• Holiday Candy Mix
  • Holiday Candy Mix
  • Holiday Candy Mix
  • Holiday Chocolate Box
  • Holiday Chocolate Box

These are NOT your ordinary everyday sweets but a surprising mix of original and delicious zChocolat treats. Chocamandines, Gianduja, PépitesDark ZBar Trio, Milk ZBar TrioPâtes de Fruit and Orangettes are seven heavenly candy assortments included in this Christmas Mix for the sweetest Christmas celebration ever. Unleash your inner child and relish all 165 little pieces of paradise from your fingertips to your palates. Presented in an immaculate white box wrapped with an elegant ruby-colored ribbon tied in the upper corner into a star-like bow mimicking our Christmas star theme, this glamorous gift box is a chic and classy present that’s perfect for the holiday season.

“Please note that we currently double the amount of chocolates at no additional cost.” This item contains 7 chocolate assortments. If you buy this item, you will receive 7 additional assortments free of charge that you may either send to your gift recipient with your order; donate to a hospital or charity; or save in your account to redeem at a later date for yourself or someone else. You will make this decision in your shopping cart ;-). Learn more.

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Available November 01st 2023
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    Availability date: November 01st 2023
  • Meticulously handcrafted in the Jura region of France by a vanishing breed of the finest woodworkers, our Holiday Diamond is pure, délicious, immaculate and perfectly finished in classic mahogany wood. Glide your fingertips across the luxurious golden inlay of a Christmas shooting star and its glistening rays engraved in the magisterial mahogany chest....

    Availability date: November 01st 2023
  • Satiate your senses with seven special assortments of the finest French chocolates straight from the ingenuity of zChocolat’s World Champion and Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. Milk, Praliné, Traditional, Dark, Alizé 0%, Exotic, and the world-renowned Z chocolates all come together in this ultimate Christmas Chocolate Mix presented in an elegant white...

    Availability date: November 01st 2023
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