Birthday Chocolates Delivery 

Shower a friend, family member, or colleague with sweetness on their special day. Display your thoughtfulness and flair by engraving their name on the box, or stamp their initials or age on the black wax seal. Read our birthday gift guide and tips.

Birthday Collection
  • An exceptional display of birthday glee presented through this black gourmet Birthday zBox 15.

  • Embrace the idealistic tendencies of Pisces (February 20 - March 21) with a singularly indulgent gift just for them. Each Zodiac Box is handcrafted from regional chestnut wood and adorned with an artistic rendition of the current astrological sign. Filled with fifteen pieces of decadent French chocolate, it’s a sensational way to send a personalized...

  • Reflect the originality and friendliness of Aquarius (January 20 - February 19) with a gift as unique as they are. Each Zodiac Box is handcrafted from regional chestnut wood and adorned with an artistic rendition of the current astrological sign. Filled with fifteen pieces of decadent French chocolate, it’s a sensational way to send a personalized...

  • Spice up the birthday bash with our entire Numbered Collection, composed of our 15 most traditional chocolates including 3 of our ever-famous Z pieces: a combination of a crunchy praliné with sweet and salty caramel - and our exotic assortment: a unique, gourmet selection of chocolates.

  • Surprise your recipient with the Birthday zBox 30 - an elegant gourmet box with a white cursive 'Happy Birthday' inscription.

  • Fill their birthday with happy memories by offering the Birthday zBox 45 - a chic box choice filled with 3 assortments of festive chocolates.

  • An impressive black matte box adorned by a white cursive 'Happy Birthday' inscription laden with 60 delicious chocolates.

  • An abundantly sensational mixture of chocolates presented in a large glossy mahogany box - perfect to share at any family and friends' birthday gathering.

  • Lose yourself in the birthday jubilee as the luxurious Birthday Jade 12 is laden with 12 assortments regrouping our Numbered Collection and other special recipes.

Do you want an original chocolate gift to be delivered for a birthday? Anything other than a chocolate gift basket? Here are some ideas for ordering a personalised birthday present online.

Our 3 Best Chocolate Birthday Gift Ideas

Every year, this is the puzzle to find an original gift for wish a happy birthday. That's why we offer you something never before seen and never disappointed: chocolates.

Yes, but not just any chocolate, because they are probably the best in the world, many times awarded in international competitions and whose creator, artisan chocolate maker, is no more or less than the international champion in this field. To help you in your choice here are our favorite ideas:

.Birthday Box (30 pieces)

A box containing the excellence of French chocolate, with all 26 recipes. A must to discover our world of delights.

.The Astro gift box (15 pieces)

An assortment of delicious chocolates under the sign of the horoscope, ideal to celebrate the birth date, a modern and original gift, all presented in an authentic wooden box.

.The exceptional birthday gift box (90 pieces)

For special birthdays, the fine gourmet recipient will be at the angels with this gift in gilded mahogany wood with fine gold enclosing our 6 favorite assortments for an unforgettable memory.

Where can my birthday chocolates be delivered?

Thanks to our shipping service and our historic partnership with DHL, we are able to ship your gift the same day you place your order and ship it to the following destinations, for example:

  •     London (United Kingdom)
  •     Malaysia
  •     Singapore
  •     Melbourne (Australia)
  •     Sydney (Australia)

... as well as in all the cities and countries of the world and this, in less than 3 days in most cases. At home, at a friend's house, or at the Hotel... no obstacles will be encountered thanks to DHL's regular follow-up of your gift package.

How much does it cost to deliver my chocolate gifts? How are they protected?

It is fixed all over the world and is around $23.35. This is due to the special care we take to protect chocolates for transportation, especially for shocks and hot countries for which we have special packs.

How do I personalize my chocolate birthday present?

Having a customised gift, it immediately takes on an additional emotional dimension and remains engraved in the recipient's memories. This is exactly what we offer in order to personalize your chocolate dishes.

First of all we give the possibility to personalize the box of chocolates with the recipient's first name. Then it is also possible to personalize the gift wrapping and attach a note on a message card. For photo fans, you can also burn or print an image on the box, it's up to you to choose what you like best.

Where do these gourmet chocolates come from?

They are from France and were designed for zChocolat by Pascal Caffet, the best chocolate worker in France and world champion of chocolate makers. Our luxury foods are renowned for being among the best in the world thanks to their unique recipes. We are located in Provence, in the south of the country but we are an expert in shipping our chocolates all over the world.

To whom to offer chocolates for a birthday?

If you think this kind of treat is for children only, think again! Especially since these high-end delicacies are presented in such a beautiful case that they are suitable for both men and women. So you can offer them to your darling, your mother, your boss, your employees, your partners... there is no barrier to share such delights! And it's also a way to make you stand out and stand out from the crowd.

What other birthday gifts to complete?

Apart from our chocolates, it is convenient to accompany them with presents that are also very appreciated when we celebrate one more year. Like for example:

  •     Flowers to deliver
  •     Chocolate Cakes
  •     The birthday card (to write a short message) - please note that we already offer it as an option.

