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This Christmas, luxuriate in a delicious treat with our new Tea & Chocolate zBox 45. Begin your cool morning with a sip from a cup of hot and re-energizing black velvet chocolate treat. Follow our special recipe that comes with your zBox and prepare your own drink with dark chocolate pastilles made from 70% Venezuela and Madagascar blended couverture, which pairs perfectly with our Exotic assortment. Then, end your day with our Chinese black tea, Crépuscule, for a taste of cinnamon bits, cloves, green cardamom, pink bay, ginger, coriander, sweet apple bits and orange wedges, which pairs perfectly with our Traditional assortment. Whether sipped hot or ice-cold, both healthy, antioxidant-giving drinks that help fight free radicals are best enjoyed with two Dark ZBars, one Milk ZBar, and one each of the Traditional and Exotic assortments that come with the white and blue regal gift box ornamented with the historical symbol of Christmas, the fertile and lucky branch from the evergreen holly tree.

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