French Chocolate Truffles 

Luxury french chocolate truffles to offer. Relish in an unparalleled encounter with the "food of the gods" as you savor this collection of rich, dense, reimagined French delights. We have replaced the traditional truffle filling with a surprising and satisfying praline center.

French Chocolate Truffles

Want to know more about our dark chocolate truffles? Here are some additional information before you buy your box of chocolate truffles.

What is a chocolate french truffle ?

The truffle is a chocolate delicacy made from caribbean blanket, butter and chocolate powdered mainly. (although the ingredients may vary)

Who invented the chocolate truffle?

One day, Louis Dufour, a pastry and chocolate maker from Chambéry, in the Savoie region of France, ran out of ingredients to make sweets for the holiday season. Refusing the dishonour of buying from a fellow member, he had the genius of mixing fresh cream, vanilla and cocoa powder to form a ball, but deformed, unattractive. To make his product more presentable, he dipped it in melted chocolate and coated it with chocolate powder. It was the birth of the chocolate truffle.

Another version of the origin of the truffle claims that an apprentice of the chef Auguste Escoffier would have escaped warm cream on eggs and sugar. He would have obtained a ganache with which a chocolate truffle would have been created.

What is the authentic French chocolate truffle recipe?

Ganache: 150g of Caribbean cover, 125g of flower cream, 25g of butter, 1cs of acacia honey.
Coating: QS of temperate Caribbean cover and bitter cocoa powder.
Boil the cream and honey. Melt chocolate in bain marie. Make a maryse emulsion in 3 steps to obtain a smooth and shiny mixture. Then add the ointment butter. Allow to cool. Put the ganache in a pocket and place small balls on silicon paper or silpat paper. Let the balls harden then roll them in the hand, soak them in the temperate blanket, then place them directly on a tray covered with cocoa.
The cream can be perfumed by infusing it with crushed long pepper, spices or tea. Then chinese it before making the emulsion. You can also make a jivara-praline ganache. In short, let your imagination run wild.

Our recipe is a sublimated variant:

Hazelnut paste, dark chocolate 70% (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: GMO-free soya lecithin), pure cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cocoa powder. Contains soybeans and nuts. The nutritional value of our truffles is 631 kcal/100gr. You can find our truffles made in France in sublime gift boxes through 4 different offers.

Are there mushrooms in french chocolate truffles?

No ! The Truffles are originally from France and it is here that the chocolate ganache ball sprinkled with cocoa was named truffle. It turns out that truffles are named after mushrooms of the same name because of their resemblance to dark, wrinkled mushrooms. Truffles come in all varieties with anything from nuts, fruits, cream and nougat centres.

How much do truffles cost?

Depending on the range, our chocolate truffle gift boxes have prices between 65.35 and 243.13 $.

Where can I have my chocolate truffles delivered?

Thanks to our ultra-fast shipping services, your package leaves the same day to be delivered anywhere in the world in a few days. Whether in France, Singapore or the United States, nothing is impossible thanks to our close partnership with DHL.