Divine Romantic Gifts 

Fan the flames of abiding passion with a provocative collection featuring intriguing recipes and unexpectedly decadent flavor. Polished heart-shaped exteriors give way to reveal tempting fillings that embody the excitement, mystery, and enchantment of true love. With sophisticated packaging and unparalleled epicurean panache, each gift captures the inherent allure of France's finest chocolate and is an unforgettable way to say “je t’aime.”

  • Irresistibly sweet and elegant, this Romantic zBox 6 presents two heart-shaped chocolates that will delight your loved ones: a fleur de sel (salty) caramel infused with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar and a 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate praliné. Then, it surprises them with all-time favorites from our Numbered Collection: a slow roasted hazelnut...

  • Daintily decorated with our latest LOVE sleeve, this romantic assortment of 12 luscious heart-shaped chocolates will melt your recipient's heart instantly as it reveals the Toquade: a delicious white vanilla ganache cloaked in a white exterior, the Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, the Mystique: fleur de sel (salty) caramel infused...

  • Emboldened with a new and daring street art design, this LOVE-themed zBox 12 encases a dozen delectable heart-shaped chocolates. This distinctive Hearts Assortment includes the Toquade: a delicious vanilla white ganache cloaked in a white exterior, the Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, the Mystique: a “fleur de sel”...

  • Give away the key to your heart with a delicious 12-piece chocolate heart assortment transpiring passion and fantasy as it reveals the Toquade: a delicious white vanilla ganache cloaked in a white exterior, the Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, the Mystique: a Vanilla Bourbon caramel dressed in a dark couverture and the Amore: a divine...

  • Lavish your loved one with the best of both worlds: romance and traditional recipes. Our Hearts Assortment of 12 heart-shaped chocolates reveals a white vanilla ganache cloaked in a white exterior, a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, a dark couverture fleur de sel (salty) caramel infused with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar and a divine ginger-infused...

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  • Presented in a precious mahogany box exquisitely carved through with an iconic LOVE design revealing a gold plate underneath the lid, this romantic cocoa duet will astonishingly leave your beloved breathless. Nestled inside are our two favorite heart-shaped chocolates including a fleur de sel (salty) caramel infused with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar...

  • Celebrate your love with delicious French couverture chocolates by offering a romantic display of 27 spellbinding recipes. Twelve heart-shaped gastronomical gems from our Hearts Assortment and 15 world-renowned delectable diadems from our Traditional Assortment are all hidden inside this majestically modern ballotin emblazoned with electrifying street art...

  • Express your love with delicious French couverture chocolates by offering this romantic display of 27 recipes which includes our 12-heart assortment and our bestseller 15-pcs traditional assortment. This very chic and modern chocolate box decorated with flying hearts will cast a loving spell on the person you treasure.

  • Decadently delicious and surprisingly seductive, this selection will woo without words. Two heart-shaped confections are coated in 4 leaves of pure 24-karat edible gold and filled with fleur de sel caramel, infused with Bourbon vanilla, and surrounded by a Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark chocolate to create a profoundly riveting confection....

  • This glossy and divine mahogany chest features an artistically carved LOVE lid that teasingly displays our ever-romantic Hearts Assortment. It showcases the Toquade: a delicious white vanilla ganache cloaked in a white exterior, the Suprême: a creamy milk hazelnut praliné, the Mystique: a fleur de sel (salty) caramel infused with Bourbon...

  • With its passionate ruby-red accent glowing through the meticulous carving of LOVE on its lid, this regal mahogany chest is ablaze with feminine charm. This present for the princess or the queen of your life will surely stoke the flames of love and affection on any given occasion. It holds 27 succulent chocolates, with a dozen pieces coming from our...

  • This romantic Sapphire Gold 2 pc is a tantalizing tribute to true love. A shimmering pair of 24-karat gold, leaf-covered, heart-shaped chocolates is surrounded by ten of our incomparably decadent dark chocolate hearts. These royal treats are enthroned inside a palatial packaging made from the finest mahogany wood and sealed off with a lid elegantly carved...

  • Within this cube-like mahogany treasure chest carved with a square-like design of LOVE lies the most romantic present you could ever offer to your beloved: your magnanimous heart. It’s a heart made of half a pound of pure love. The chocolate concealed inside its smooth, sensual exterior is comprised of resonant Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70%...

