New Year Collection 

Grant a sparkling beginning to 2018 with a twist of indulgence by offering a New Year's gift that will bring a delicious smile to anyone's face! Created to mark the beginning of a year full of joy, success and unforgettable memories, these sophisticated boxes will remain a precious keepsake and bring an everlasting glow of happiness to any chocolate-lover.

New Year Collection
  • Share the excitement of the new year with this festive assortment of our 15 most popular chocolates, decorated to celebrate the arrival of 2018. Whether transforming mere gatherings into enticing chocolate tasting events, refilling prior zChocolat keepsake boxes or as a new year party gift, this assortment is sure to confer a marvelous tasting experience.

  • The chic and modern styling of the zBox 15 laden with our traditional assortment makes this ultra-elegant gourmet box a 'must-have' to celebrate the arrival of 2018.

  • Enjoy the entire numbered collection surrounded in the understated elegance of artisan-crafted chestnut wood.  Featuring both traditional favorites and surprising new combinations created by Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, the Chameleon 30 box is a 'must have' to celebrate the arrival of 2018.

  • ​​The chic and modern styling of the zBox 45 laden with an epicurean selection of the finest French chocolates makes this ultra-elegant gourmet box a 'must-have' to celebrate the arrival of 2018.

  • Unparalleled indulgence meets impeccable design in this luxurious assortment. The zBox 60 includes a selection of our classic Z chocolates, the entire Numbered Collection, plus duplicates of our most-popular Numbered pralines. The sumptuous marriage of flavor and style, it’s sure to be a dream-come-true for the chocolate-lover in your...

  • Honor the New Year with elegance by offering a bold, rich-toned mahogany box. This 2018-themed box opens to a stunning 6 layers of the ultimate in fine French chocolate including our 2 most popular traditional and exotic assortments - revealing our entire numbered collection... and much more!