This Christmas, luxuriate in a delicious treat with our new Christmas Mix zBox 45. Begin your cool morning with a sip from a cup of hot and re-energizing black velvet chocolate made from 70% Venezuelan-Madagascan blended couverture, which pairs perfectly with our Traditional Chocolate assortment. Then, end your day with our Exotic assortment or enjoy our two Dark ZBars or one Milk ZBar that come with the regal gift zBox decorated with a Christmas star piercing through a red winter sky. Kindly note that you can engrave the name of your gift recipient (❶) on the box by selecting the "My text engraving" gifting option below.

“Please note that we currently double the amount of chocolates at no additional cost.” This item contains 3 chocolate assortments. If you buy this item, you will receive 3 additional assortments free of charge that you may either send to your gift recipient with your order; donate to a hospital or charity; or save in your account to redeem at a later date for yourself or someone else. You will make this decision in your shopping cart ;-). Learn more.

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Available November 15th 2022