Celebrate the return of spring with the re-release of our special-edition Easter pralines. A delightful combination of crushed, caramelized hazelnuts and luxurious French chocolate available in variety of different packaging options, they’re sure to bring smiles to any seasonal occasion. Like all zChocolat products, our Easter chocolates are exceptional in every way. Here are some of the special details that set this particular collection apart.


Premium Hazelnuts for Praline Perfection

noisettes_closeupThis collection is the perfect opportunity to discover why the phrase Nocciola del Piemonte is an internationally protected term limited to hazelnuts harvested from a particular corner of Italy.  Hailing from a region renowned for its towering mountains and massive glaciers, as well as for its stunning wines, Piedmont hazelnuts are beloved for their shape, aroma, and texture, making them one of the most sought-after varieties in the world. Grown under strict agricultural regulations, they have a reputation for retaining their flavor better when roasted than other hazelnuts. They also offer exceptional health benefits.  Like premium olive oils, they are rich in monounsaturated fats and are filled with essential amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and limits.  With so many reasons to love them, it’s no wonder Piedmont hazelnuts are the star ingredient in our signature pralines.


Ancestral Techniques

Impeccable ingredients are only the beginning, though. Following time-honored techniques, these hazelnuts are slow-roasted in small batches for hours before being meticulously caramelized and carefully crushed to create our candy’s famous sweet center. The result is a finely textured filling with unforgettable flavor.




Uncompromising Couvertures

Each friture is formed from a solid piece of chocolate “couverture”–a high quality form of chocolate that is also used to coat the hazelnut core of each Easter praline.  A high percentage of pure cocoa butter and a rigorous tempering process gives couverture chocolate an added sheen, satisfying breakability, and rich mellow flavor. Because of its importance, every zChocolat confection relies on pure, single-origin cocoa to make the couverture. For the Easter collection we’ve incorporated a number of different couvertures. The 70% cocoa from Venezuela and Madagascar, where Venezuelan cocoa reveal a rounded and delicate aroma and offer a lasting aftertaste while cocoa from Madagascar boast a signature flavor marked by slightly tart, yet fine notes. The 40% cocoa from fermented Forastero Ivory Coast cocoa beans blends together with milk and sugar for a sweetly balanced finish in our milk chocolate couvertures. Read more about our couvertures here.


Premier Packaging Options


Whether you’re looking to surprise a friend, feather a child’s Easter basket, or impress a sweetheart, you’re sure to find a fitting option in this year’s Easter Collection. To accommodate a full range of occasions and budgets, we’ve made our famous pralines, eggs and fritures available in wide range of different packaging. Choose from our standard assortment box, an elegant assortment Trio, a lavish 0.55lb praliné egg or a luxurious mahogany box to create a gift that will be treasured for its presentation as well as its contents.



Ester z eggThis year, discover our 0.55lb praliné Easter Egg which honors one of the most celebrated Paschal symbols and traditions that transcend geographical regions and religions. Just for the season, World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet traded his toque blanche for an Easter regalia to reinvent this remarkable Easter recipe. With over half-a-pound of gastronomic goodness, this sweetest symbol of springtime is meant to be shared among loved ones to celebrate life this Eastertide.


Traditional French Shapes

diamant_ouvert_fFinally, lift the lid on any member of this collection to reveal something else remarkable.  Rather than rows of conventionally-cut chocolates, each of our Easter boxes is brimming with miniature seashells, eggs, chickens, crabs, fish, bunnies, and more, all rendered in delightful detail.  Welcome to the world of French friture.  A long-standing European custom, friture are chocolates and sweets molded into classic symbols of Christianity.  References to scriptural tales of the sea mingle with more typical springtime tokens to create a meaningful menagerie that perfectly captures the spirit of the season.


Before They’re Gone

timingFrom the first glance to the last bite, every aspect of the Easter Collection is a compelling invitation to indulge in the simple joys of spring. But just like spring predictably shifts into summer, this limited edition collection won’t last forever. To guarantee your selection arrives in time for Easter, we recommend selecting April 2nd as your delivery date, especially as not all locations can accommodate Sunday delivery.


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