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ZBar : the best chocolate bar in the world 

Introducing the world’s most luxurious chocolate bars.  zChocolat’s unparalleled Piedmont hazelnut praline is layered alongside a satisfyingly crunchy cookie center and decadently drenched in a coat of our signature single-origin cocoa couvertures to create an unforgettably flavorful indulgence.  The ZBar is being offered as single bars or in groups of 2, 3, 9, 20 or 40 bars.  

French Bronze medal for best milk chocolate praline 2018International silver medal for best nut-based milk chocolate praline 2018

The Heavenly Z Chocolate Bar

Featuring both the unmistakably rich Dark ZBar and delightfully smooth Milk ZBar, the Duo ZBar is a double-indulgence of zChocolat’s best-loved flavors presented in chocolate’s most classic form.

  • Silky Venezuelan-Madagascan blend dark chocolate surrounds layers of sandy hazelnut praline and crumbly cookie filling to create the world’s most exceptional chocolate bar. Whether nibbled one section at a time or savored all at once, it’s a day-brightening way to enjoy zChocolat’s most-beloved flavors.  

  • Sandy praline and crunchy cookie are drenched in smooth West African milk chocolate to make an unparalleled chocolate bar that is as equally well-suited for sharing on special occasions as it is for satisfying a casual craving. 

  • Forget the flowers and pamper someone special with enough gourmet chocolate bars to make a delectable bouquet. Crafted from creamy milk chocolate and filled with all-natural hazelnut praline and crumbly cookie, it’s ten luxurious bars of Europe’s best-loved chocolate.

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  • Experience ten of the world’s most luxurious chocolate bars in a single order. Made with Venezuelan-Madagascan blend cocoa and filled with luscious layers of crisp cookie and flavorful hazelnut praline, they’re perfect as party favors, basket fillers, and present toppers.

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  • Reward teamwork well-done with the rich flavors of France’s most beloved chocolatier. Complete with 20 of our ultra-indulgent Dark ZBars, it’s perfect for sharing with co-workers, classmates, or anyone else who deserves a little more luxury in their life.  

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  • Treat family, friends, and associates to the incomparable taste of fine French chocolate with 20 of our creamy Milk ZBars. Perfectly sized for sharing, it’s a gourmet way to express appreciation or encourage continued goodwill.  

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  • The world’s most beloved chocolate transformed into an unbelievably luxurious bar. Enjoy 20 Dark & 20 Milk ZBars featuring single-origin cocoa surrounding our famous hazelnut praline and a satisfyingly crunchy cookie center, ideal for elevating any occasion. All-natural ingredients, decadent single-origin cocoa, and time-tested techniques come...

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      Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier has created 26 exquisite chocolate recipes exclusively for zChocolat. Our combined expertise and experience have resulted in worldwide availability of the finest French chocolates in the world. This collection combines Pascal Caffet’s expertise in chocolate making with 20 years of meticulous chocolate tasting. The result is an unequaled repertoire of 100% natural edible masterpieces made of the finest cocoa and freshest local ingredients, low in sugar, with no preservatives, no alcohol, no coloring and 100% pure cocoa butter.