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We deliver within 2 business days and charge a flat fee of USD 21.36 custom duties and local taxes included up to 5 items sent to the same delivery address. Beyond 5 items per delivery address, the shipping cost is USD 8.31 per item. If your order is received before 2PM Central European time, your chocolates ship the same day.

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The city of Abu Dhabi, capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is also the capital of the United Arab Emirates Federation. It occupies most of a small triangular island located in the Persian Gulf and connected to the mainland by a bridge.

In 1761, Bedouin members of the Al Bu Falah clan, themselves members of the Bani Yas who then ruled the region, left the Al Liwa oasis to settle on the Abu Dhabi site. They settled there permanently in 1795. During most of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the city, however capital of one of the main Truce States, failed to match the commercial and economic power of Dubai and Sharjah, two neighbouring capitals. With barely 6,000 inhabitants at the beginning of the twentieth century, it lived off pearl fishing and local trade, often controlled by Iranians and Indians.

  • 4 Bestsellers

    This chocolate assortment pack includes our four bestseller assortments: the Traditional and Exotic assortments with our entire Numbered Collection of chocolates from number 0 to number 24; the Z chocolate Only assortment with our most popular chocolate, the Z chocolate: a duo of sweet and salty caramel with Bourbon-Vanilla from Madagascar and a crunchy...

  • Exotic

    With ingredients from around the world, the Exotique assortment is a tantalizing tour of zChocolat’s most uniquely indulgent recipes. Flavors like coconut, lemon, cinnamon, coriander, pistachio, sesame, and violet are expertly paired with classic French chocolate for a collection that is as unexpected as it is exceptional. Includes pieces 12 through...

  • Gianduja

    When the most heavenly hazelnuts in the world fall into the masterful hands of one of the world’s best Master Chocolatier, they become zChocolat’s most gratifying Gianduja. Harvested from the unique terroir of Piedmont, Italy, the Nocciola del Piemonte, or Piedmont hazelnut, is the crowning ingredient of this small, sweet, and sapid...

  • Traditional

    The Traditional assortment is an assortment of time-honored flavor combinations prepared with a distinctive zChocolat touch. From a raspberry ganache covered in dark chocolate to a passion fruit caramel blanketed in milk chocolate, it’s a delicious way to experience the essential zChocolat recipes.  Includes pieces 0 to 11 from the Numbered...

An Ultra-luxurious City

Located on a T-shaped island in the Persian Gulf, the capital of the UAE is renowned as one of the world’s most luxurious cities. With futuristic architecture, elegant gardens, and first-class shopping, Abu Dhabi offers numerous intriguing distractions for both its 1.5 million residents and countless others who visit the city each year. And among the many upscale products and high quality imports that have caught the eye of discerning locals, European chocolate is rapidly becoming a favorite. zChocolat’s line of signature chocolates, developed by Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, has earned a steady following in Abu Dhabi due to its exceptional flavors and all natural ingredients. Committed to using only pure, never-blended, cocoa butters from verified single-origin cocoa beans, every zChocolat creation embodies the very best of fine French chocolate. Mixed with other carefully selected ingredients, such as plump Valencia almonds, rich Piedmont hazelnuts, and genuine Sri Lanken coconut, the resulting assortments are the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion. Whether it’s a romantic sunset cruise around the islands, a milestone birthday spent at Ferrari World, or a major business deal brokered downtown, the sophisticated packaging and innovative recipes make zChocolat an ideal way to make an impression.

Halal Chocolates Perfect for Eid

Islam is the official religion of the United Arab Emirates and is practiced by approximately three-quarters of its residents, including those located in Abu Dhabi. In fact, the country’s most distinguished mosque, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, is located in the capital city and is a popular place of worship for Friday gatherings and Eid prayers. Constructed relying on precious materials and artisans from around the world, the Grand Mosque is a symbolic attempt to unite the world and is considered one of the city’s major tourist attractions--during Eid it often receives more than 40,000 visitors per day. Similar artistry can be found in zChocolat’s acclaimed Ramadan Collection. With special edition packaging featuring a seasonal greeting in Arabic calligraphy on the box lid, and the world’s best chocolates on the inside, all members of the collection are sure to be appreciated as gifts and welcomed at gatherings large and small. And like all zChocolat creations, chocolates in the Ramadan Collection are halal, being made without alcohol or animal fat. Delivery via DHL Express provides fast two-day shipping from France straight to your recipient’s doorstep, making it easier than ever to send something special at any time during the city’s holiest month.

Luxury chocolate gifts delivered in Abu Dhabi

zChocolat, world leader in luxury chocolate gift giving and Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier have been delivering their high-quality and premium French chocolates in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates since November 1st 1999 and have always made a grand and lasting impression with gift recipients in Abu Dhabi. Whether you are shipping to Al Nahyan, Al Lulu Island, Al Mushrif, Al Aman or any of the suburbs, zChocolat delivers high-end & exclusive French chocolates within 2 business days and in perfect conditions.

