Easter Chocolate Gift Boxes 

Widely regarded as our most remarkable recipe, each Easter chocolate praline features slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts that have been carefully caramelized and painstakingly crushed, to create an unforgettable filling for this whimsically-molded springtime classic.  Only available in the Easter Collection, they’re the perfect way to enjoy traditional French friture delivered with pure zChocolat flair.

Easter Chocolate Gift Boxes
  • Flavorful Piedmont hazelnuts and silky single-origin cocoa are paired perfectly in this introductory package from the Easter Collection. Made up of 15 solid chocolates and 11 pralines, the Easter Assortment is ideal for filling baskets and greeting friends. Great opportunity to taste our Easter Chocolates.

  • Complete with two assortments of our famous easter all-chocolate pieces and premier hazelnut pralines, the Easter Duo is overflowing with 18 pralines and 36 solid chocolates for a dizzying double-dose of springtime indulgence.

  • The understated elegance of artisan-crafted chestnut wood meets the over-the-top excellence of our famous pralines in this artful springtime celebration.  Enjoy 38 chocolates filled with finely ground, caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts, alongside 24 solid chocolates featuring our finest single-origin cocoas.  It’s an Easter treat...

  • Miniature seashells, chickens, eggs, crabs, fish and more spills from this stylish variation on our classic zBox.  Filled with 38 of our world-renowned Piedmont hazelnut pralines and 24 solid pieces of our signature chocolates (blanc, au lait, and noir) it’s a sophisticated way to spoil someone special this spring. Gourmet Easter Chocolates to offer.

  • Make history with an Easter gift of epic proportions. Loaded with seven assortment cartons, the Easter Mix includes one each of the classic Easter assortment, Easter assortment (pralines only), Easter assortment (solid molded chocolates only), chocomandines, orangettes, noisettines, and pates de fruits. Complete with a cheerful green ribbon,...

  • Add an element of elegance to your springtime celebrations with our astonishing Easter Chocolates Diamond box. Meticulously handcrafted from mahogany and embellished with a delicate egg insignia, this limited-edition box is a resplendent refuge to the miniature chicks, bunnies, and other springtime favorites found in the Easter Collection. Filled...

On April 21, 2019, make a gift to your friends and family by helping them discover unusual Easter chocolates: the best in the world!

Original Easter chocolates available to order online

Tired of offering boring rabbits, chicks, Easter eggs and chocolate bells every year? If so, in 2018 surprise your friends and family with the best gift of all: uniquely refined and incomparably luxurious Easter chocolates. Plus worldwide door-to-door shipping!
Apart from their exceptional taste, it is also the appearance of our chocolates that is unusual. Thanks to their high-end packaging and artisan-crafted wooden boxes, it is now possible to offer chocolates to adults for the Easter holidays. Gifts like these will make April 1, 2018 a day to remember for your lucky recipients.

Quality artisanal chocolates perfect for Easter

With zChocolat, you can be assured of enjoying pure French savoir faire from the best chocolatiers in France, including a world champion chocolate maker who is the creator of recipes for our online shop. Recognized multiple times in international competitions, Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet’s creations never fail to delight.
This creates another level of quality compared to the many chocolates bought in supermarkets. Each zChocolat gift is handcrafted and readily customizable-a stark contrast to the piles of mass produced chocolates sitting with clearance stickers next to the check out lane long after the holiday is over.

Personalize your chocolate batches with first name and photo

The strength of our luxury chocolate delivery service is undoubtedly the ability to customize your delicacies, including the ability to have a name and surname engraved on the box or the ability to feature a photo on directly on the box making Easter even more meaningful.

Which Easter chocolate to offer for 20198?

Each time it is the headache because at Easter, we often find the same clichés of shapes and symbols. So change course, while having a chocolate gift that is really original and beautifully packaged. With delicious pralines, remarkable truffles, and luxurious Easter surprises, there’s something for everyone. Perfect for enjoying at Easter dinner, alongside coffee, or as a spectacular spring time dessert.

Why do we offer Easter chocolate?

Easter is the most important spiritual feast of the Christian calendar. It commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Although it has always been associated with symbolic foods, such as lambs and egg-rich holiday breads, rabbits are not mentioned in the Scriptures, and chocolate appeared centuries later. The Easter bunny has never received a specific Christian interpretation. And yet these spring-time symbols have become much beloved traditions, reminding those who celebrate that just as winter’s icy grasp gives way to the warmth of spring, the sting of death is swallowed up in the joy of the resurrection.

