Father's Day

Romance always fills the air when you light an aromatic candle scented with amorously authentic fragrances from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. This personalized gift presents our romantic candle with a cotton wick and vegetable wax scented with the perfumes from Grasse. It is triply scented with sweet vanilla to raise romantic moods; patchouli for passionate peace and relaxation; and grapefruit to balance mood and emotions for the sweetest sense of calm and relaxation. The candle is showcased in an elegant glass jar where your beloved’s name or a poetic phrase of up to 25 characters () may be engraved by clicking the MY TEXT ENGRAVING option just below. While chocolates melt in minutes, candles light up for hours and our personalized engraved glass jar can last a lifetime. Marrying chandlery with aromatherapy and glass artistry is the most romantic way to eternally light up “A flame of burning love”.

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