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The cocoa production worldwide

The Development of the World Market Global production of cocoa is concentrated effectively in the regions between 10° north and… The cocoa production worldwide

Fine dark chocolate gifts

Dark chocolate is like the Sophia Loren of the chocolate world. It’s sophisticated, mature, and still desirable as ever! There… Fine dark chocolate gifts

Making a chocolate cake

World Renown The most familiar recipe in the world to count chocolate as one of its ingredients is undoubtedly chocolate… Making a chocolate cake

Chocolate fountains

This stainless steel marvel of melted chocolate and dipping goodies has taken the stress out of trying to throw a… Chocolate fountains

zChocolat in London

Just before Valentine’s Day, we celebrated the launch of our giant chocolate heart, “My Heart” in the Palm Court ballroom… zChocolat in London

zChocolat in Montreal

zChocolat, in collaboration with “l’Institut des Vins du Douro et de Porto” and some of the biggest names in the… zChocolat in Montreal