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Ramadan chocolate

At zChocolat we are shocked, speechless, and deeply saddened by the horrors happening in Ukraine right now. Every day, millions of survivors from this ongoing tragedy continue to live a daily nightmare. Yet here we are, cozy and comfortable in other parts of Europe as we continue living lavish lifestyles.

We have decided to join the unprecedented surge of global solidarity to help bridge this incomprehensible and intolerable chasm between two stark realities by sending tens of kilograms of chocolates every month to the refugees in France, as well as in Poland, Moldova, and Ukraine. While basic food nurtures health, chocolates nurture happiness and hope for a better future. We wish to bring the pretty little smiles back to the faces of children—and their parents too!


So, we are closely working together with all these superheroes to deliver your chocolates(*) to those in need:

Suhoor and Ramadan chocolates

Nova Poshta Global

Nova Poshta Global - The private Ukrainian Chronopost transformed into “Humanitarian Nova Poshta” delivering international aid directly to the Ukrainians thanks to its European logistics network. They are in contact with local humanitarian associations and are highly efficient and motivated!

Ramadan chocolate for Iftar

Solomiya X.

Solomiya X. - an Ukrainian client who hosts refugees in Poland and had to leave her husband to fight the Russian army. We’re sending her chocolates and also medical equipment thanks to the Humanitarian Nova Poshta.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army (L’Armée du Salut) - The organization distributing our chocolates directly to the 600 refugees in accommodation centers in Paris. This number doubles every two weeks.

Ramadan festival

La Voix de l’Enfant

La Voix de l’Enfant - The organization brings together 80 associations for the defense of children around the world. It provides assistance to Ukrainian children and also participates in the reception of Ukrainian children in France. Our chocolates will help to soften their painful moments.

Ramadan festival

Bertrand Z.

Bertrand Z. - A Moldovan client hosting about twenty refugees in his home and who is also working with the Codru reception center in Moldova.

And we have hired Dariia, a 20-year-old Ukrainian refugee who joined the zChocolat team to help us prepare your orders.

(*) If you wish to join us in this extraordinary outpouring of solidarity, know that when you place an order online we double the quantity of chocolates you order free of charge. You can now donate the extra amount of chocolate offered directly to the Ukrainian refugees. > Here’s how, let's act together for a better world.

Ramadan chocolate

Contact us if you have any questions.

Z Chocolates for Ukrainian refugees