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My Image on the Box


Laser-printed atop our zBoxes

zboxOur zBoxes come adorned with the zChocolat logo laser-printed on the plate atop the lid. You may customize this 40mm x 40mm plate with a themed image from our library or by uploading your personal photo or corporate logo.


Carved atop our Basswood boxes

JPK_5181_ju_smallOur Basswood boxes in the Institutional Line come carved with the zChocolat logo atop the lid. Consider replacing our logo by laser-carving the lid with any themed image from our library, or uploading a personal photo or corporate logo.


Digitally-printed inside our Mahogany boxes

mahoganyOur Mahogany boxes are decorated with a 40mm x 40mm golden plate inside of the lid. You may customize this plate by digital-printing a themed image from our library, your personal photo, or corporate logo.


Easy as 1-2-3

1-2-3Absolutely no technical knowledge is needed for these customization options, as zChocolat will take care of everything for you automatically. However, for those interested in technical details, we prefer JPEG format no heavier than 5 megabytes with any side of the image being no smaller than 500 pixels.


How to optimize the look of your gift

optimize the lookTo keep your personal photo or logo in harmony with the box, we suggest cropping your images to a square with our zBoxes and Mahogany boxes. We also suggest choosing a black and white image for our zBoxes and a sepia colored image for the mahogany boxes. There are no special requirements for Basswood boxes as the image is laser-carved directly into the lid. The option to crop the image and change its color to black & white or sepia will be available online right after uploading your image.


How to add a personal photo to your box

howtoENYou will find the customization option on the right-hand side of the product page. Click on “My image on the box” and follow the instructions. Please note that this option is not available for all products.


What is the cost?

This service is complimentary for VIP members or if you use an image from our existing themed images library. If you use your own personal photo or logo, a supplement of EUR 9.99 is applied for each zBox, EUR 14.99 for Basswood boxes, and EUR 19.99 for Mahogany boxes.