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Valentine's Day Chocolates

This Valentine’s Day, February 14th why not give the love of your life the world's best chocolates. With romantic and elegant gifts that can easily be personalized, the zChocolat Valentine's Day Collection brings together the best of French romance and sublime chocolate. Featuring fanciful creations like heart-shaped or gold covered chocolates, along with an added layer of rose petals when you open the box, there is no better way to show your love this Valentine's Day. 

Four tantalizingly tempting recipes in a single impossibly romantic selection. Offered at a special promotional price, this limited edition Valentine’s Day box is engraved with the words “Je t’aime” on the lid and arrives beautifully wrapped, ready to be opened. Inside, discover decadent dark ganache hidden beneath the...

Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • Surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s day with six of our most romantic recipes Enjoy four delectable creations from the numbered collection (the ever-famous Z chocolate: a combination of a crunchy praliné with sweet and salty caramel, number 0: a slow roasted hazelnut almond praliné, number 1: a vanilla ganache infused with...

    Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • For Valentine's Day, give away the key to your heart with a delicious 12-piece chocolate heart assortment transpiring passion and fantasy as it reveals the Toquade: a delicious dark ganache cloaked in a white exterior, the Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, the Mystique: a Vanilla Bourbon caramel dressed in a dark couverture and the...

    Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • Paper hearts can’t compete with luxurious French chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Express your love with this romantic two-tiered selection featuring the bestselling 15-piece traditional assortment along with a 12-piece assortment of artisanal chocolate hearts. Chic packaging with a stylish key decoration on the lid adds even more allure,...

    Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • Make this Valentine’s Day shine with the decadently delicious and majestically magical Gold Opal. This stunning hand-crafted mahogany box is filled with two heart-shaped confections featuring fleur-de-sel caramel, surrounded by a rich Venezuelan dark cocoa couverture, and coated in 4 leaves of pure 24-karat edible gold. Dazzling in every way,...

    Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • Express fondness and affection with fantasy-inspiring chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Featuring our most romantic assortment in a beautifully polished mahogany wood box, it’s a luxurious way to enjoy four of Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet’s most daring recipes, including the Toquade (a delicious dark ganache cloaked in a white...

    Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • Valentine’s Day demands something special, and this stunning mahogany wood box delivers. Featuring both an ultra-romantic 12-heart assortment and the always-spectacular 15-piece traditional assortment, it’s a gourmet gift guaranteed to melt hearts and make memories.

    Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • Make it a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day ever with this impressive half-pound chocolate heart. Crafted from silky Venezuelan dark chocolate filled with our signature Piedmont hazelnut praline, then packaged in an elegantly adorned mahogany wood box, it’s proof positive that nothing rivals French romance.

    Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • Take Valentine’s Day to the next level with this dramatic 3-drawer mahogany chest filled with four layers of France’s finest chocolates. Complete with 12 colorful chocolate hearts plus 45 of our most requested recipes, it’s a decidedly delicious way to make the most of love’s signature holiday.

    Availability date: January 07th 2019
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with romance’s most luxurious box. Packaged in a handmade, finger-joint assembled, mahogany chest, the Valentine’s Day Ambrosia includes 90 chocolates from the acclaimed Numbered Collection plus 24 chocolate hearts featuring inspired fillings and decadent single-origin cocoas. The ultimate tribute to the...

    Availability date: January 07th 2019

This is the ultimate and most spectacular chocolate box in our collection. The season’s most lavish selection, it includes an astounding 28 assortments packaged together in a single stylishly chic lacquered wood box. An epic opportunity to experience the full range of zChocolat’s famous cocoa creations in a single sensational presentation,...

Availability date: January 07th 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019: Say I Love You with a Beautiful Box of Chocolates

As the single most romantic date on the calendar, February 14 is a celebration centered around lovers and sweethearts. Learn more about this special day and why it’s the perfect excuse for sharing chocolates with someone special. Handcrafted wooden boxes, luxury packaging, message cards perfect for writing your personal love note. Valentine's Day is only a few days away. And now that you have your outfit, program and beauty accessories, it's time to move on to more important things. We're talking about chocolate, of course! Instead of getting yourself an old box of chocolates this year, and instead of thinking about tinkering with homemade sweets that you might miss, why not impress him with something more special? We're not talking about Valentine's Day goodies here, but fine food to match your love for the recipient.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day? (History and Origins)

The history of Valentine’s day stretches back to the 15th century in the United Kingdom. Timed to align with the breeding season for birds, it isn’t surprising that couples still use the euphemism “birds and the bees” to refer to romance. As the traditions associated with Valentine’s Day spread west, they became increasingly popular, spurred on by the work of poets such as Othon and charles d’Orleans

Who Was St. Valentines?

