Chocolates and Personalized gifts for all occasions

  • Valentine's Day Chocolates

    This Valentine’s Day, February 14th why not give the love of your life the world's best chocolates. With romantic and elegant gifts that can easily be personalized, the zChocolat Valentine's Day Collection brings together the best of French romance and sublime chocolate. Featuring fanciful creations like heart-shaped or gold covered chocolates, along with an added layer of rose petals when you open the box, there is no better way to show your love this Valentine's Day. Delivery guaranteed on February 14th.

  • New Year Collection

    Grant a sparkling beginning to 2018 with a twist of indulgence by offering a New Year's gift that will bring a delicious smile to anyone's face! Created to mark the beginning of a year full of joy, success and unforgettable memories, these sophisticated boxes will remain a precious keepsake and bring an everlasting glow of happiness to any chocolate-lover.

  • Assortments

    Each of our fifteen sumptuous assortments invites you to discover a different corner of the zChocolat universe. Whether you’re craving candies that are rich and indulgent or cheerful and light, our assortments make lovely stand-alone gifts or can be used to refill previously purchased zChocolat boxes. An ideal way to explore new flavors, stockpile old favorites, or introduce someone to fine French chocolate for the very first time.

  • zBox Collection

    Featuring chic modern lines and sturdy construction, our signature zBox is the culmination of a decade’s worth of effort by industry experts to reinvent the traditional chocolate box. A striking presentation in any setting, the zBox Collection delivers our most popular recipes in stunning black and white packaging, for gifts that are as beautiful on the outside as they are delicious on the inside. Read our blog on zBoxes.

  • Mahogany Collection

    Meticulously handcrafted in the Jura region of France by a vanishing breed of fine woodworkers, this opulent collection of mahogany gift boxes exudes the excellence of French savoir-faire. The silky grain and deep reddish hue of this refined material makes for a memorable impression and a treasured keepsake, impeccably finished with a unique serial number carved into its base. Read our blog on mahogany boxes.

  • Birthday Collection

    Shower a friend, family member, or colleague with sweetness on their special day. Display your thoughtfulness and flair by engraving their name on the box, or stamp their initials or age on the black wax seal. Read our birthday gift guide and tips.

  • zbar collection

    A luxurious reinvention of a traditional favorite. The zBar collection features zChocolat's famously indulgent single-origin couvertures wrapped around world-renowned hazelnut praline from our signature collection to create the world's best chocolate bar.  

  • Chameleon Collection

    Experience unparalleled customization in a collection that combines the best of luxury chocolates with an unprecedented invitation to individualize the details. With options to alter the frame color and background picture on the lid of these elegant chestnut wood boxes painstakingly crafted in Corsica, each member of this collection is a subtle-yet-sophisticated canvas for commemorating the unique moments that matter most.

  • Truffle Collection

    Relish in an unparalleled encounter with the "food of the gods" as you savor this collection of rich, dense, reimagined French delights. We have replaced the traditional truffle filling with a surprising and satisfying praline center. Read our blog on Truffles.

  • Gold Collection

    In an unrivaled celebration of culinary luxury and epicurean excellence, every piece of chocolate in this collection has been painstakingly hand-coated in exquisite 24-karat edible gold.  Packaged in classic dark mahogany boxes crafted by local French artisans, the result is an unapologetically opulent collection sure to make the recipient feel like royalty.

  • The Extraordinaires

    Drama, sophistication, and exquisite French chocolate come together in this exceptionally luxurious collection.  The only place to find our most daring chocolate creations, each member of The "Extraordinaires" is a masterpiece in its own right.  With stunning details, impeccable flavors, and uncompromising elegance, it’s a larger-than-life collection guaranteed to make a never-to-be-forgotten impression.  

  • Spreads collection

    This exceptional collection of traditional, handmade spreads crafted from finely crushed hazelnuts, almonds, and peanuts blended with creamy 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate make a meltingly soft accompaniment to bread, crêpes, pancakes, or waffles and will evoke warm memories of childhood. These guiltless spreads, 100% made in France from all-natural ingredients are very low in sugar and quite high in dry fruit & chocolate. They are simply some of the best chocolate spreads in the world.

