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Saanich is a district municipality on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in the Great Victoria area. The district took its name from the Saanich Nation, meaning "emerging land" or "emerging people", and acts as a bedroom community immediately north of Victoria, British Columbia.It is the largest municipality in Great Victoria with an area of 103.44 km2 (39.94 m²). The municipality has a wide range of rural and urban landscapes and districts extending north of the Saanich Peninsula. Saanich is part of the University of Victoria, which is divided by the neighbouring district of Oak Bay. The municipality's topography is undulated by numerous post-glacial rocks. The water level is between sea level and 229 meters. Water has a huge impact on the physical environment. In the freshwater lakes there are 8.179 km2 (3.1563 m2) and on the sea coast - 29,61 km (18,40 m2). The original inhabitants of Saanich have lived in Saanich for thousands of years. The history of the Hudson's Bay Company dates back to the 1940s.Kenneth MacKenzie commissioned the construction of Craigflower School (originally Maple Point School), the oldest school building in Western Canada. He came from Scotland with his family in 1852 to the Hudson's Bay Company Norman Morison to establish a farm for the Puget Sound Agricultural Company, a subsidiary of the Hudson's Bay Company. A school was needed for the children of farm workers and settlers.The Municipality of Saanich was founded on March 1, 1906 and the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory Telescope was designed by John Stanley Plaskett, PhD, an astronomer with the Ottawa Department of the Interior. The 72-inch (1.8 m) reflector telescope was the largest of its kind in the world at the time of its construction, although it only took place for a few months in 1918; the northeast half of British Columbia's third largest university, the University of Victoria campus, is located in Saanich, while the southwestern portion is located in the adjacent Oak Gulf. Saanich also has large campuses at Camosun College, an original Lansdown campus and an intercity campus.Saanich is divided into two adjacent school districts: Greater Victoria School District 61 and Saanich School District 63. It is also home to the South Island Distance Education School. For planning purposes, Saanich is divided into twelve local areas and the following areas are local areas and representative community associations:Blenkinsop. A predominantly rural community in the valley west of Mount Douglas. represented by the Blenkinsop Valley Community Association. Cadboro Bay. A small village at the eastern end of Saanich, on the edge of Oak Bay near the University of Victoria. The local community also includes exclusive coastal areas of Ten Mileage Points. represented by the Cadboro Bay Residents Association. Careful. A suburban community located in the western part of Saanich. Represented by Strawberry Vale, Nagietek and Glanford Association of Residents in the North and Mount View Colquitz Community Association in the South. Gulf of Cordoba. Saanich North Coastal Community. represented by the Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs. Gordon Head. A large suburban community north of the University of Victoria. represented by Gordon Head Residents' Association. Quadra North. The suburban community in the centre of the municipality. represented by the North Quadra Community Association. Quadra. A large urban and suburban community surrounding the urban centre of Saanicha. It has a golf course on the Cedru Hills and is represented by the Quadra Cedar Hill Community Association. Royal Oak. A suburban community on the outskirts of Saanich village. represented by the Royal Oak Community Association, the Falaise Community Association and the Broadmead Area Residents' Association. The village of Saanich. This part of Saanich is sparsely populated and mostly rural. Partially represented by the Association for the Community of the District of Lakes and the Commune of the District of Prospective Lakes. The nucleus of Saanicha. The urban centre of the Saanich district. Includes Uptown and City Hall. Represented by Mount View Community Association and Quadra Cedar Hill Community Association. Shelbourne. The urban and suburban community between the City of Victoria and the University of Victoria. represented by the Mont Tolmie Community Association and the Camosun Community Association. Tillicum.

  • Holiday 15-pc

    Pamper your family and friends with luxurious stocking stuffers and party favors. Relish slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and crunchy visible bits of California almonds blanketed in 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couverture from Chocolate n°0, all the way to the lavish ganache of fresh seedless raspberry purée whisked with robust Venezuelan and...

  • ZBox 15

    Our signature black-and-white Zbox 15 ballotin features 15 time-honored flavors from our famed Numbered Collection and legendary Z chocolates created by our World Champion Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. Savor slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and crunchy visible bits of California almonds blanketed in 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couverture from...

  • Holiday zBox 30

    Unbox 30 of the finest French chocolates ever created from a charming sapphire and snow-white colored box embellished with a branch of golden holly. Enchant your guests with all chocolates from our most coveted Numbered Collection. All 15 chocolates from our Traditionalrecipe collection and 15 chocolates from our Exotic recipe collection will deliver the...

  • All Numbers

    This chocolate assortment pack is the perfect choice to experience heavenly French chocolates for the very first time. It includes our Traditional and Exotic assortments with our entire Numbered Collection of chocolates from number 0 to number 24 plus 5 legendary Z chocolates.

Luxury chocolate gifts delivered in Saanich

zChocolat, world leader in luxury chocolate gift giving and Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier have been delivering their high-quality and premium French chocolates in Saanich, Canada since November 1st 1999 and have always made a grand and lasting impression with gift recipients in Saanich. Whether you are shipping to Maplewood, Glanford, Cloverdale or any of the suburbs, zChocolat delivers high-end & exclusive French chocolates within 3 business days and in perfect conditions.

