Summer Jams
Like No Other

  • Romantic 27 pcs
  • Romantic 27 pcs
  • Romantic 27 pcs
  • Romantic 27 pcs
  • Romantic 27 pcs
  • Romantic 27 pcs

Daintily decorated with the key to your heart, these 2 assortments represent a breathtaking blend of romance and tradition. Romance first with 12 luscious heart-shaped chocolates which will melt your recipient's heart instantly with 4 gems created by World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. This heart assortment reveals 3 Toquade: a delicious white vanilla ganache cloaked in a white exterior, 3 Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, 3 Mystique: an opulent heart of dark ganache infused with a Piedmont hazelnut praliné dressed in a dark couverture, and 3 Amore: a divine ginger praliné hidden under a daring red robe. Tradition is next with our Traditional Assortment which reveals our 15 most popular chocolates including three of our ever-famous Z chocolate pieces. These two assortments come together as the perfect blend of romance and tradition to deliver the key to your heart with style, elegance and exceptional French savoir-faire - just wait for your second half's response after tasting Z chocolate's romantic and traditional experiences.

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  • Presented in a precious mahogany box exquisitely inlaid with an iconic heart-shaped padlock and key design, this romantic cocoa duet will deliver the key to your heart with utmost elegance and astonishingly leave your beloved breathless. Nestled inside are our two favorite heart-shaped chocolates including a delicious vanilla ganache cloaked in a white...

  • Lavish your loved one with the perfect match: romantic and traditional recipes - the best of both worlds. Twelve heart-shaped gastronomical gems from our Romantic Assortment and 15 world-renowned delectable diadems from our Traditional Assortment are hidden inside this majestically modern ballotin emblazoned with a heart-shaped padlock and its key,...

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