Chocolate Gift Delivery to Kanpur

You want to choose a gift to send on Kanpur? Here is a guide that will help you in this process of offering something exceptional to this Indian country.

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How do I send a chocolate gift to Kanpur in India?

It’s easy, just put the product (s) you want to offer to your loved ones in the basket and enter the destination address. Our shipping services take care of the rest in record time!

What kind of present do you propose for Kanpur?

We specialize in luxury chocolate made by the world champion of chocolate makers (Pascal Caffet). This artisan has created more than 26 different recipes that you can offer with a variety of innovative and unseen decorative packaging.

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Our best gift ideas to send to Kanpur Dehat and Nagar

As specialists in exceptional gifts, we recommend you to look at the following offers:

  • The chocolate boxes
  • The assortments
  • Chocolate hearts
  • Luxury chocolates (gold)

To go further, do not hesitate to consult our catalogue. To complete it it is also of use that we offer the following products to this big Indian city. So we find naturally:

  • Flower deliveries
  • Basket deliveries
  • wine deliveries

etc… they will perfectly accompany your chocolates.

What are the delivery times for Kanpur?

Whether it is for this district capital or other cities in the world, the delay is usually 24 to 48 hours, 72 hours in other cases. This is made possible thanks to our partnership with DHL, the leading company in this field. Your parcels are transported by all possible means and imaginable to arrive on time! (Airplane, train, car, etc…). This speed is also valid for international shipments! Please note that our packages leave the same day as your order.

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How much does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping is fixed is about $18.00 all over the world. This is explained by the means used, by the fragility and weight of gift packages. But when you love, you don’t count!

How are my chocolates protected as gifts when they are sent to Kanpur?

In order to prevent any risk, our chocolate products are protected by a resistant and shock-proof foam as well as by refrigerated packages when we deliver in hot countries. There is hardly ever a problem even in the most difficult climatic conditions.

Can my gift be personalized?

Yes zChocolat benefits from an advanced customization service for each of your products. There is the essential photo personalization of the chocolate box of course, but also the possibility of engraving your recipient’s first name on a plaque and adding a message to it to his attention and full of accessories to make your gift unique.

For what occasions to send a gift to Kanpur?

There are plenty of events to enjoy with chocolates. It is true that in this case we think especially of Christmas or Valentine’s Day but do you know that they are also very much appreciated for birthdays, especially as they are exceptional delicacies with rare fragrances, all packed in an ultra personalized box. Your knowledge of Kanpur will only be able to appreciate this delicate attention.

For whom can I send a gift?

Make no mistake, if it is true that chocolates are culturally offered to women, they can perfectly suit men! We have models specially designed for, especially the black zBoxes which are very popular for these gentlemen. The children like milk chocolate assortments very much, even if the different recipes generally appeal to the whole family.

If you are in a company or a boss, it is also possible to offer boxes to your colleagues or employees as well as your customers. It will not be a classic gift but something out of the ordinary that will not leave them indifferent!


Learn more about Kanpur and its region

Characteristics of the city

Kânpur is a densely populated city, the most populated city in Uttar Pradesh State. It is an industrial city, capital of the districts of Kânpur Dehat and Kânpur Nagar.
The city is currently in full economic growth thanks to the production of textile or chemical products.

Number of inhabitants

Kanpur’s population is estimated at approximately 3177,829 in 2011.


Founded in the 13th century by Raja Kanti Deo of Prayag the village is called Kohna.
Until the end of the 18th century, Kanpur was a small village.
The city then fell under the domination of an Indian province, the Oudh, then under British control from 1773 to 1801.
In 1801, it became a military base.
In 1854, the Bagh Canal was built.
The troops of Nana Sahib, raja from a princely state of Kanpur, settled in force in the British fortifications three years later. During this episode, 900 English people perish. In retaliation, the British army killed civilians and rebels.
In 1860 Kanpur industrialized and established a textile industry.
Between 1930 and 1970, the Kamlapat Singhania family created other businesses.
The city is officially considered to be the Indian Manchester when tea is planted there in the late 20th century.


Kanpur is a town on the banks of the Ganges. Its density is 1,553 inhabitants/km². Located in the north-east of India, it is bordered to the south by another city called Hamirpur and to the north-east by that of Unnao.

How to get around town?

The city of Kânpur offers various modes of transport, bus, tuk tuk, taxi, to choose from.
Tuk tuk: a practical and popular motor tricycle or rickshaw.
Taxi: Taxi fares in Kânpur city are affordable.

What to see?

The city of Kânpur has many tourist sites to see.
Visit Radha-Krishna Mandir, a temple erected in white marble, the Bithoor, a place of Hindu pilgrimage, the Lav Kush Barrage, a famous dam near the Gange River, the Temple of Shri Radha Krisha, endowed with magnificent architecture and art, the Indian Technology Institute and the Harcourt Maitre d’ Hotelier Technological Institute.
For your outdoor walks, take advantage of parks such as Gautam Buddha Park and Nana Rao Park (historical site, massacre and rebellion of 1857).

What can we do about it?

Go to Naveen Market.
Walk on the Mall road, which crosses the city from east to west.
Take a walk in Kamla Park.
Go to the Boodha Bargad (Banyan) tree, a tree on which 144 fighters were hung during the rebellion period.
Discover the Allen Forest Zoo, Kanpur’s largest park.


Kanpur’s shops will allow you to shop for souvenirs.
Bring back traditional jewellery such as bracelets, earrings, pearls and precious stones, sandalwood items. For those who prefer clothes: choose saris, for women and Sherwanis, for men.

Gastronomy and local recipes

The dishes: chicken tandoori, chicken marinated with a mixture of spices, then cooked in the oven (“tandoori” is a clay oven.).
Chicken with butter, Rogan josh, a dish of Monghols origin, composed of meat, garlic and parsley. Breads such as naan or papar, dhal, legume platter, dosas, flour and chickpea cakes, samosas, curries, spice mixes with paste or powder.
Drinks: lassi, sweetened milk drink, toddy, palm wine.

What to see in the region?

Around Kânpur, various tourist sites are to be seen.
The ancient city of Bithur associated with the goddess Brahma (27 km from Kanpur); the clay temple of Gutpa (59 km south of the city); one of the most important and visited tourist areas of Kanpur “Jajmau”.


Before departure, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor.
Consider taking out insurance to cover medical expenses and the possible cost of repatriation for medical reasons.
Avoid tap water, wash your hands very frequently, do not eat fresh fruit juices or street food, and ensure that meat and fish are cooked perfectly.