Happy birthday! We will double the amount of chocolate on your order.
Joyeux anniversaire ! Nous doublerons gracieusement la quantité de chocolat sur votre commande.
¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Doblaremos la cantidad de chocolates en su pedido.
This Cyber Monday Weekend, we double the amount of chocolate on all orders placed online. Learn more.
Ce Cyber Monday Weekend, nous doublons gracieusement la quantité de chocolats sur toute commande passée en ligne. En savoir plus.
Este Cyber Monday Weekend, doblamos gratuitamente la cantidad de chocolates en cualquier pedido hecho en línea. Saber más.
Free express shipping worldwide just in time for Christmas. No code. No minimum. Ends Saturday Dec. 19th 2015.
Livraison en express offerte pour Noël dans le monde entier jusqu'au samedi 19 décembre 2015. Pas de code. Pas de minimum.
Entrega exprés gratuita para Navidad en el mundo entero hasta el sábado 19 de diciembre 2015. Ningún código. Ningún mínimo.
We guaranty Christmas delivery worldwide for all orders received no later than Tuesday December 20 PST
Nous garantissons la livraison pour Noël dans le monde entier jusqu'au mercredi 21 décembre 12H GMT
Garantizamos la entrega para Navidad en el mundo entero hasta el miércoles 21 de Didiembre a las 12H GMT
Today, March 8th, is Women's Day and we double the amount of chocolate on all orders placed by female customers.
Aujourd'hui c'est la journée de la Femme et nous doublons la quantité de chocolat sur toutes les commandes de nos clientes.
Hoy es el Día de la Mujer y doblamos la cantidad de chocolate en todos los pedidos de nuestras clientes.

Refilling a box


Refilling a box of chocolates

fits snugglyGiving you the opportunity to go the extra mile is part of what sets zChocolat apart.  If your gift recipient appreciated your recent gift of fine chocolates, then a refill package including their favorite flavors may be the perfect way to extend the moment while reiterating how much you truly value them. Our assortments are tailored to fit snugly inside any wooden zChocolat box. Best of all, they cost less than purchasing a new gift box containing the same chocolates. Send a refill assortment to mark a birthday or anniversary, or as a special surprise.


An ingenious gift idea

how to refillBecause each of our wooden gift boxes is artfully designed to also act as a stylish keepsake, you have more options than ever to pamper the people who matter.  Rather than re-sending a whole new box, consider simply sending any chocolate assortment from our Assortment Collection to refill the box you recently sent.  Whether you choose something from our wide variety of pre-set assortments (traditional, dark, milk, etc.), or opt to take advantage of our unique Personalized Assortment (which allows you to handpick their individual favorite chocolates one-by-one), refreshing an existing box is a simple yet stunning way to show someone they’re on your mind.