Welcome 2023 

Celebrate the coming of 2023 with gastronomic luxury endowed with a touch of French savoir-faire by World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. Artisanal chocolate pieces are showcased in these special New Year boxes sprinkled with sparkling confetti and golden laces. Favorite recipes and festive ribbons bestow new life & love, beget health & happiness, and ultimately bring 2022 to a festive & commemorative close. The best way to launch and live 2023 with exceptional epicurean experiences is to mark every memorable moment with regal yet refreshingly refined zChocolat recipes.

New Year 2023
  • Enhance the excitement of the New Year. This festive assortment of our 15 most popular chocolates is elegantly decorated to welcome the arrival of 2022. Whether transforming mere gatherings into enticing chocolate tasting events, refilling prior zChocolat keepsake boxes, or surprising your guests with this New Year party gift, this assortment is sure to...

    Availability date: November 01st 2022
  • With our classy and creative 2022 packaging design, our chic and modern ZBox 15 has morphed into an iconic gift box to celebrate the grandeur of the coming New Year. Filled with our world-renowned Traditional Assortment, this newly decorated New Year ZBox 15 makes this ultra-elegant gourmet ballotin a ‘must-have’ to celebrate the coming of another...

    Availability date: November 01st 2022
  • The modern and magnificent style of the New Year ZBox 45 makes this chic and classy gourmet box a ‘must-have’ to celebrate 2022 with an elegant flair. You can indulge in 15 chocolates each from both our Traditional and Exotic Assortments plus another 15 more additional bonus pieces from our most sought-after Praliné recipes. It’s an undeniably divine and...

    Availability date: November 01st 2022
  • Unparalleled indulgence meets impeccable design in this 2022 special ZBox 60 edition. Unveil all 60 gastronomic gems from our entire Numbered Collection, a selection of our classic Z chocolates, plus delicious duplicates of the most popular chocolates from our Numbered Collection, all in one ZBox. A sumptuous marriage of flavor and style, it’s a...

    Availability date: November 01st 2022
  • The 2022 New Year Ruby is a vibrant and sophisticated limited-edition polished mahogany box graced with our entire Numbered Collection: the Traditional Assortment, Exotic Assortment, plus two celebratory selections unveiling some of the most succulent Z recipes. Welcome the coming New Year with style. Celebrate and share heavenly gourmet vibes with...

    Availability date: November 01st 2022
  • Commence an exceptional New Year with this perfectly polished mahogany treasure chest. A total of 90 luscious cocoa jewels lie inside waiting to satiate your senses. This 2022 New Year Jade 6 is the ultimate French savoir-faire in a box. It showcases the Praliné, Exotic, Traditional, Dark, Milk and the world famous Z chocolates assortments. It’s a...

    Availability date: November 01st 2022


Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier has created 26 exquisite chocolate recipes exclusively for zChocolat. Our combined expertise and experience have resulted in worldwide availability of the finest French chocolates in the world. This collection combines Pascal Caffet’s expertise in chocolate making with 20 years of meticulous chocolate tasting. The result is an unequaled repertoire of 100% natural edible masterpieces made of the finest cocoa and freshest local ingredients, low in sugar, with no preservatives, no alcohol, no coloring and 100% pure cocoa butter.