What is the origin of the birthday present?

The history of the anniversary celebration

It is assumed that the origins of the birth anniversary celebration are rooted in the Persian and Greek periods. At that time, it was the kings, gods and spirits who were celebrated throughout the calendar of the year. However, we will see the birth of the birthday cake and its candles, all associated with the citizen's date of birth, even if it is a God who will be celebrated that day.

Thereafter, the Romans, inheriting the rituals of a Hindu faith, Mithra, created a great ceremony dedicated to the birth of a citizen. Gifts and other presents will be part of the tradition then.

Later on, Christians will associate this ceremony with paganism and reject it for a few centuries. However, it will continue to exist on the anniversary of the saint whose name is given, which will be celebrated each year. During the century of Enlightenment, Protestants will bring the birthday of the individual back into fashion. And today, our way of celebrating this event is the mixture of all these stories.

Large variations in time

As we look back through our history, we will see that the anniversary has never completely disappeared. Its definition has often changed, from the celebration of deities to the celebration of the Holy One whose name we bear, to the celebration of children, and finally to all of us. There were dark times when this practice was banished, considered pagan and condemned. Today, the anniversary is implanted in every one of our lives with such evidence that we would never suspect that it may one day not exist.

Why would you give someone a present

The gift through the ages

The history of the anniversary is made up of little bits of history, fragments of traditions that have been clustered around the date of a person's birth. The candles date back to the Romans, the round cakes to the Greeks, the song to the English and the birthday of a person at the Protestant reform. But where did the gift come from? Why offer one on this special day? This is also a whole new story.
The origins of birthday gifts

Originally, thousands of years ago, the birthday present was not received by the celebrant, but rather offered by her to her parents to honour them for giving her life. The first civilizations that entered into temporality (the consciousness of the passing of time) shared this first tradition wherever they were.

Then the gifts became offerings, or sometimes sacrifices, made this time to the Gods to bring protection and prosperity to the chosen ones.

The evolution of the birthday gift

In the Middle Ages, these offerings, made this time to the individual, were religious objects, to protect him from demons suspected of waiting in the shadows for the opportunity to attack.

While the Germans, who created the common birthday party (Kinderfest) in the 13th century, added a character who spoils wise children with presents. Catholics from the rest of Europe filled the Saints with gifts to protect them during their celebration. But a premise of the real gift appears in the banquet of the party, full of things that guests had to bring from home.

Eventually the banquets were fully prepared by the host, but the tradition of bringing something in remained. It is then assumed that the birthday present was born from there. Nowadays. As a celebration of the host's birthday, the gift must please to show affection or respect. A small object that always honours its recipient, as it did thousands of years ago.

Give chocolates to ensure an indulgent birthday

Finding a birthday present is often a complex process, as it is important to take into account personal preferences, likes and dislikes... It can be a real nightmare, however it is possible to avoid with a little help from zChocolat. These treats are the perfect solution, available from various different collections, there really is something for everyone. You will also have the pleasure of being able to engrave a personal message, or even choose a box decorated specifically for your recipient's star sign.

Our zBox is delicate and prestigious fort anniversary, thanks to its subtle packaging

An abundance of boxes to satisfy any chocolate craving

If you are on the hunt for the perfect birthday present, a chocolate gift from one of our many collections is sure to delight any recipient. Our traditional zBox has been adapted to wish " Happy Birthday " to the person of your choice. Our range of products includes our box of 15 chocolates, perfect for any couple to experience deliciously sweet aromas, or our larger box of 30 chocolates that are irresistible for any chocolate lover.

It has never been easier to celebrate a birthday with chocolate that is sure to never disappoint. Our maser chocolatier has worked tirelessly to provide you with the perfect recipe for every occasion. Each and every mouthful becomes a unique and unrivalled experience thanks to the rich range of flavours in every recipe. What's more, our famous Z chocolate will not disappoint, with its exclusive recipe, made up of :

  • A creamy caramel
  • A dash of fleur de sel
  • A crunchy praline made from Piedmont hazelnuts

You are guaranteed a memorable experience every time you pick one of our unique and flavourful numbered chocolates that give our boutique its reputation. If it is difficult to resist the temptation of chocolate, why not try an additional three assortments :

  • A 30 piece zBox
  • 420 grams of delight with the zBox 45
  • An experience like no other with our zBox 60 containing 60 chocolates

Think of each one of our chocolates as an invitation on a journey and you will be transported directly to Valencia, Madagascar, Piedmont, Venezuela and even the Ivory Coast... Only the very best quality ingredients have been rigorously selected from various destinations that are celebrated in the world of chocolate. This idea for a birthday present will soon leave you envious as it is almost impossible to resist these sweet treats.

The elegance of our birthday boxes rivals that of a jewelry box

Our zBoxes are designed with extreme finesse. The harmony between the black and white is both understated and chic. You are even able to treat your loved ones with their own, personalised assortment that you have created specifically for them. What's more, this collection is enhanced further with a personal message card that enables you to design a truly unique product. Your recipient will be in awe of the attention to detail which you can take even further thanks to our engraving option. You can now have your words engraved into your gift box for a personal touch that exceeds all expectations.

