• Ramadan Gift Boxes

    Ramadan starts April 13 to May 12. Perfect for sharing with family and friends, this distinctive seasonal collection features our as-always alcohol-free, animal fat-free recipes packaged in mahogany gift boxes decorated with the lantern and crescent Arabic symbol inlaid on the lid and the "Ramadan Kareem" calligraphy inside. Each box is a culinary celebration of one of the calendar’s most meaningful occasions with the world’s finest French chocolates.

  • My Birthday Chocolates

    Shower family members, friends, or colleagues with succulent sweetness on their special day with a dramatic display of your thoughtfulness and flair. Customize each gift by having their names elegantly engraved on the box or their initials or age stamped on the classy dark wax seal. Your gift will make beautiful birthday memories last forever.

  • Divine Romantic Gifts

    Fan the flames of abiding passion with a provocative collection featuring intriguing recipes and unexpectedly decadent flavors. Polished heart-shaped exteriors give way to reveal tempting fillings that embody the excitement, mystery, and enchantment of true love. With sophisticated packaging and unparalleled epicurean panache, each gift captures the inherent allure of France's finest chocolate and is an unforgettable way to say “je t’aime”.

  • Z Antidote

    Chocolate is Z antidote, the perfect anti-stress, it brings happiness into homes. Distant but not disconnected, your family, friends, and colleagues deserve our 100% natural, 100% ethic, appetizing antidote. Surprise them with the perfect gift that heals. Our resourceful survival kits, daintily decorated boxes, and uplifting assortments of exquisite French Z chocolates will boost their immune system, their memory, their performance, their sleep, their concentration while drawing a timeless smile on their faces.

  • The Kingdom of Emotions

    Our Emotions Collection elegantly evokes nine natural feelings through perfectly paired chocolate assortments wrapped in amazingly artistic and vibrant boxes with rainbow of emotions. Every box reveals one quintessential quote from an author, philosopher, world leader, or icon of each emotion. Transform every moment into a beautiful, blissful, and breathtaking experience while exploring a delectable way of harnessing the power of Happiness, Gratitude, Perseverance, Achievement, Kindness, Love, Serenity, Forgiveness, and Well-being.

  • Mom, I Love You

    Mother’s Day is May 9th in the United States. Send love to your mom (“maman” in French) with a gift as singularly special as she is: mouth-watering, handmade French chocolates, carefully crafted by World Champion chocolatier Pascal Caffet to express heartfelt affection and deep-rooted gratitude. This is the perfect opportunity to recognize the woman who has always been in your heart.

  • Business Gifts

    With over 5,000 corporate customers in 88 countries, we at zChocolat realize how crucial business gift giving is for affirming established relationships and cultivating new ones. We offer sophisticated alternatives to traditional corporate gift baskets and deliver to 244 countries by DHL Express.


Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier has created 26 exquisite chocolate recipes exclusively for zChocolat. Our combined expertise and experience have resulted in worldwide availability of the finest French chocolates in the world. This collection combines Pascal Caffet’s expertise in chocolate making with 20 years of meticulous chocolate tasting. The result is an unequaled repertoire of 100% natural edible masterpieces made of the finest cocoa and freshest local ingredients, low in sugar, with no preservatives, no alcohol, no coloring and 100% pure cocoa butter.