Refined gifts, exclusive and tailor-made

We have a wide selection of personalized chocolate gifts with the name of your recipient including:

  • Birthday zBox 15

    An exceptional exhibit of birthday glee is wonderfully wrapped inside this stunning black gourmet birthday box delivering the following message: “TODAY IS GOING TO BE AMAZING”. All 15 of our most sought-after Traditional Assortment recipes, from the slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts praliné of Chocolate n°0 to the lavish ganache of...

  • Pepites

    Valencia almonds are roasted and chopped before being drowned in Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark chocolate to make these intriguing treats. A mouthwatering combination of smooth and crunchy textures, you'll want to keep several boxes on hand for whenever cravings strike.  

  • Chocamandines

    Plump Valencia almonds from Spain have been roasted and drenched in intense Venezuelan and Madagascan blend dark chocolate to form the heart of this nutty confection. But what really sets our chocamandines apart is the Criollo dusting on the outside. Sourced exclusively from the Chuao plantation in Venezuela, Criollo is an intensely rich cocoa powder that...

  • Birthday 30-pc

    Spice up the birthday bash with our entire Numbered Collection. This stylish gift brings together our world-renowned Traditional Assortment recipes with our Exotic Assortment flavors from around the world. This is the perfect way to kick off another flavorful year for that special person who will undoubtedly be delighted with a unique and unexpected treat...

Pascal Caffet

All our chocolates are handmade by our chocolate master Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition: no alcohol, no preservatives, no coloring, high cocoa content, low sugar and 100% pure cocoa butter.

Summer packaging

Thankfully, unique temperature sensitive packaging and DHL Express delivery mean connoisseurs of zChocolat’s all-natural, preservative-free confections can enjoy fine French chocolate anywhere in the world. Insulated delivery boxes keep your gift at the perfect temperature while a reflective outer layer provides additional protection from world-famous rays in the United Arab Emirates.

zChocolat in Abu Dhabi

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All our Signature Chocolates can be delivered in Abu Dhabi and at any time of the year with our summer packaging depending on the season.

We also deliver chocolate gifts in the following places in the United Arab Emirates : chocolate delivery in Al-Ain - gift delivery in Umm Al-Quwain

  • Milk ZBar Trio

    World-renowned Piedmont hazelnut praline and crunchy Californian almond cookie are drenched in smooth West African milk chocolate to make 3 unparalleled chocolate bars that are as equally well-suited for sharing on special occasions as it is for satisfying a casual craving. This bar won the silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards contest for...

  • Milk Chocolate

    Our premium milk chocolates begin with 100% pure cocoa butter, pressed from the finest cocoa beans in Ivory Coast. The result is a creamy confection that perfectly balances the sweet and rich chocolate flavor with incredible international ingredients like slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, unforgettable Italian Gianduja praliné, tasty...

  • Dark Chocolate

    Indulge your dark side with this assembly of zChocolat’s most sophisticated pieces. Each gastronomic gem in this assortment is enveloped in a silky Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark chocolate couverture combined with exquisitely exotic flavors like velvety Madagascar Bourbon-Vanilla ganache infused with a hint of Provençale...

  • Dark ZBar Trio

    Enjoy three times as much of the world’s most exceptional chocolate bar. The renowned Piedmont hazelnut praline and Californian almond cookie are drenched in a silky 70% Venezuelan-Madagascan blend chocolate to make 3 unparalleled treats. Whether nibbled one section at a time or savored all at once, it’s a day-brightening way to enjoy...

  • Hearts

    Whimsical heart-shaped morsels are drenched in colorful chocolate coatings to create our most romantic collection ever. Featuring four intriguing recipes, this assortment pairs classic flavors with fanciful exteriors. Rich hazelnut pralines take cover in creamy milk chocolate. Decadent white vanilla ganache hides beneath an unassuming white surface....

  • Vegan Alizé 0% Sugar

    The ideal indulgence for anyone with dairy-restricted diets and bitter chocolate lovers alike, the Vegan Alizé 0% sugar-free square truffle is the epitome of zChocolat’s “sweet bitterness” signature. It is the masterful marriage between the bitterness of its intense chocolate in highly pure ganache and the slight tinge of the...

  • ZBox 30

    Experience unrivaled sensations as raspberry ganache, passion fruit caramel, lemon-almond paste, caramelized pistachios, and other exciting flavor combinations explode in your palates. From the smooth and unassuming to the dark and exotic, the ZBox 30 includes the full range of flavors in our Numbered Collection presented in our Traditional and Exotic...