Are you looking to send a box adorned with a star sign?

15 mouthwatering chocolates are waiting to be enjoyed in a birthday moment of incredible savoring

We often search for a quirky way in which to provide a personal gift for a loved one's birthday, but zChocolat can offer you an entirely unique astrological experience. Our Chameleon Collection is seductive for all, whether a Sagittarius, Capricorn or Scorpio. The contents of the beautiful box remain a selection of 15 chocolates, in line with French Tradition. The numbered recipes will not go a miss next to our famous Z chocolate, and are ready to be appreciated by lovers of all things sweet.

A stunning gift box made from sweet chestnut wood

The star sign design appears on the top of our chestnut boxes. The recipient will still be able to use their gift box long after the chocolates have been devoured. The artisanal production process results in an extremely high level finish, leaving you with a gift that is both delicious and elegant for both your taste buds and your eyes. You have the means to delight any recipient, whether a parent, a partner, a colleague or a friend. It is the perfect, unique gift idea that has been tailored specifically to suit the lucky recipient.

A touch of prestige for an unforgettable birthday

Made with such sumptuous ingredients, our chocolates deserve nothing less than the very best decoration and presentation... It is for this reason that we created the Jade pair:

    The version containing 90 pieces at 840 grams
  • The go-to for a real chocolate lover with 228 chocolates and a weight of 1589 grams

6 chocolate assortments ready to tantalize your taste buds

The first box, containing six assortments, makes for the perfect birthday present. Each one is individually packaged in its own case and then housed in a mahogany box. The presentation is of the highest quality, promising a reflection of this in the flavours hidden inside. But this is not all. This unique and personal gift idea works perfectly alongside the VIP Membership. If you wish to regularly delight your loved ones, whether it be for Valentines Day, Christmas or a special occasion, you will earn double the amount of chocolate. Not only will you delight your recipient, but you will also accumulate assortments in your account that you can redeem at any time.

12 unique and enticing assortments promise an unforgettable experience

Not only does the second box offer you chocolates, but also the opportunity to discover traditional delicacies such as Calissons from Aix-en-Provence, or Nougat from MontÈlimar. You are guaranteed ultimate pleasure from each one of the 12 assortments that will not fail to excite your taste buds.

Which sweet treats are hidden in each of the boxes?

Three sweet treats to be consumed without hesitation

This birthday gift idea has enticed you enough to purchase a box, but you wish to discover our range of assortments. This range juggles a multitude of aromas and flavours in order to provide you with much more than a simple taste experience. You will be able to savour our collection of chocolates as well as discovering a selection of our candies. Amongst these will be:

  • The Calissons d'Aix which pair crystallised melon, orange zest and almond paste
  • Our all-natural Pate de Fruits from Provence, flavoured with raspberry, lemon, cherry, apple, apricot, strawberry...
  • Nougat from Montélimar, celebrated for its lavender honey

Each mouthful will take you on an unforgettable journey, from the snowy Alpes de Haute Provence to the narrow streets of Aix-en-Provence.

Delicious chocolates made from only the highest quality ingredients to be delivered

zChocolat promises a truly exclusive tasting experience with traditional sweet treats such as the melt-in-the-mouth truffle. Not only ideal for a birthday gift, the truffle fits perfectly at the foot of a Christmas Tree during the festive season. You will experience true pleasure when discovering the multitude of rich assortments in the form of Orangettes, Chocamandines, Pepites, Noisettines and filled chocolates. Each experience is unique but you will soon become a lover of praline, whether made from hazelnuts, almonds or peanuts. The entire tasting experience will fill you with joy.

Our famous numbered collection is simply unmissable

A chocolate expert will only use ingredients of the highest quality

The process respects tradition, using no alcohol or preservatives in the recipes. Our master chocolatier, Pascal Caffet (World Champion Chocolatier) has used his savoir-faire to create recipes that are sure to excite your taste buds. Every mouthful has been designed as if a work of art, whether surrounded by a couverture of milk, dark or white chocolate. What's more, each and every one of our delicious chocolates is made from 100% pure cocoa butter. Both quality and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our values and we have significantly reduced the sugar content by avoiding all use of alcohol and preservatives in our recipes. Our numbered collection could serve as the perfect gift for the entire family, whether wishing a happy birthday to an adult or a child.

The delicate pairing of hazelnuts and salted caramel

You have access to 25 delicious recipes, plus our famous Z chocolate that is available with a milk, dark or white chocolate couverture and are all gathered together in one place in our Z assortment. On one side, you have the delicious harmony between Madagascan Bourbon vanilla, praline and a couverture of 70% dark chocolate. For the praline centre, our master chocolatier has created a mixture of salted caramel and Piedmont Hazelnuts. The third recipe is nothing less than an explosion of flavours with a 40% milk couverture, originating from the Ivory Coast with a luxurious praline paired with crunchy hazelnuts.

To design our numbered collection, Pascal Caffet used a wide range of flavours to satisfy even the most quirky of chocolate cravings.