tells you the percentage of cacao that’s used in the recipe. Cacao content of about 55 percent to 70 percent is fairly normal and common for most dark chocolate, while 100 percent of bitter, dark, and pure chocolate is rare. Some have zero percent sugar on their label and are perfectly healthy for anyone.

The more cacao content there is in chocolate, the less room there is for additional non-vegan ingredients. Since pure cacao is vegan, the higher the percentage of cacao present, the more likely the dark chocolate is to be vegan. Aside from cacao butter, typical dark vegan chocolate may also contain sugar, which can be vegan given certain conditions we’ll discuss below.

❹ Vegan Chocolates are Gluten-Free

Is Vegan Chocolate Gluten-Free?

While a vegan diet involves all and any plant-based food, a gluten-free diet focuses on avoiding plant foods containing gluten. This means all vegan diets are plant-based, but not all plant-based foods are gluten-free.

The good news is that pure, dark chocolate is gluten-free. High-quality plain dark chocolate comes from pure cocoa beans and cocoa butter and is considered gluten-free. The cacao bean, from which commercial chocolate is made, is a raw ingredient that does not contain dairy, gluten, or any other allergenic components.

What you want to avoid, and what makes chocolate non-vegan are the extra ingredients added to the recipe to create many popular chocolate varieties. That is what causes a major concern when shopping for vegan chocolates so we’ll dive deep into those extra ingredients later on.

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❺ Vegan Chocolates Are Dairy-Free

Does Vegan Chocolate Have Dairy?

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There are essentially two types of vegan chocolates: dark chocolate which has no animal-derived products anyway, and chocolates made with alternative dairy-free milk. The highest percentage of dark chocolates are vegan, as they won't have any milk products added to them.

So most milk chocolates and white chocolates are made with dairy. But, there are now many vegan brands of chocolate that use alternate ingredients, like soymilk powder, dairy-free coconut milk powder, cashews, hemp seeds, or oat flour, to make dairy-free milk chocolate and white chocolate.

❻ Vegan Chocolates Have Low Calories

Does Vegan Chocolate Have Less Calories?

You can eat chocolate while on a diet, and vegan chocolate is usually safe for any meal plan as it contains fewer fats and calories than the highly unhealthy milk chocolate.

Not only does vegan chocolate contain no dairy at all, but if you look at the ingredient labels on certain chocolate bars, you will see that they more closely resemble your favorite nutrition or protein bar. This makes it great for chocolate lovers who wish to count calories.

❼ Vegan Chocolates Are Perfect For Any Diet

Can You Eat Vegan Chocolate On A Diet?

So, which type of chocolate is safe for your diet? Most bitter dark chocolate with over 80 percent cacao content is usually vegan and safe. But any vegan chocolate is generally safe with most well-balanced meals or diets. Unlike the highly unhealthy milk chocolate, it does not contain any dairy fats and has fewer fats and calories overall, making it ideal for any diet.

Is Vegan Chocolate Healthy?

Everyone should enjoy all the healthiest cacao-based treats. Their phytonutrients contain antioxidant properties that help prevent damage to cells in the body. They may even contribute to weight loss too. Cacao naturally contains catechins that speed up the fat-burning process and promote heart health.

Does Vegan Chocolate Taste Good?

Of course, they do. But here’s a word of caution. Some mass-produced vegan chocolates are made to taste sweeter than usual to appeal to more people. However, they usually contain more sugar and fats from vegan cream substitutes than other vegan chocolates. So, while they are vegan-friendly, these commercial vegan chocolates may not be diet-friendly.

Also, even the best vegan chocolates, even if a lot healthier than their counterparts, still contain fat and sugar from cocoa butter. Therefore, just like any tasty treat, overindulging in them would still be bad for your overall health. But if you enjoy it in moderation, there is no reason why you should deprive yourself of this delectable treat.

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❽ Vegan Ingredients Avoid The Forbidden Five

What Is Vegan Chocolate Made From?

We can talk about the ingredients of the best vegan chocolate but it’s better to take a look at what ingredients make chocolates easily not vegan at all. If you see them on the labels, you’re certain that these chocolates are not vegan. Below are the groups of ingredients to watch out for that make chocolates not vegan at all that we call, the Forbidden Five.

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#1 - Misleading Milk and Milk Derivatives

Chocolates can be generally classified into three kinds: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. Out of the three, the last two kinds usually contain milk. Milk is mostly derived from animals, mainly from cows, but can also come from goats and sheep. It is easily the most obvious ingredient that makes chocolate, or any other product for that matter, non-vegan.

By default, milk and white chocolate usually contain milk. They can only be vegan if they use plant-based milk substitutes or vegan milk. Vegan milk may be made from soy, almonds, oats, cashews, hazelnuts, rice, peas, hemp seeds, coconuts, or other kinds of nuts, beans, grains, and seeds. Unless these are the types of milk used in chocolate, they are non-vegan.

However, milk is not the only ingredient to watch out for. There are also misleading milk derivatives that also make chocolates non-vegan. Milk derivatives that are often used in chocolates include milk solids, milk fat, milk powder, skimmed milk powder, lactose, casein, whey protein, whey powder from milk, or any other ingredients labeled as “from milk.”