  • Party Favors

    An unforgettable party favor, original birth announcement, or tasteful seminar handout, these customizable boxes will mark your special occasion as an event to remember.

  • Survival Kit Collection

    There are few better ways to brighten a close one's day than with one of our resourceful survival kits. These cleverly decorated boxes contain an uplifting assortment of exquisite chocolates to ease almost any worry.

  • Christmas Collection

    Hear the “prancing and pawing of each little hoof” with a collection that captures the wonder and cheer of winter’s most cherished moments. Special edition packaging options feature graceful seasonal embellishments and eye-catching Christmas charm, while ultra-luxury chocolates embody the very best of fine French chocolate making. It’s the perfect way to pamper everyone on your list and a memorable way to exclaim “Merry Christmas to all!" Visit our Christmas blog

zChocolat understands your passion for all things delicious, so we have come up with a multitude of products and services to satisfy that sweet tooth. Our team has created a diverse range of boxes of chocolates, in order to always provide something for everyone, no matter what the occasion. Easter is not the only holiday period where chocolate is essential, in fact this particular sweet treat can be fitting for any occasion. Take a look at our catalogue to discover our vast range of products that will cater to your every need.

Which occasions would a chocolate gift suit best?

A box of chocolate can be gifted throughout the year, with no need for a special occasion. Of course, chocolate is often associated with Christmas, however this is not the only holiday period to indulge in a little of these delicious goodies. Valentine's Day, birthdays, Mother's Day and Easter are all perfect excuses to choose a chocolatey gift from our catalogue. Chocolate is, without a doubt, the most universally delightful gift, as it never disappoints. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a friend, family member, partner or even a co-worker, you are sure to find something from our diverse collection. What's more, our team has worked tirelessly to design a range of beautiful boxes to conceal the edible treasures within. Our packaging options have been designed with care to be elegant and refined in order to perfectly reflect the gourmet chocolates that they house.

Chocolate is never out of place at any special occasion or celebration and can be enjoyed all year round, alone or with friends and family. This sweet treat is enough to brighten up anyone's day.

A moment of indulgence to be enjoyed alone or with your partner

A little pick-me-up

zChocolat understands the impatience of a chocolate craving. Look no further than zChocolat for a dose of magnesium to give you a burst of energy. Our survival collection, made up of a handful of delicious chocolates encased in a fun and handy little box, is the perfect pick me up when you are not feeling on top form. These kits have been created with the highest level of care and are available in a few different versions, allowing you to choose the perfect product when a little motivation is in order.

A sumptuous recipe for all occasions

Chocolate plays an important role in the everyday life of someone with a sweet tooth. We offer you a multitude of boxes with different chocolate fillings that are fitting for occasions all year round. Have you ever considered such a unique way of proposing? You could replace the ever-traditional ring with one of our exquisite recipes and a personal note. All expectations will be exceeded as you can customise each box to make it truly personal. You can now offer a gift that is both practical and pleasurable.

Time to discover our Spreads Collection

During one of those rare moments of peace during the day, why not delve into your cupboard for a little indulgence? You will find our three delicious spreads that have been made with ultimate care and respect for French tradition. In line with all of our products, our spreads have been made with only the highest quality ingredients, whether you are a fan of the hazelnut, almond or peanut version. In each pot you will find irresistibly smooth milk chocolate, made from cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast to take you on an unforgettable journey of flavours. Whether consumed in the comfort of your own company or with friends or family, these spreads bring pleasure with every bite.

Ultimate pleasure with the zBar

Whether to satisfy a sweet craving or a as an afternoon snack, our zBar will come to your rescue. It will immediately transport you back to your childhood, where you will experience a moment of pure pleasure that you will not want to share with anyone else. We have a choice of chocolate bars available for you, each slipped delicately into their own individual tube. Multiple flavours are at your disposition.