  • Birthday 30 Custom

    Celebrate life with this one-of-a-kind birthday gift with flair and French savoir-faire. Your beloved’s zodiac sign (❶) will automatically be embossed on a red wax seal daintily disguised as a birthday balloon (complimentary and based on the delivery date you specify). You may also laser-engrave their name or birthdate (❷) on the wooden lid to make...


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Please note that we do not deliver in the United Arab Emirates on weekends (Fridays & Saturdays) and the following upcoming holidays:

  • 2021-01-01 New Year's Day
  • 2021-05-13 Eid-ul-Fitr
  • 2021-05-14 Eid-ul-Fitr
  • 2021-05-15 Eid-ul-Fitr
  • 2021-07-19 Arafat Day
  • 2021-07-20 Eid Al Adha
  • 2021-07-21 Eid Al Adha
  • 2021-07-22 Eid Al Adha
  • 2021-08-09 Al Hijri - Islamic New Year
  • 2021-10-18 Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Birthday
  • 2021-12-01 Martyrs' Day
  • 2021-12-02 UAE National Day
  • 2021-12-03 UAE National Day

No Alcohol, No Animal Fat

Our French chocolate gifts do not contain any alcohol or animal fat of any sort and therefore abide by local Muslim regulation in the United Arab Emirates.

No zip codes.

When filling out your gift recipient's address, please note that addresses in Abu Dhabi do not require ZIP Codes.

Abu Dhabi, literally "Father of the gazelle", is the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. Although traces of civilization can be found several millennia before our era, the area was not permanently inhabited until the 18th century. But it was in the twentieth century that the city experienced significant growth, largely due to oil revenues.

Today, Abu Dhabi, which has a population of nearly 600,000, is the third largest city in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai and Sharjah. It is the political and industrial centre of the federation, and an important cultural and commercial centre in the Persian Gulf, due to its capital position.

It can be said that the official date of the foundation of the city is 1761. Especially this year we discovered the source of fresh water, around which the people of the tribe of Bani Yas made the h3 protector. Around the spring formed a small settlement, the inhabitants of which protected the most precious source from the invigorating humidity. The main livelihoods for the inhabitants of the small village were pearl production and fishing. For the long years of no considerable changes in the way of life of the inhabitants did not take place, but in 1958 not far from Ras Sadr the most precious source was still discovered, but it was not freshwater, it was oil.

Cultural sights of Abu Dhabi

This deposit was one of the largest and brought in large revenues for the city. Today Abu Dhabi is a capital of the richest emirate, the modern megalopolis and world famous center of tourism and rest.
The city centre is the location of the mosques, and the quay is adorned with beautiful fountains, the names of which are also beautiful and sought after. Abu Dhabi is similar to the mirage, the contrast is very exceptional with modern skyscrapers surrounded by tree plantations and the desert gold sand. Despite the greatness of modern buildings, in the city there are also historic monuments of culture and among them, the ancient Al Husn fort which is very famous. Abu Dhabi is the unique city, in which one stands side by side with the most recent skyscrapers and an ancient architectural structure, the age of which counts three hundred years. Downtown is home to a large number of skyscrapers and other, older buildings of a smaller size. Most streets are extremely wide (each with at least four lanes). The elegant park plantations, which occupy all its free space, are considered as one of the peculiarities of the city. Here you can see palm trees of all kinds and decorative bushes, walking on a carpet rich in fresh green grass.
The eastern part of the emirate, where the city's main sights are located, is considered to be the historic region: the Al-Ain Museum, Hafeet Mountain, Hale Park, a large zoo, Ayn Fayd Park and the National University.
Abu Dhabi's luxury restaurants have always surprised visitors with an abundance of meat and vegetable dishes, as well as a variety of sweets. Cooks usually use veal and beef to prepare meat dishes. A common ingredient is poultry meat. To people who adhere to the Muslim religion, it is forbidden to eat pork, so that each institution serves a variety of fish dishes. The recipes in the dishes include a variety of herbs and spices that make the culinary masterpieces even more spicy.
The most popular soups are those at the meat base, which can include potatoes, rice, beans and capers. As the main course, visitors to national restaurants usually order stews, whose side dishes can be very original. For example, lamb is usually served with boiled rice and raisins. Chicken is usually stuffed with corn porridge, poultry meat is also added to pilaf, which is one of the most popular oriental dishes. Dairy dishes are also popular, but in restaurants of national cuisine it will be difficult to find vegetable salads familiar to Europeans. Vegetables are usually served in a stew.
You should also talk about desserts. Sugar lovers will appreciate the "Umm Ali" pudding, which is made from milk and adds nuts and dried fruit. The most popular oriental sweets are sorbet and baklava, and pastry lovers should choose "ligemat" honey doughnuts. Each institution will offer customers a coffee for dessert, which remains the most popular national beverage. An excellent tonic drink is carcadded tea, which has long been popular not only in the Orient, but also in European countries.