Aside from these milk derivatives, there are also cream and other cream-related ingredients to look out for. Some chocolates use these inexpensive non-vegan ingredients as fillers, texture and flavor enhancers, and stabilizers, instead of other cacao-based ingredients that are usually more costly to source.

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#2 - Elusive Eggs and Egg Products

Next to milk and milk derivatives, eggs and the less obvious and elusive egg products are things to keep an eye out for. For example, lecithin from eggs or animal tissue is a fairly common fat used as filler. Most mass-produced chocolates use it to stop sugar from crystallizing and make chocolates less viscous to melt and flow smoothly.

Now there are more vegan-friendly sources of lecithin. But unless it explicitly states that the lecithin used comes from soy, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, or a few other non-animal sources, chocolates with lecithin are most likely to be non-vegan.

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#3 - Crafty Caramels, Cookies, and Confections

To make chocolates tastier, healthier, or perhaps even uniquely singular, many chocolate brands add a wide variety of ingredients. Adding nuts and fruits mostly present no problem for vegans. However, when companies craftily add other savory sweets like caramel, cookies, and confections like fudge, this becomes an issue as they may likely contain non-vegan butter.

Chocolates contain cocoa butter too. But this type of butter is plant-based as they are derived from cacao beans. If cocoa butter is used in your chocolates, there would be no need for other cheap, animal butter or synthetic butter substitutes. The best news is that it makes chocolates flow and melt smoothly while enhancing that distinctive cocoa taste in your palates.

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#4 - Menacing Meats and Bacon Bits

Meat, and specifically pork, has become increasingly ingrained in most people’s diets. So, it is not surprising that bacon bits have made their way into chocolate too. Fortunately, these types of chocolates are not that common. These are mostly found in specialized or boutique chocolate shops that experiment with exotic and surprising flavors.

Moreover, these types of chocolates are easier to spot because they explicitly promote this on their labels. That is part of their special appeal so they would make it more obvious than usual. It is helpful, however, to be aware that this is something that’s out there and something to watch out for when exploring new chocolate varieties and flavors.

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#5 - Sneaky Sugar and Sweeteners

If cocoa is bitter, then why are chocolates sweet? That’s because most chocolates avoid costly natural fruits and nuts to sweeten them. Instead, they use sugars and sweeteners. The use of such sweeteners has some issues because some refined sugar may be bleached using charred animal bones, which vegan consumers frown upon.

The only way to know for sure if sugar, any ingredient, or the chocolates themselves are vegan or not is to learn how to properly identify and classify them. The penultimate reason why vegan chocolates are great will help you learn the three simple but not always obvious steps to take to tell which ones are vegan-friendly chocolates and brands.

❾ Vegan Chocolate Is Now Easier To Identify

How can You Tell If Chocolate Is Vegan?

First, you can read the label. The product label tells you a lot of helpful information. If it’s labeled as milk chocolate, that’s almost automatically out. If you see that the ingredients we mentioned above are present in the product, that’s also out. But don’t be fooled, though, as some labels could be misleading, unreliable, or outrightly fake, leading us to the second tip.

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Second, stick with trusted, reputable brands. Responsible chocolate brands honestly label their products as vegan or not. Sticking to trusted brands cuts out most of the headache and hassle in choosing vegan chocolate. They tend to source the best ingredients and avoid cheaper and lower-quality, non-vegan substitutes. If you want to take it a step further, here’s our final tip.

Lastly, contact the chocolate brand or the manufacturers directly. If it is not clear on the product label or company website, it may be helpful to find out how they make the chocolates. Find out if the factory uses the same equipment to process vegan and non-vegan ingredients. Ask how they keep these processes separate because this can be a concern for allergies.

If they are responsible brands and manufacturers, they would always ensure this information is accessible to consumers or at least make it easy to get in touch for more details. Having world-class customer experience and support uplifts their brand and builds loyal repeat customers. So, they would love to answer your questions and get your feedback.

❿ The Best Chocolate Brands Are Vegan-Friendly

Which Brands of Chocolate Are Vegan?

Many companies that are not vegan-friendly chocolate brands sell “accidentally” vegan chocolate bars. This means that from the sourcing to the final product, they did not have the vegan’s interest top of mind. Plus, despite its rising popularity, there are still only a few pure vegan chocolate brands out there in the market today. That’s where we come in.

Where Can You Buy Vegan Chocolate?

At zChocolat, our approach is quite the opposite because we intentionally sourced ingredients, designed recipes, and created vegan chocolates that best serve our vegan customers. Our all-natural succulent selection of vegan dark chocolate, vegan chocolate truffles, vegan candy bars, and other vegan chocolate desserts is perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike.

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What Vegan Chocolates and Treats Are Available?

We always strive to offer the best 100 percent natural, all-vegan assortments to our vegan patrons and all our customers worldwide. So, here’s a quick list of your best options when you’re ready to try a vegan chocolate bar or want to share the best vegan chocolate gift with family members, relatives, colleagues, and friends.

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Finally, Why Buy Vegan Chocolate?

Congratulations! After reading the whole article, you now have the 10 best reasons why it’s a great idea for you or anyone to buy vegan chocolate. You understand why a vegan chocolate box is a responsible and perfect present that can delight and even shift the paradigm of anyone who has been a skeptic or has not discovered how amazing vegan chocolates are!