Luxurious collections for untamable cravings

Unrivalled flavours placed into chic cases

We eat with our eyes before anything else, and it is for this reason that every one of our boxes has been designed with care to appeal visually, and our Extraordinaire Collection is no exception. This range exudes pure luxury as you are introduced to a multitude of exceptional flavours. The treasure chest-like boxes have all been made by hand to house the edible jewels, each a work of art in its own right. We offer a wide range of shapes to provide something for everyone, whether destined for a friend, family member or loved one.

Gold and chocolate in perfect harmony

If you wish to leave your recipient speechless with a gift, this is the collection for you. Each and every one of our chocolates has been meticulously coated with 24 carat, edible gold leaf before being delicately placed in one of our beautiful boxes for safe keeping. They make an unforgettable gift for a number of occasions: a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… If you are on the hunt for some extraordinary and exciting flavours, look no further.

Allow yourself to be transported to a world of chocolate with your special someone

If you are looking for something with which to impress your partner, it is almost impossible to ignore our Romantic Collection. You and your partner will be struck by Cupid’s chocolate arrow when you offer one of our romantic gifts, transporting you both to another world. The spellbinding flavours are the result of a meticulous production process. Our suppliers have been picked for their rigorous attention to detail, as have our high-quality ingredients that fill you with joy with every bite.

The art of customising your box for a truly personal touch

Handcrafted chestnut boxes

Men and women alike will always appreciate a gift from the heart. Our Chameleon Collection allows you to offer just this with a multitude of personalisation options. These chestnut boxes can be adorned with a message or a photo that is printed onto the top of the box. There is no need to use wrapping paper, as this beautiful box does all the talking for itself. These boxes have all been handmade in Corsica and are a stunning way of presenting a selection of equally stunning chocolates, no matter the occasion.

Create a box of chocolates especially for a birthday

Need to find a birthday present for a loved one but stuck on what to buy? Look no further than our Birthday Collection that is sure to have something for everyone. Of course, the boxes are customisable and come in a variety of sizes and designs, allowing you to tailor the gift so your recipient is left with an unforgettable experience. You can be as creative as you like, choosing the design of the box, the personalisation and even the chocolates that are inside.

A box of chocolates for Christmas

The understated zBox Collection

It is impossible to celebrate during the Holiday Season without a little chocolate indulgence. Our master chocolatier has used all his passion and expertise to create recipes that will never fail to tantalise your taste buds. We have added a festive twist to our zBoxes to reflect the Holiday Period. You can therefore choose to offer our signature zBox that is understated and classy with its delicate mosaic exterior. The chic combination of black and white serves as the perfect case for the delicious sweet treats hidden within.

Our Mahogany Collection exudes luxury

Our Mahogany Collection has also been reworked for Christmas. You will be able to access our classic mahogany boxes for a special occasion, or our reworked, festive edition that has been especially designed for this Christmas. This box will fit perfectly at the foot of any Christmas tree. No expense has been spared with this year’s Holiday Collection, in order to provide you with a range of gifts of truly exceptional standards.

It is, without a doubt, a perfect gift for your loved ones. There is no need to spend hours trying to find gifts, zChocolat’s vast range of products is sure to have something for every one of the recipients on your list this year.

A wide range of assortments to tantalise your taste buds

At zChocolat, you have the luxury of browsing a multitude of boxes in order to find the perfect gift, but it doesn’t stop there as you can even choose the chocolates that you wish to put inside. Our numbered chocolates will dance on the taste buds of you or your recipients and we have organised them into various different assortments. Our Assortment Collection is perfect for any chocolate lover, whether they prefer white, milk or dark chocolate. Or as a change from our traditional chocolates, why not try our Noisettines, our Heart Assortment, the Chocamandines, our Nougat or even the Pâtes de Fruits.

If you are looking for something fresh, our Caissons d’Aix will excite your palate, especially when accompanied by a few of our chocolates. If you are struggling to decide between the assortments, zChocolat has just the solution: our Rainbow brings the entire collection together, allowing you to revel in the multitude of diverse flavours.