Chocolate Spreads 

This exceptional collection of traditional, handmade spreads crafted from finely crushed hazelnuts, almonds, and peanuts blended with creamy 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate make a meltingly soft accompaniment to bread, crêpes, pancakes, or waffles and will evoke warm memories of childhood. These guiltless spreads, 100% made in France from all-natural ingredients are very low in sugar and quite high in dry fruit & chocolate. They are simply some of the best chocolate spreads in the world.

Chocolate Spreads
  • Scrumptious Piedmont hazelnuts are roasted and caramelized, then finely crushed and blended with creamy 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate to create this splendid spread. Fifteen whole caramelized hazelnuts are gently folded into the mix to add a crunchy texture. 53% hazelnuts, 20% chocolate and only 27% sugar.

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Want to discover a chocolate spread of excellence that is a serious alternative to a famous Italian spread? It's not just a simple jar of chocolate spread, it's a high quality dish that you can even give as a gift and explain why.

Spread better than homemade recipe

One could imagine that making one's own version of the spread is to have an unusual taste? It is true that to make it in-house is the guarantee of knowing which ingredients are used for its composition. But our version includes high quality components that make our chocolate spread, a real luxury food to accompany your breakfasts, snacks or snacks. With the know-how of our chocolate makers, world champions, you will have the privilege of tasting one of the best spreads on the planet validated by the best Master Sommeliers! A high level above what you can do yourself at home.

How is the spread made and what are the ingredients?

Our range includes 3 recipes: hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds. The principle of chocolate paste is quite simple: chocolate melted with a fatty substance to keep it liquid and sugar. Ours is guaranteed without palm oil (replaced by cocoa butter).

The hazelnut recipe: It's a dough based on praline spreads. Made with delicious roasted and caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts, then finely ground and blended with 40% Côte d' Ivoire milk chocolate, it also conceals 15 caramelized whole hazelnuts for more delicacy and crispness. It contains 53% hazelnuts and 20% chocolate for only 27% sugar.

The peanut recipe: a blend of Chinese peanuts and roasted Valencia almonds, then caramelized with 40% Côte d' Ivoire milk chocolate, it marries the sweetness of chocolate with the smoothness of peanut butter. Presented in a box with a lid and topped by a thin piece of wood, it will undoubtedly seduce gourmets, young and old - all lovers of the famous "peanut butter" - with 34% chocolate, 29% almonds, 21% peanuts and only 16% sugar.

The almond recipe: This fruity praline is made with roasted and caramelized Valencian Spanish almonds, finely reduced and then mixed with a creamy 40% Côte d' Ivoire milk chocolate. Caramelized almond pieces are hidden in the spread to add a crispy touch. It contains 54% almonds, 25% chocolate and only 21% sugar.

Spread dough recipe ideas

Chocolate spread is ideal when used with pancakes, fresh breads, toast, doughnuts, waffles and other cakes. If you want to get into the kitchen there are many recipes available to have a more original use of chocolate spread. For example, you can find recipes to make Tiramisu, chocolate pizzas, coconut praline cakes, chocolate wraps, cupcake, club sandwich, soft sandwiches, rolled biscuits, macaroons, pies, speculos... the only limit is your imagination!

The best brand of spread spread, without palm oil: probably the one of zChocolat

Since palm oil has been authorised for use in most chocolate products, including spreads, few of which are hard to find. Our team is committed to having the highest quality in all our products, which is why we have remained focused on the use of high quality cocoa butter in the composition of our chocolate spreads.

A lighter chocolate paste for more flavour

In industrial products, fat and sugar are used en masse to mask the misery of taste. With ingredients as precious as those used in our chocolate paste recipes, there's no need to saturate it all with. The intensity of the flavour and the excellence of what makes up our spread is more than enough for a sensible use of these dishes.

What is the calorie value of our spreads?

According to the recipes, our different pasta varies between 549 and 570 kCal per 100 grams but with a sugar density almost half as high as in the other chocolate pasta (even bio) present on the market. One more reason to please food lovers.

Where does the spread come from? A bit of history

The most common recipe would come from a famous Italian chocolate brand. After the Second World War, there was a shortage of chocolate, cocoa beans were expensive, so the brand's idea was to use hazelnuts as a complement. An Italian pastry chef replaced cocoa with hazelnuts in the hills of Piedmont. Together with his brother, he creates a vegetable oil blend in which he adds hazelnuts and sugar as well as cocoa and skimmed milk powder to create a kind of chocolate bar.

Thanks to this success, the brothers developed and distributed their creations on an industrial scale by creating their own structure.

According to the legend of this brand, a scorching summer melted the chocolate bars. One of them had the idea to sell this chocolate in glass jars. The craze was rapid and they decided to add cocoa butter to keep the dough liquid and give it smoothness.

In 1958, a spread dough appeared in France, presented in tubes to be brought to picnics or holiday camps, and was very popular. But the Italian brand crushed everything in its path. It will take a long time to go around the world, especially to convince the Americans still very attached to the famous peanut butter.