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Experience the entire symphony of zChocolat flavors in a single stunning product. Known simply as Rainbow, it’s the only product that brings together all fourteen of our chocolate & delicacies assortments in one place, making it an unparalleled celebration of zChocolat goodness.

Rainbow comes packaged in a pair of beautiful white boxes. First, explore the Chocolate box. A complete set of our famous chocolate assortments, it’s an invitation to indulge in seven different arrangements of our trademark recipes, ranging from the classic to the unexpected. After that, delve into the delicacies box.  From our decadent Chocamandines to our playful Pépites it’s the definitive way to explore all of our signature sweets.

With Rainbow we’ve eliminated the need to settle for just a few of our flavors to enjoy. It’s the ultimate product for those seeking to immerse themselves in the very best of fine French chocolate-making.

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Available April 14th 2020
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