Refined gifts, exclusive and tailor-made

We have a wide selection of personalized chocolate gifts with the name of your recipient including:

  • Traditional

    The Traditional assortment is an assortment of time-honored flavor combinations prepared with a distinctive zChocolat touch. From a raspberry ganache covered in dark chocolate to a passion fruit caramel blanketed in milk chocolate, it’s a delicious way to experience the essential zChocolat recipes.  Includes pieces 0 to 11 from the Numbered...

  • ZBox 30

    Experience unrivaled sensations as raspberry ganache, passion fruit caramel, lemon-almond paste, caramelized pistachios, and other exciting flavor combinations explode in your palates. From the smooth and unassuming to the dark and exotic, the ZBox 30 includes the full range of flavors in our Numbered Collection presented in our Traditional and Exotic...

  • Holiday zBox 15

    Delight your family and friends with this holiday-themed zBox accented with a golden holly floating in a sea of deep blue hue. Christmas won’t be the same without 15 of the most sought-after chocolate recipes from our legendary Z chocolates and famed Numbered Collection, which showcase time-honored flavors like raspberry ganache, tangy passion fruit...

  • Holiday zBox 60

    Behold. All 60 gastronomic gems for your indulgence, are encased in this one alluring chic & modern zBox with a sparkling holly branch. That’s our entire Numbered Collection, a selection of our exceptional Z chocolates, plus our most popular Numbered pralinés all in one zBox. It’s a heaven-sent gift comparable to none. This is the...

Pascal Caffet

All our chocolates are handmade by our chocolate master Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition: no alcohol, no preservatives, no coloring, high cocoa content, low sugar and 100% pure cocoa butter.

Summer packaging

Thankfully, unique temperature sensitive packaging and DHL Express delivery mean connoisseurs of zChocolat’s all-natural, preservative-free confections can enjoy fine French chocolate anywhere in the world. Insulated delivery boxes keep your gift at the perfect temperature while a reflective outer layer provides additional protection from world-famous rays in Canada.

zChocolat in Saanich

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All our Signature Chocolates can be delivered in Saanich and at any time of the year with our summer packaging depending on the season.

We also deliver chocolate gifts in the following places in Canada : chocolate delivery in Abbotsford - gift delivery in York

  • Z Chocolate Only

    Dedicated exclusively to the only chocolate worthy to be known simply as Z, this assortment is the perfect way to indulge in pure zChocolat goodness. Each piece is either a white, milk, or dark chocolate rendition of Pascal Caffet’s signature recipe and is bursting with salty-sweet caramel and rich hazelnut praline. A scrumptious solution for those...

  • Sapphire

    This warm, wood-toned, polished mahogany gift box pairs luxury French craftsmanship with epicurean perfection and encases our most sought-after 15-piece Traditional Assortment. From slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts praliné of Chocolate n°0 to the lavish ganache of fresh, seedless raspberry purée of Chocolate n°11 in our Numbered...

  • Dark Chocolate

    Indulge your dark side with this assembly of zChocolat’s most sophisticated pieces. Each gastronomic gem in this assortment is enveloped in a silky Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark chocolate couverture combined with exquisitely exotic flavors like velvety Madagascar Bourbon-Vanilla ganache infused with a hint of Provençale...

  • Diamond

    Diamond is a perfectly polished mahogany box with 45 exquisite French chocolates handcrafted by World Champion French Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. It’s a timeless gift box that’s worthy of safeguarding the most opulent pieces of jewelry or most expensive cigars long after our Traditional, Exotic, and Praliné recipes have been enjoyed....

  • Exotic

    With ingredients from around the world, the Exotique assortment is a tantalizing tour of zChocolat’s most uniquely indulgent recipes. Flavors like coconut, lemon, cinnamon, coriander, pistachio, sesame, and violet are expertly paired with classic French chocolate for a collection that is as unexpected as it is exceptional. Includes pieces 12 through...

  • Tea & Chocolate ZBox 25

    Enticing, exciting, and energizing, our new Tea & Chocolate ZBox 25 perfectly pairs 15 of our most sought-after Traditional zChocolat recipes and dark & milk ZBar Duo with 30g of Crépuscule—our specially concocted Chinese black tea. Aromatically spiced with cinnamon bits, cloves, green cardamom, pink bay, ginger, coriander, and...

  • Milk Chocolate

    Our premium milk chocolates begin with 100% pure cocoa butter, pressed from the finest cocoa beans in Ivory Coast. The result is a creamy confection that perfectly balances the sweet and rich chocolate flavor with incredible international ingredients like slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, unforgettable Italian Gianduja praliné, tasty...

  • Holiday zBox 22 truffles

    Cherish the most delectable traditional French truffle during the most awaited time of the year. Wrapped in a contrasting white and blue zBox representing the snowy winter hills upon a sweet and silent Christmas midnight sky with a shiny branch of a holly tree, these 22 delightful treats are amazingly crunchy outside yet teasingly soft inside with...

Please note that we do not deliver in Canada on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) and the following upcoming holidays:

  • 2019-01-01 New Year's Day
  • 2019-01-02 New Year's Day
  • 2019-04-19 Good Friday
  • 2019-05-20 Victoria Day
  • 2019-07-01 Canada Day
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