  • Relish the wonders of genuine love with zChocolat’s entire Numbered Collection from the Traditional and Exotic Assortments plus the all-endearing Hearts Assortment. All three assortments masterfully created by World Champion French Chocolatier Pascal Caffet are lovingly layered inside this superb mahogany box that’s fitting for a king. Its...

  • Oozing with romantic drama and delight, this spectacular mahogany jewelry box holds within its triple drawers zChocolat’s top three assortments: the Traditional, the Exotic, and the Praliné. For that extra heartwarming charm and grace, hidden underneath the gold plate that shines through the carving of its topmost lid is the irresistibly...

  • Like golden dewdrops collected from a golden downpour, these 12 seductively rich dark chocolate hearts are bursting with fleur de sel caramel on the inside and gilded with 24-karat edible gold on the outside for a dazzling experience that embraces romance with reckless abandon. Preciously packaged in a solid mahogany treasure chest detailed with elegant...

  • The ultimate and most spectacular romantic chocolate box in our collection is here. This magnificent handmade finger-joint assembled mahogany chest takes the luxury chocolate concept to its climax. Within the polished mahogany walls of this mini chocolate palace is a balanced selection of 90 chocolates from our entire Numbered Collection ranging from the...

      A romantic collection to share the pleasure of chocolate between two for Valentine

      It's almost impossible to resist these sweet treats when looking for the perfect gift for a loved one. Both men and women have developed a real passion for these cocoa based nibbles that are perfect for a number of occasions. As an essential for any birthday, Christmas or Easter celebration, these chocolates are just for Valentine's Day. They will provide you with the opportunity to send a special message to your partner alongside a box of delicious, refined and exclusive chocolates. Our teams work tirelessly to create a selection of treasures that are sure to arouse the curiosity of your recipient. Our elegant boxes reflect the delicate edible treasures that lie within.

      Mark a special occasion with a few sweet treats

      Our Romantic zBox contains six delicious and refined chocolates for Valentine's Day

      The Romantic Collection can serve you on a number of occasions throughout your life thanks to our selection of boxes that are available year-round. While some prefer flowers, others cannot resist a little sweet indulgence and the zChocolat Romantic Collection offers you a chocolate gift like no other. For special occasions such as a birth or a marriage, our Romantic zBox, composed of 6 chocolates, is the perfect gift. The person with the key to your heart will have the pleasure of delighting you with a romantic message, all the while fulfilling your passion for chocolate of the highest quality. The flavors have been chosen with the highest rigor to ensure a heart-shaped chocolate, filled with a caramel and a subtle hint of Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla.

      One bite into one of these delicious chocolates on Valentine's Day will have you discovering our delicious praline made from Piedmont hazelnuts, instantly inviting you on a culinary journey.

      A mahogany case with which to propose in style

      In line with this, zChocolat offers you the Romantic Opal, made up of only two, delicately selected chocolates. Hidden inside a luxurious mahogany box, these Valentine's Day chocolates are guaranteed to impress your loved one with a sensual message. These edible treasures are precious enough to replace a traditional engagement or wedding ring. If you are searching for something truly extraordinary, our Romantic Collection could well be the perfect solution.

      Offer your heart or a diamond in chocolate

      For lovers of all things sweet, it is not easy to swap our high-quality delicacies for an ordinary bar of chocolate. The equivalent found on mass sale is never up to high standards, as the ingredients have not been chosen for their quality and flavour. It is for this reason that zChocolat has hand selected raw materials of only the highest quality to tantalize your tastebuds, however our attention to detail does not end there. Before delving into the delicious contents, chocolate must first be consumed visually and it is essential that it is appealing to the eyes. Our team have come up with two of these indulgent treats:

      • Precious
      • My Heart

      They are the perfect way to send a special message to your loved one, as you will be gifting them with a chocolate diamond that encompasses the level of prestige of this French craft. You will discover Piedmont hazelnuts, coated in a milk chocolate couverture. The Diamond has been enveloped in a 70%, Venezuelan dark chocolate. If you a fan of exceptional luxury, you are sure to appreciate this heart, weighing in at 235 grams. It is presented in a mahogany case and made from a recipe that has been created with ultimate care, in order to provide you with nothing but the very best. The couverture will excite your palate with its floral hints, preparing you for what is hidden within. A true lover of chocolate will notice the touch of acidity at the end, as well as the mouthwatering flavors that linger, leaving you wanting more. To add a little crunch, our Romantic Collection offers hazelnuts that have been delicately caramelized.

      zChocolat's meticulous attention to detail in every aspect is the reason for the delicate packaging in which the chocolate is concealed. You will be giving your partner the key to your heart with these chocolates.

