Chinese New Year Chocolates Gifts 

Chinese New Year is Friday, February 16th. What finer way to welcome the Year of the Dog than with a symbol of sweetness carried throughout the ages? Designed in respect to ancestral traditions, exposing noble materials and a proud design, zChocolat has created a deeply symbolic collection. 

Chinese New Year Chocolate Gifts
  • Share the excitement of the new year with this festive assortment of our 15 most popular chocolates, decorated to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Whether transforming mere gatherings into enticing chocolate tasting events, refilling prior zChocolat keepsake boxes or as a new year party gift, this assortment is sure to confer a marvelous...

  • Chinese New Year is Friday February 16th. What finer way to welcome the Chinese New Year than with a symbol of sweetness carried throughout the ages? This vibrant and sophisticated 2018 limited-edition artisan-crafted chestnut wood box packed with 30 exquisite French chocolates handcrafted by World Champion French Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. A...

  • This vibrant and sophisticated 2018 limited-edition polished mahogany box packed with 45 exquisite French chocolates handcrafted by World Champion French Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. A perfect present to celebrate the Year of the Dog.

The perfect gift idea for Chinese New Year : a box of chocolates

Why give a gift or chocolates for the Chinese New Year?

This celebration in China is similar to the Western traditions around Christmas: family meals, reunions, presents for everyone... not to mention the festivities all over the country (fireworks, lively streets, shows...). It is an important sign of attention in which gesture and symbol take precedence over the actual usefulness of the present.

The Chinese are very modest and after some polite formulas, they will not necessarily open your gift before your eyes, it is part of their manners and their mentality. Another surprising thing is that the value of the money is assumed, so it is advisable to leave the price of your gift visible on the label of it, this shows the recipient's importance to you. Even in the business, gifts are offered to support the signing of contracts.

What gift for the Chinese New Year 2018?

First of all, you must take care to offer a gift of a value adapted to the social status of your recipient. Too much money can be misunderstood. Take precautions to know the "hierarchy" of the recipient of the gift.

What you shouldn't offer to a Chinese New Year's Eve, which is not appreciated:

Gift ideas revolving around intimacy (underwear, pyjamas etc...)

Watches and clocks (symbolize the "end")

Knife-like objects (everything pointed: symbolizes the breakup)

The objects around the hygiene (Bath set, perfumes...), it would mean that the person is not "clean".

Objects with a "4" on them (wearing misfortune)

Shoes (the most insignificant part of the body according to Chinese customs)
Chocolate gift ideas to have delivered for the year of the dog

What you can offer without any problems and what you like:

As a general rule, any gift containing red is recommended because it is a lucky color in China.

The perfect gift for the Chinese New Year is undoubtedly the traditional red envelope containing silver. if you are a foreigner, it is particularly well thought of to offer a good coming from your country of origin or "exotic" (For chocolates it is therefore perfect!). Accompany your gift with a little explanation, Chinese people like to know the history of objects. So all that is refined is very much appreciated, that's why sending French chocolates, the best in the world, will make your recipients very happy.

To deliver your chocolates for the Chinese New Year, we deliver to favorite destinations of these gifts like:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • The USA

as well as in almost all the countries of the world thanks to our partnership with DHL, which delivers by express after a shipment of your parcel on the same day of our platform. You can accompany your chocolates with a small message card for the Chinese New Year with a word from you.
Chinese Favorite Dessert Recipes for this New Year's Eve

The Chinese eat traditional meals, but enjoy the cakes or cookies they eat with the family. It is therefore customary to offer baskets filled when guests are invited to stay with relatives.

Origins of the Chinese New Year

It is not easy to know when the exact beginning of China's New Year celebration began in the history of the country. According to the majority of scholars, it is said that it started from the religious ceremony at the end of the year during the Shang dynasty (1766 BC - 1122 BC). Others think it started as early as Emperor Yao and Shun (~2300 BC). At the beginning, the date of the celebrations varied from mid-winter to early spring. With the maturity of the basic solar calendar, Emperor Wu (157 BC - 87 BC) of the Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 BC) established the first day of the first month as the beginning of the year.

According to tales and legends, the beginning of the Chinese New Year began with the fight against a mythical beast called "Year". She looks like an ox with a lion's head and lives in the sea. On the evening of New Year's Eve, she will go out to harm people, animals and property. Later, people discovered that the Year was afraid of red colour, fire and loud noises. Therefore, to protect themselves, people have become accustomed to posting the red Dui Lian in front of their home, throwing fireworks and hanging lanterns at the end of the year.

The year of the dog, what does it mean?

2018 is the year of the dog according to the Chinese zodiac. It is the year of the Earth Dog, from the Chinese New Year 2018 on February 16th to the Lunar New Year 2019 on February 4th.

The dog is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Dog include 1922,1934,1946,1946,1946,1958,1958,1970,1982,1982,1982,1994,2006,2018,2030,2042?

The dog is the good friend of man who can understand the human spirit and obey his master, whether he is rich or not. The Chinese consider it a good animal. If a dog comes into a house, it symbolizes the coming of fortune. The invincible god Erlang, in the Chinese legend, used a faithful werewolf to help him capture the monsters.