Business Gifts 

With over 5,000 corporate customers in 88 countries, we at zChocolat realize how crucial business gift giving is for affirming established relationships and cultivating new ones. We offer sophisticated alternatives to traditional corporate gift baskets and deliver to 244 countries by DHL Express.

Business Gifts

Sending a business gift

As the festive season approaches, it is the moment for companies to invest in their business gifts. These include presents that are destined for various partners that serve as a celebration of the successful year of collaboration. Nowadays, these gifts serve as a big part of businesses' communication strategies and it is absolutely essential that they portray originality. By offering a luxury product, you are sure to stand out from those who offer simple goodies. zChocolat specialises in high-end business gifts

Who are these corporate gifts destined for?

Firstly, business gifts can be used to thank the teams that have worked with you throughout the year, encouraging them to continue to work hard on future projects. They can be destined for your employees as well as people who have contributed from outside the company.

It is also important to show your appreciation for everyone who has supported and helped with the year's projects. It is therefore essential that the gifts that you send are of exceptional quality, whether for your partners and your investors, or your advisors who have all played an essential role over the course of the year. You could also thank your team of suppliers for the loyalty they have shown you during the working year.

After all, your business is reliant on your best clients and it is important to recognise this honoured working relationship. Whether a client who uses your services or orders from you regularly, or even a client who occasionally invests a large amount into your company. In some cases, it can be beneficial to select a few clients who may return if they feel as though they are valued by you as a business.

Offer a moment of exquisite flavour

Choosing the perfect gift can be a delicate process, as it is vital to offer something that will please everyone. Many traditional gifts are often impersonal and are only offered for the sake of giving a gift. However, by offering an edible present, you can delight every one of your recipients. By offering a box of chocolates, you can be sure please everyone. Who wouldn't give in to the intense cocoa, worked only by the very best master chocolatiers at zChocolat. When you send these presents abroad, they immediately become ambassadors for French cuisine and will reflect a refined and sophisticated image of your business.

A moment to savour and taste is always a positive experience, so why not offer this moment of pleasure as a token of gratitude? If, by any chance, your recipient is not a fan of chocolate, they will still have the pleasure of passing them on to someone who will appreciate them. zChocolat's sumptuously delicious sweet treats are sure to immediately excite your palate. Each mouthful is a real culinary experience.

The importance of packaging?

We know more than anyone that the packaging is just as important as what is hidden inside. zChocolat has mastered this, so as to perfectly showcase every last mouthful. Our chocolates are presented in boxes, as if pieces of jewellery, reflecting the aspect of luxury of your business gift. You are able to choose different variations of personalised packaging for each one of your recipients.

Each mouthful has also been carefully designed. Its beauty works together with its flavour to create a unique tasting experience like no other. It is for this reason that each and every one of our chocolates is viewed as part of a luxurious collection, each with its own unique and poetic name. Some are designed to be understated and chic, and sport only a number to reflect this. Their style bears resemblance to cigar boxes from some of the biggest Cuban Cigar makers.

More than just chocolate

zChocolat produces much more than simple nibbles of deliciousness. Firstly, those who do not find cocoa products quite as tempting as others, will love our beautiful selection of Pates de Fruits, our nougats or our Calissons d'Aix. We have something that will delight every last one of your recipients.

zChocolat offers you the choice. First of all, a wide selection of packaging and presentation boxes can be selected and personalised with taste. Our original and refined box has been notorious for a number of years for its beauty in the eyes of our clientele. Design a package yourself to gift something truly personal. You will then have the option to customise your gift in line with your business. Just like the most prestigious hotels, grant your recipients with the very definition of luxury in the chocolate world.

Finally, zChocolat guarantees a worldwide, fast and reliable delivery service. It is the perfect solution for multinational businesses who wish to thank their partners and clients alike, no matter their geographical location, especially when sending to destinations where chocolate is often considered as a truly luxurious product.