Our Story

In November 1999, I set out to develop a brand of extraordinary chocolates unlike anything else currently on the market. From the beginning, all natural high-quality ingredients, impeccable flavors, and uncompromising standards were top priorities, leading me to seek out master artisan and World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet to help create a line of gourmet chocolates that quickly earned the respect of chocolate lovers around the globe. Making the finest French chocolates available was only the beginning, though. flair for sophisticated packaging and an emphasis on product customization has helped zChocolat earn the devotion of over 180,000 customers worldwide and established it among a select group of ultra-luxury brands available in over two hundred countries. Despite its impressive growth, zChocolat has consistently maintained its commitment to both quality and customer service. All logistics and customer service continue to be executed by zChocolat employees located where it all began, in the South of France. Order preparation, fulfillment, Web development, customer service, marketing and institutional sales departments are performed in Forcalquier, in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. This site is equipped with state-of-the-art industrial laser and printing technology, facilitating on-demand customization while still allowing same-day shipping. As the culminating member of the alphabet and the numerical representation for the infinite range of whole numbers, the letter Z has always been a fitting symbol for a company committed to pushing the boundaries of conventional chocolates. From the sweet-salty combination of caramel and hazelnuts in the signature recipe that started it all, to the long list of cutting-edge confections regularly being added to their catalogue, zChocolat delivers what no other brand can – chocolate perfection with pure French savoir-faire.


Jean-Philippe Khodara
Co-founder & CEO