alaune640The event

The Omyagué Salon is the eminent trade show for high-end business gifts in France. Over two thousand gift buyers representing businesses from around the globe attended this year’s event on the September 24th and 25th in Paris. A much anticipated tradition follows the event each year – the awarding of the Trophies Omyagué. After two days of intensive product testing and booth viewings, attendees vote for the five vendors offering the most innovative product and most compelling exhibit. With over 85 of most luxurious, established French brands competing for five coveted Trophies, receiving one is truly a newsworthy. We had done Omyagué 10 years ago, and I do not want to say that we are a new comer to the luxury world.


The venue

Opera Garnier, Madeleine and Vendôme squares are the three exclusive Paris landmarks representing the three corners of a golden triangle within which Potel & Chabot decided to give a new birth to the art of hosting social events. The “Pavillon Cambon Capucines” is one of these rare places where marble, glass and wood are elegantly married and where the heritage of the past ideally mingles with contemporary creation.


The exhibit

thomas_adria16x9Omyagué represents our first “offline” endeavor (we have been 100% online since inception); to honor the occasion we created a chic, modern corner store where visitors could taste zChocolates, view our product line and see the extensive options for customizing gifts. In short, this was the first time we have had the opportunity to personally familiarize potential customers with our brand, services and philosophy.


The team

team16x9From left to right, Marc Segard (CFO), Gaelle Caffet-Viardot (Project Manager for Pascal Caffet), Jean-Philippe Khodara (Founder & CEO), Thomas Evrard (Director of logistics), Adria Higdon (Head of sales) and Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier.


The display

boites640We showcased our new Holiday Collection, institutional zBox Collection and Mahogany Collection.


The chocolates

chocos16x9From our collection of 26 award winning chocolates, we designated 6 for tastings: three variations of our flagship chocolate, the Z chocolate (dark, milk and white couverture) – as well as number 0 for praliné addicts, number 5 for lovers off dark ganaches and number 11 for those enjoying raspberry ganaches. Although all six received rave reviews, our Z chocolate was clearly the crown favorite.


The winner

trophee640The consensus is in. Out of the 85 brands present at the tradeshow, zChocolat earned one of the five coveted trophies (#3). Of the 2,000 attendees, 1050 casted votes and 620 chose zChocolat for most innovative and fashionable product. Corporate gift purchasers expressed astonishment at the quality of our chocolates, our imaginative packaging and our attention to detail. Our resounding take away from the event (besides the trophy and the gift orders) – extending our unique offerings into the “brick and mortar” world is essential because it allows people to more fully experience the subtlety and aesthetics of our products and more readily grasp the breadth of our services.