ZBar : the best chocolate bar in the world 

Introducing the world’s most luxurious chocolate bars.  zChocolat’s unparalleled Piedmont hazelnut praline is layered alongside a satisfyingly crunchy cookie center and decadently drenched in a coat of our signature single-origin cocoa couvertures to create an unforgettably flavorful indulgence.  The ZBar is being offered as single bars or in groups of 2, 3, 9, 20 or 40 bars.  

French Bronze medal for best milk chocolate praline 2018International silver medal for best nut-based milk chocolate praline 2018

The Heavenly Z Chocolate Bar

Featuring both the unmistakably rich Dark ZBar and delightfully smooth Milk ZBar, the Duo ZBar is a double-indulgence of zChocolat’s best-loved flavors presented in chocolate’s most classic form.

  • Silky Venezuelan-Madagascan blend dark chocolate surrounds layers of sandy hazelnut praline and crumbly cookie filling to create the world’s most exceptional chocolate bar. Whether nibbled one section at a time or savored all at once, it’s a day-brightening way to enjoy zChocolat’s most-beloved flavors.  

  • Sandy praline and crunchy cookie are drenched in smooth West African milk chocolate to make an unparalleled chocolate bar that is as equally well-suited for sharing on special occasions as it is for satisfying a casual craving. 

  • A triple serving of fantastic taste sure to elevate even ordinary snacking moments into memorable culinary occasions. Receive three of our exceptional chocolate bars featuring luscious milk chocolate and slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnut praline and always be prepared with the unparalleled flavors of France’s finest chocolate.  

  • Enjoy three times as much of the decadent dark chocolate and world-renowned hazelnut praline that have made zChocolat the preferred choice of discerning palates in more than 179 countries.

  • Forget the flowers and pamper someone special with enough gourmet chocolate bars to make a delectable bouquet. Crafted from creamy milk chocolate and filled with all-natural hazelnut praline and crumbly cookie, it’s ten luxurious bars of Europe’s best-loved chocolate.

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  • Experience ten of the world’s most luxurious chocolate bars in a single order. Made with Venezuelan-Madagascan blend cocoa and filled with luscious layers of crisp cookie and flavorful hazelnut praline, they’re perfect as party favors, basket fillers, and present toppers.

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  • Treat family, friends, and associates to the incomparable taste of fine French chocolate with 20 of our creamy Milk ZBars. Perfectly sized for sharing, it’s a gourmet way to express appreciation or encourage continued goodwill.  

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  • Reward teamwork well-done with the rich flavors of France’s most beloved chocolatier. Complete with 20 of our ultra-indulgent Dark ZBars, it’s perfect for sharing with co-workers, classmates, or anyone else who deserves a little more luxury in their life.  

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  • The world’s most beloved chocolate transformed into an unbelievably luxurious bar. Enjoy 20 Dark & 20 Milk ZBars featuring single-origin cocoa surrounding our famous hazelnut praline and a satisfyingly crunchy cookie center, ideal for elevating any occasion. All-natural ingredients, decadent single-origin cocoa, and time-tested techniques come...

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      A chocolate bar that you won't find anywhere else, the best of its kind! The ZBar is the premium gift idea with an unusually low price making it he perfect way to discover the world of the best chocolate in the world.

      Presentation of the "Z" chocolate bar

      In our opinion, this is the best chocolate bar in the world. It exists in 2 versions: dark chocolate from Venezuela and milk chocolate. A truly luxuriousdelicacy, this chocolate coated bar plays on the difference in textures for the perfect blend of smooth ans crisp. With its premium chocolate, hazelnut praline and almond crunch, this chocolate bar is the best in the industry.

      An excellent recipe for this chocolate bar

      Far from what you can find in typical grocery store bars, the ZBar is an exceptional chocolate creation made from our finest ingredients.  It features a distinctive flavor that stands out even among other artisan chocolate bars.

      zChocolat offers you the best chocolate bar brand in the world

      YThe mots delicious chocolate bar on the planet is the perfect thing to either to delight your loved ones or to enjoy a little personal indulgence. Ordered either as a single unit to sample a small corner of the universe of luxury chocolate, or in scaled up quantities to share with your family, friends, work colleagues, employees...

      These bars can be delivered to almost all the countries of the world within just a few days thanks to our close partnership with DHL. Our bars are dispatched the same day and protected from transport via parceles specially created for this purpose.

      History of the chocolate bar

      The term "chocolate bar" is rather French, whereas the term "chocolat bar" is more particularly French-Canadian. The term "chocolate bar" is often used to designate plates of this pure dish (sometimes with other dishes such as nuts, hazelnuts, fruit etc.), but the name is also used to describe some chocolate confectionery of long lines.

      Some consumers prefer a "homemade" or home-made production, trying to re-create recipes known in the trade, which also allows them to control the nature of the ingredients and avoid food additives.

      Chocolate bars and bars manufactured industrially by the agri-food sector are generally classified as "junk food", mainly because they are often enriched with sugars, palm oil in saturated fatty acids and fats, which are often involved in certain health problems. You won't have to worry about quality with our chocolate bar recipes, which contain none of these ingredients.

      Who invented the chocolate bar?

      The inventor of "eadible chocolate" is unknown, but in 1847 Joseph Fry discovered a way of mixing cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa to create a paste that could be pressed into a mould. The resulting Bar was a success. People liked to eat chocolate as much as they drank it. The first chocolate bars were made of sweet and sour chocolate. Fry's Chocolate Factory, located in Bristol, began producing Fry's Chocolate Cream Bar in 1866.

      John Cadbury created a similar product in 1849, but by today's standards neither Fry nor Cadbury's original sweet and sour chocolate bars would be considered very appetizing. Then in 1875, Henry Nestle, a manufacturer of evaporated milk, and Daniel Peter, a chocolate maker, created the tastiest milk chocolate.

      In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt began to add cocoa butter to the chocolate again, which gave him a bar that kept its soaked shape and melted on the tongue.

      At the Universal Exhibition in Chicago in 1893, chocolate machines made in Germany were exhibited. Milton S. Hershey installed the chocolate machines in his Lancaster factory and produced the first American milk chocolate bar in 1900. During this decade, more than 220 products were launched, including the first chocolate Easter egg in the United Kingdom in 1873 and Fry's Turkish Delight in 1914.

      Throughout the late 1890s and early 1900s, other people began mixing other ingredients to create new confectionery.  The spotlight especially turned to the chocolate bar during the First World War.

      It was at the beginning of the 20th century that the production of chocolate and chocolate bars grew most rapidly. In 1900, Hershey produced the first packaged chocolate bar, the Hershey bar, which is still produced. Many confectionery bars developed at that time still exist in a relatively unchanged form.

      In the first half of the 20th century, in the United States alone, 40,000 different chocolate bars appeared on the market and this decade was the culmination of the chocolate bar industry. Today, chocolate bars are made and consumed.