Cherish the most delectable traditional French truffle during the most awaited time of the year. Wrapped in a contrasting red-and-white zBox revealing a splendid Christmas star spreading light and hope, 22 delightful treats are amazingly crunchy outside yet teasingly soft inside, possessing surprising flavors that erupt on your palate like fireworks. World-class hazelnut praliné, a layer of luscious single-origin Venezuelan-Madagascan blend of 70% dark chocolate couverture, and kisses of pleasantly bitter Criollo cocoa powder make the perfect combination for the Yuletide season. 100% natural, 100% Vegan, no preservatives, no alcohol, no competition. Kindly note that you can engrave the name of your gift recipient (❶) on the box by selecting the "My text engraving" gifting option below.

“Please note that we currently double the amount of chocolates at no additional cost.” This item contains 1 chocolate assortment. If you buy this item, you will receive 1 additional assortment free of charge that you may either send to your gift recipient with your order; donate to a hospital or charity; or save in your account to redeem at a later date for yourself or someone else. You will make this decision in your shopping cart ;-). Learn more.

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Available November 15th 2022