So how did chocolate rabbits become a tradition at Easter?

Indeed, some origins of Easter were found in pagan traditions celebrating new life cycles in spring: pagans venerated the rabbit as an animal with high fertility. In Germany, the goddess of fertility was called Ostara: the word for "Easter", Ostern in German, actually derives from her name, and her homonymous festival took place around April. From that time on, the Germans celebrated a fictitious character, Oschter Haws, a rabbit that delivered eggs and toys in baskets to Christian children at Easter.As rabbits are often associated with fertility, and this Easter ritual is celebrated in honour of the goddess of fertility, this is closely related to the Bible, as the Biblical Passover celebrates Jesus' rebirth after His crucifixion.

At the same time, the middle classes in the West began to profit from the fruits of progress: the Industrial Revolution transformed chocolate from an expensive drink into a cheap solid food. In the mid-1800s, chocolate became accessible to everyone in Europe and Germany became a centre of mould. German manufacturers began to create all the tinplate moulds for chocolate, including rabbits. Then the chocolate rabbit crossed the Atlantic, and among the first photographs featuring chocolate rabbits in America, some of them were taken in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, so Easter rabbits were incorporated into the popular 17th century tradition.

What about Easter eggs?

Chocolate eggs are the second most common gifts at Christian calendar events. In fact, several explanations have been developed. First, the chocolate eggs have a hollow center, which has become the symbol of Jesus' tomb. Indeed, according to the Scriptures, when the stone that covered the entrance to Jesus' tomb was moved, the corpse has already disappeared and the curious disciples discover that Jesus is risen.
Another reason is that eggs are a sign of rebirth. And, as with the rabbit symbol, this sign of rebirth is strongly associated with Christ’s '"resurrection".

When to offer Easter chocolate?

Let's not make the suspense last unnecessarily long: it is Easter Sunday morning, if you want to conform to tradition, that you must spread the eggs in your garden or in nature. Indeed, as the bells of the Catholic churches stop ringing on Holy Thursday evening (to commemorate the death of Christ the next day), some say to the children that they went to Rome to be blessed by the Pope, they ring again in the night from Saturday to Sunday to announce the resurrection of Jesus. To sow, according to legend, eggs and stews when they return from Rome.

Forget about cheap chocolate, for Easter share the best chocolate in the world!

Even stronger than homemade chocolate, the zChocolat chocolate has unique recipes that you won't find anywhere else with exceptional ingredients that will make its taste really special. A true culinary experience.

How will this Easter present be delivered?

We take special care to ship your gifts the same day for a delivery in less than 2 to 3 days on all the countries most commonly served. For packaging, we carefully protect your chocolates from shocks and temperature variations with special packaging.

Successful recipes for the Easter celebration

Apart from the traditional chocolates, you also have variations on this same flavour that you can find in the following recipes and which are very popular for this celebration:

  • Chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate cake
  • Chocolate fondue or fountain
    Enjoy yourself!

The origins of the delights of the Easter festival

Commercialization during the 19th century saw rabbits become a popular symbol of Easter with the growth of the greeting card industry. Postal services became affordable and people wanted to stay in touch with people, card companies launched pictures of pretty little bunnies and Easter eggs on the market. The first edible Easter bunnies made from sweet pastries were made in Germany in the 19th century.
The big confectionery companies in England began to make chocolate eggs, and chocolate, which was once bitter and enjoyed as a drink, became something sweet and turned into confectionery. modern chocolate eggs. Egg hunting is also an integral part of Easter celebrations around the world.

The case of Easter in Australia today

Easter and Christmas celebrations in Australia are based on European Christian celebrations. Thus, although autumn is in full swing and winter is coming into the southern hemisphere, rabbits and eggs, symbols of spring, are still part of the Australian festivities.

On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny will deliver chocolate eggs to children and there will be egg hunt in gardens and parks across Australia, Australian Christians will attend church services and most Australian seculars will enjoy the four days of festivities and weekend relaxation with family and friends. Meanwhile, chocolate rabbits and eggs recall the ancient origins of Easter and Christian traditions.