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My Gift Wrapping


Finished with French chic

finished with french chicOur high-quality wrapping paper is entirely handmade and carefully selected for its matte background and high-gloss, mosaic surface. The wrapped gift is elegantly finished with a white satin ribbon and a sophisticated handmade black wax seal.

A stamp for each collection

stampsAll wrapped gifts come with a black wax seal bearing the Z logo to fasten the ribbon on your gift. This wax seal is automatically customized to the appropriate theme when purchasing from our various collections. The wax seal will be stamped with a heart for the Romantic Collection and Wedding Collection, a candle for the Birthday Collection, a survival-themed image for the Survival Kit Collection, and a "Thanks" inscription for the Thank You Collection.

Surprise your recipient with their initials, age, or a special number

initialsAdd a personal touch to your gift by stamping your recipient's initials or a special number in white to the black wax sealing your gift. For a romantic touch, join two initials with an “&” character. Laser-cut with precision, the characters are directly fused into the seal as the hot wax is poured. The resulting crisp-dry seal is solidly stunning.

How to add wrapping paper and a personal wax seal

howtoENYou will find the customization option list on the right-hand side of the product page. Click on "My gift wrapping" and follow the instructions.

What is the cost?

An additional charge of RUB 704,21 is applied for the wrapping option. If you choose to customize the wax seal with your recipient's initials or a special number, an additional charge of RUB 704,21 is applied.

zChocolat's gift wrapping in action