      An exclusive chocolate that says "I love you"

      Long speeches are often useless and it can be difficult to put feelings into words, so why not say it with a gift and engrave a few, carefully selected words on the side of one of our elegant gift boxes? Our unique boxes can be personalized with an image and engraving of your choice for the ultimate finishing touch. zChocolat provides you with a multitude of concepts:

      • The 12 or 27 pieces in our Romantic Collection
      • The Romantic zBox containing 12 or 27 chocolates and adorned with a key

      Our Romantic Adonis offers you 57 sumptuous yet refined chocolates

      The contents could even prove to be insufficient for a true chocolate lover. We have a surprise with two delicious boxes, reserved for this occasion. Our Romantic Adonis contains 57 grams, weighing a total of 525 grams. A true delight for any chocolate lover, who will have the chance to savor these sweet treats on multiple occasions. Our master chocolatier has provided you with a multitude of exclusive and prestigious recipes using only the very best raw materials in order to create a diverse harmony of flavors in every bite. In this luxurious mahogany box you will find 45 of our irresistible chocolates from our Numbered Collection. They have been carefully placed in little drawers that you will have the pleasure of opening before contemplating the many treasures hidden inside. We have also added 12 delicious heart-shaped chocolates to add a touch of romance.

      The Romantic Ambrosia offers a multitude of diverse flavors

      As if this is still not enough, zChocolat has developed a product that exceeds luxury in the form of our Romantic Ambrosia. You will find 114 sweet treats to tempt you, weighing a total of 1050 grams. You will exceed all expectations with this box which has been carefully constructed in the Jura region. The creation of this extraordinary French product has been executed with rigorous attention to detail so as to be sure to delight that special someone. Your recipient will have the pleasure of discovering 24 irresistible hearts.

      Gold and chocolate meet

      Our Valentine's Day chocolates are part of a large selection that is guaranteed to delight you, whether you are a lover of white, milk or dark chocolate. Our team has created these chocolates, worthy of the title of edible treasures, from ingredients of only the very highest quality that have been paired to create a delicate harmony in every mouthful. You can therefore send an ì I love you ì message to your special someone that is accompanied by a 235 gram chocolate heart or diamond that has been decorated with gold leaf. In a mahogany case, this luxurious extra adds yet another touch of elegance that will excite not only your eyes, but your taste buds too.

      In our Romantic Sapphire, made up of 12 chocolates at 102 grams, you will be delighted to find two golden hearts. However, for an even more impressive gift, we offer a Romantic Sapphire that contains 12 hearts that have all been adorned with 24 carat, edible gold leaf. The eye is automatically attracted to this added sparkle, but sight will not be the only sense to be awakened. Your taste buds will revel, from the very first mouthful, in the sumptuous recipes made from:

      • A 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate couverture
      • A salted caramel-filled heart
      • A Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla infusion
      • Pure, 24 carat gold leaf

      Any industrial quality is immediately lost, as every leaf is painstakingly applied by hand. Our Valentine's Day chocolates have been carefully placed into a box made from mahogany wood to make, without a doubt, the perfect gift for your special someone. Any romantic message will be made infinitely stronger when accompanied by a product from our Romantic Collection, designed especially for this celebration of love. Forget useless flowers, chocolate is always well received and indulgent.

      Why give chocolate for Valentine's Day?

      If you are searching for the perfect gift with which to wow your special someone, look no further. Our chocolates are the perfect solution. A zChocolat gift will serve as your very own Cupid's arrow, providing your loved one with a gift as unique and special as them, whilst satisfying their sweet tooth. One bite into a hazelnut covered in milk, dark or white chocolate will immediately transport your recipient to the country of the language of love. Your partner will not be able to resist this sweet treat and you will instantly have won their heart forever. What's more, each box is made up of multiple assortments to conform to your preferences.

      These chocolates invite you on a journey of flavors and aromas and are contained in boxes that can be personalized. You can also choose the flavours and textures that you wish to include in your box, making your gift truly unique and tailored to the preferences of your special someone. It is for these reasons that chocolate makes the perfect Valentine's day gift, as you are able to send a message of love, accompanied by the food of love. This pleasure can also be shared as a couple as you will both be able to bite into one of our sumptuous sweet treats during a romantic evening, whether for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.