zbar collection  

A luxurious reinvention of a traditional favorite. The zBar collection features zChocolat's famously indulgent single-origin couvertures wrapped around world-renowned hazelnut praline from our signature collection to create the world's best chocolate bar.  

zbar collection
  • Silky Venezuelan dark chocolate surrounds layers of sandy hazelnut praline and crumbly cookie filling to create the world’s most exceptional chocolate bar. Whether nibbled one section at a time or savored all at once, it’s a day-brightening way to enjoy zChocolat’s most-beloved flavors.  

  • Sandy praline and crunchy cookie are drenched in smooth West African milk chocolate to make an unparalleled chocolate bar that is as equally well-suited for sharing on special occasions as it is for satisfying a casual craving. 

  • A triple serving of fantastic taste sure to elevate even ordinary snacking moments into memorable culinary occasions. Receive three of our exceptional chocolate bars featuring luscious milk chocolate and slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnut praline and always be prepared with the unparalleled flavors of France’s finest chocolate.  

  • Enjoy three times as much of the decadent dark chocolate and world-renowned hazelnut praline that have made zChocolat the preferred choice of discerning palates in more than 179 countries.

  • Forget the flowers and pamper someone special with enough gourmet chocolate bars to make a delectable bouquet. Crafted from creamy milk chocolate and filled with all-natural hazelnut praline and crumbly cookie, it’s ten luxurious bars of Europe’s best-loved chocolate.

  • Experience ten of the world’s most luxurious chocolate bars in a single order. Made with pure single-origin Venezuelan cocoa and filled with luscious layers of crisp cookie and flavorful hazelnut praline, they’re perfect as party favors, basket fillers, and present toppers.

  • Treat family, friends, and associates to the incomparable taste of fine French chocolate with 25 of our creamy Milk zBars. Perfectly sized for sharing, it’s a gourmet way to express appreciation or encourage continued goodwill.  

  • Reward teamwork well-done with the rich flavors of France’s most beloved chocolatier. Complete with 25 of our ultra-indulgent Dark zBars, it’s perfect for sharing with co-workers, classmates, or anyone else who deserves a little more luxury in their life.  

  • The world’s most beloved chocolate transformed into an unbelievably luxurious bar. Enjoy 50 Milk zBars featuring single-origin cocoa surrounding our famous hazelnut praline and a satisfyingly crunchy cookie center, ideal for elevating any occasion.

  • All-natural ingredients, decadent single-origin cocoa, and time-tested techniques come together to create a chocolate bar experience unlike any other.  Receive 50 Dark Z Bars and discover why every day deserves a little extra indulgence.  

  • A revolutionary reimagining of a timeless favorite, the Milk zBar brings together zChocolat’s luxurious single-origin milk chocolate and world-famous hazelnut praline to create the world’s most craveable chocolate bar. Whether used as wedding favors, gift-toppers, or corporate thank-you, 100 Milk zBars is the perfect way to be prepared for any...

  • Always have plenty of France’s most sought-after chocolate bar on hand with 100 Dark zBars. An unforgettable addition to tradeshows, large-group gatherings, or other special events, it’s a delightfully indulgent gift that’s sure to make an impression.