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Like No Other

Prepare to embark on a sensational birthday experience with our exquisitely presented black gourmet birthday box. As you unwrap the package, a captivating message awaits: 'TODAY IS GOING TO BE AMAZING'. Inside, indulge in a selection of 15 meticulously crafted chocolates from our highly coveted Traditional Assortment. From the sumptuous praliné made with slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts in Chocolate n°0, to the indulgent ganache infused with fresh, seedless raspberry purée in Chocolate n°11 from our renowned Numbered Collection, every bite is a delightful surprise that brings birthday wishes to life.

This remarkable gift also includes three of our legendary Z Chocolates, adding an extra touch of luxury to the celebration. With each piece meticulously crafted, this collection serves as a distinguished introduction to the extraordinary flavors and craftsmanship of zChocolat.

Celebrate in style and create lasting memories with this iconic zChocolat birthday assortment, designed to deliver unparalleled joy and delight on this special occasion.

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  • An exceptional exhibit of birthday glee is wonderfully wrapped inside this stunning black gourmet birthday box delivering the following message: “TODAY IS GOING TO BE AMAZING”. All 15 of our most sought-after Traditional Assortment recipes, from the slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts praliné of Chocolate n°0 to the lavish ganache of fresh, seedless raspberry...

  • Spice up the birthday bash with our entire Numbered Collection. This stylish gift brings together our world-renowned Traditional Assortment recipes with our Exotic Assortment flavors from around the world. This is the perfect way to kick off another flavorful year for that special person who will undoubtedly be delighted with a unique and unexpected treat...

  • Infuse your loved one's birthday with a touch of French elegance and personalized charm like no other. Complement your gift with a distinctive red wax seal, artfully embossed with their zodiac sign (❷) and reminiscent of a birthday balloon, bestowed as per the specified delivery date. Take personalization a step further by engraving their name or birth...

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