While the myths of many different men may be wrapped up in the modern identity of St. Valentines, the most common story is that of a temple priest more formally known as Valentin de Terni. Supposedly beheaded for by the Emperor Claudius II on the outskirts of Rome on February 14 for helping Christian couples to wed, he has been the patron saint of lovers since the late 1400’s.

Modern Valentine’s Day

The holiday of Valentine’s Day as it is currently celebrated, however, can really be traced to the 19th century United States. Emphasized in advertisements from greeting card companies and candy manufacturers, the day has become a favorite opportunity for couples to exchange gifts and expressions of love. Candle lit dinners, red roses, candy hearts, and, of course, chocolates, have all become characteristic parts of those celebrations.

Why Give Chocolates on Valentine’s Day?

Since the time of the Aztec Indians, chocolate has been considered “a food of the gods.” Long recognized as an aphrodisiac, it has been associated with passion and romance for centuries. Inherently indulgent and initially considered exotic by Western cultures, it quickly became the perfect gift to symbolize luxury, attraction, deep love, and sensuality. Especially when accompanied by other traditional gifts such as flowers, wine, or perfume, chocolates are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Who Can Give Chocolates? (Can Women Give Chocolates on Valentine’s Day?)

Valentine’s traditions vary around the world. While in some regions the exchange of gifts and sweet words is limited to men and women in romantic relationships, in other cultures it isn’t uncommon to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to family members or even friends, similar to greetings for other holidays such as New Year’s Day. Especially in Western cultures, traditional stereotypes that limited chocolate gifting to men are shifting and it is increasingly common for women to give chocolates to both their significant others as well as other friends and family members. In Asia, other traditions exist. For example, in Japan local customs dictate that it is women who typically offer gifts, especially chocolates, to men on February 14. Men are typically expected to then reciprocate with white chocolates one month later on March 14, also known as “White Day.”

Romantic Holidays Around the World

While Valentine’s Day is celebrated in some unlikely places, including in the Maghreb where it even associated with the familiar roses and chocolates (although it goes by the name “Aid el hob”), in other countries there are completely unique holidays that celebrate love. For example:

  • Catalonia -- La Sant Jordi (23 April)
  • Colombia -- Dia del amor y amistad (end of September)
  • Brazil -- Dia dos namorados (12 June)
  • Iran -- Sepandarmazgan (18 February)

Foods that Pair Well with Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Chocolates are far from the only romantic food and their sensual nature is easily heightened by the addition of other carefully thought out edibles. Fresh fruit pairs particularly well with chocolates and it’s no wonder items like chocolate-dipped strawberries, jewel-toned raspberries, glistening grapes and exotic fruits like mangoes and pineapple are go-to options for lovers planning their Valentine’s Day menu. Besides fruit, elegant main dishes like filet mignon, spaghetti, or lobster are other romantic favorites. And, of course, a well-selected wine is an obvious choice for any Valentine’s Day celebration.

Looking for ways to incorporate even more chocolate into your celebration?

For true chocolate lovers, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate fondue, chocolate pie, and chocolate cookies or biscuits are exceptional ways to add even more chocolate delight to your special day.

The Best Kinds of Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Everyone is familiar with the traditional heart-shaped box of Valentine’s chocolates, but there are many other popular options. Personalized boxes, assortments, chocolate bars, chocolate roses, and chocolate tablets are all well-loved and come in a variety of price points. Ultimately, what is more important than choosing the shape of chocolates to be given is to consider the quality of the chocolates to be offered. Premium chocolates featuring high quality ingredients are much more likely to be appreciated than cheap grocery store chocolates no matter how fancy the packaging.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Waiting until the last minute to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift is risky. And simply picking up a package of chocolates next to the cash register on the way home almost certainly guarantees the gift will be of disappointing quality and unmemorable overall. zChocolat makes it easy to select gourmet chocolate gifts that are sure to make an impression even when there isn’t much time. Thanks to guaranteed delivery by DHL Express, your sweetheart can enjoy ultra-personalized, high quality French chocolates from Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet even if there’s only a couple of days left until Valentine’s Day.

Send Chocolates Internationally

Even if your loved one lives oceans away, zChocolat makes it easy to guarantee delivery by February 14th. With worldwide delivery to hundred countries, including major cities like New York, Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the world’s most delicious chocolates are only days away. And with special seasonal packaging and door-to-door delivery, your gift is guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition.

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