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Located at the City Walk in Dubai, UAE Boutique Le Chocolat



Since opening in 1999, we have built our reputation on incomparably decadent French chocolates available exclusively through our website,  The new storefront location at the City Walk Mall is a natural extension of zChocolat’s online presence, offering a new way for individuals in the GCC to experience the innovative recipes and sophisticated packaging that have made zChocolat a globally-renowned source for luxury gourmet chocolate gifts.



The zChocolat counter offers a rare opportunity for consumers to both view and indulge in zChocolat’s impressive product line simultaneously.  With best-sellers from our signature numbered collection recipes showcased in pristine rows and elegant packaging options on display, visitors are invited to discover their own favorites through real-time purchases. Classic zChocolat products, such as zBox, Mahogany, and Chameleon boxes, are currently available. Additional products, including the Gold Collection, along with in-store customization, will be available in the near future.



Le Chocolat is a 13,000 square foot dream-come-true for chocolate-lovers, located at City Walk Mall – the all new “ultra ultra luxury” mall in Dubai, UAE. zChocolat is one of 28 high-end chocolate brands from around the world invited to showcase their products at individual boutiques beneath the Boutique Le Chocolat umbrella.



A mannequin poses nonchalantly near a boutique entrance, dressed only in layers of carefully sculpted chocolate. With the rich aroma of warm chocolate wafting through the air and elegant marquees announcing the world’s most celebrated chocolate brands, every aspect of Boutique Le Chocolat exudes the kind of luxury epitomized by zChocolat. And for anyone devoted to discovering truly exceptional chocolate, it’s a pilgrimage-worthy destination.


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Because of its strategic location and reputation for providing ultra-elite shopping experiences, the storefront at City Walk Mall represents a natural extension of the online zChocolat brand and an exciting new way for gourmands around the world to experience French chocolate at its finest.


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