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    Cette semaine, nous vous offrons un chocolat Z recouvert à la main d’une feuille d’or 24 carats pour toute commande de chocolats.
    Esta semana, ofrecemos un chocolate Z recubierto a mano de una hoja de oro 24 quilates con cada pedido de chocolates.

    Top 10 of the most expensive chocolates

    Do you dream of getting to know the most expensive chocolates in the world? Did you know that some of these chocolates can be found on this site? Here is our list of the most expensive chocolate delicacies but you will also know why such a price.

    Why are our chocolates so expensive?

    You are probably amazed by the price of our chocolates. This is due to several factors. First of all the delicacies we sell are produced in non-industrial quantities by a workshop of chocolate craftsmen. If you’re used to relying on prices in supermarkets, you’re a long way from the reality of a quality, refined dish.

    Indeed, our recipes are elaborated by the world champion in this field: Pascal Caffet, who conceives recipes exclusive to our brand based on surprising blends and unique in the world. These chocolates, which are expensive, are especially expensive because of the choice of ingredients: we favour the high quality of these rather than having a low price. For example: hazelnuts from Piedmont, Vanilla Bourbon, dark chocolate from Venezuela… that we have had selected and tasted by the best specialists.

    Finally, the price also includes all the French know-how in terms of gift and service. We are the only ones to develop engraved and ultra-personalized wooden boxes to make a luxury gift. Our shop was voted best chocolate store and rated 9.7/10 by our customers on Trustpilot!

    Buying our products at a higher price is already another chocolate experience!


    Our top 10 list of the most expensive chocolates

    To make an exceptional gift and impress your recipient or to share the best chocolate delicacies in the world, here is our best choice to find on our online offer:

    1-The box of “Imperial” chocolates

    expensive chocolates

    It is the most expensive product of the whole site and it is not for nothing because this luxury box contains 28 assortments of our best delicacies! An ideal gift to share all the refinement of French premium chocolate.

    its price: $2,379.29

    2-Set of chocolate bars “Z Bars”


    Decorate a buffet with a large reception or treat your friends and family with the best chocolate bar in the world! This pack of 100 chocolate bars is a must for a touch of refinement of a great event.

    its price: 784.43$

    3-The “Jade” Mahogany Chocolate Set

    expensive chocolates

    It is the most prestigious wooden box that you can have engraved and personalized with your recipient’s image. It contains our 12 best chocolate assortments and represents our historical know-how in this field.

    its price: 658.75$

    4-The “Ambrosia” box set.

    expensive chocolates

    A sublime box of chocolates with 8 assortments arranged in drawers. A must to discover absolutely

    its price: 649.83$

    5-The heart of golden chocolate

    expensive chocolates

    A 235 gram giant chocolate heart covered with 22 24-carat gold leaves. An ideal gift to symbolize love for your half.

    its price: 594.81$

    6-Set of “rainbow” chocolate assortments


    14 assortments of our best recipes representing more than 2kg of premium chocolates! Distribute around you or enjoy throughout the year.

    its price: 522.94$

    7-The “precious gold” chocolate diamond.


    A huge 300-gram diamond-shaped chocolate, also covered with 24-carat gold leaves. A refined dish that will impress, for example for a wedding proposal.

    its price: 505.59$

    8-The Grand Z Chocolate Trio

    expensive chocolates

    This trio of large-format chocolates includes three majestic pieces: The Grand Chocolate Z (335g), fruit of the marriage of a vanilla caramel with flower of salt and a crunchy praline with hazelnuts of Piedmont; a Grand Z Z Nuggets (300g), a crispy mixture of Valencian almonds in roasted sticks and milk chocolate 40% Côte d’ Ivoire and a Grand Z Millefeuille (340g), in successive layers of hazelnut praline with crumbs of pancakes lace and dark chocolate to 70% of Venezuela,

    its price: 446.10$

    9-The giant chocolate “Big Z”

    expensive chocolates gold

    The emblematic chocolate of the “Z” shape in large size, gilded with fine gold for a luxury and gourmet gift.

    its price: 416.36$

    10-The chocolate boxes “Jade 6″


    The selection of the famous Jade wooden box, handmade in small format. But the chocolates in it are just as tasty.

    its price: 376.21$


    Where to buy these expensive (but delicious) chocolates?

    You can find these sublime gourmet delights at these addresses:

    • In our Hong Kong store
    • In our Dubai awning
    • In our factory store in Forcalquier

    Or simply on our online store


    What are the recipes of these chocolates, among the most expensive in the world?

    Our shop has 26 different recipes of which all the ingredients and compositions are explained here. You will find details on our 3 main chocolate families: dark, milk and white chocolate.

    Where can these chocolates of such a price be delivered?

    You can imagine that such prestigious chocolates cannot be sent in a package. Our boxes and assortments are carefully protected by special foams against shocks and shipping in hot countries is possible thanks to the use of insulated parcels. The shipment is made the same day of our service for an ultra-fast shipping worldwide.

    Thanks to our know-how, you can ship your chocolates at a substantial price to countries as diverse as..:

    The USA
    The Philippines
    South Africa

    … and hundreds of other countries around the globe.

    You will then understand why you have to pay a certain amount of money for this quality, you are far from wholesale chocolate or chocolate gift baskets!