Chocolate Box

chocolate box“Life is like a box of chocolates…” This famous replica from the film Forrest Gump could perfectly illustrate the surprise offered by tasting each of our fine chocolate dishes. Indeed, the pieces we create are undoubtedly among the best in the world and we offer them in sublime boxes.

For what occasions do we offer a box of chocolates?

Buying this type of delight is first and foremost a gift that marks the attention you pay to someone. It can be as well dedicated to calendar celebrations as to the great events of life. They are mainly offered for the following occasions:

  • Valentine’s Day Boxes

valentine's day chocolate box

If there is a date when chocolate boxes are popular, it is February 14 to offer it to his lover or his sweetheart to show him your love. Who doesn’t know the sacrosanct heart-shaped box? It is a symbol both simple and powerful which pleases a lot of couples (Very widespread and popular especially in Japan).

  • Christmas Boxes

christmas chocolate box

At the end of the year celebrations, chocolate holds a very special place because it is one of the moments when it is shared with family and friends. Generally it accompanies the end of meals or decorates the tables during the celebrations to satisfy the greedy, small and large. We obviously think of Santa Claus with chocolate and the Advent calendar, but there are also the famous big boxes of chocolates with different flavours that we enjoy tasting together, led by the curiosity of the range of flavours on offer. More than a refined dish, chocolate in a box is offered at Christmas because it is the ideal gift: It pleases almost everyone.

  • Birthdays Boxes

birthday chocolate boxA chocolate cake for a birthday may seem normal, but a box of chocolates to celebrate another year is more surprising! However, it is becoming more and more widespread, especially in the United States. Either it is put at the table for everyone to enjoy, or it is offered as a real birthday present if its quality justifies it.

  • Easter Boxes

easter chocolate box

Chocolate is obviously THE star of Easter celebrations. First intended for children, it symbolizes rebirth and spring with the famous eggs, rabbits, hens but also Easter bells. During this period, chocolate is a gift in itself and for the older ones we can also offer boxes of refined chocolates to enjoy as much as our cherubs.

  • Wedding proposal chocolates

To ask for the hand of a loved one, to offer a box of chocolates accompanied by a message of love (for example “marry me”) is to make a much more original request than to do it via the box containing the ring. This is why this practice is in vogue especially that these sweets can be shared once the answer of the interested party is obtained.

Our different ideas for personalised chocolate boxes

In order to satisfy all requests and to please the recipient of your chocolate gift, we offer a wide range of boxes and boxes that you can customize. Whether it is by engraving on wood, on a plaque, on the small greeting card included with your order or by adding a photo or an accessory, you have the means to make your box of chocolates unique and original. Indeed our French know-how apart from the elaboration of our delights, is to raise the creation of chocolate boxes to the rank of art! Here are our flagship products:


zbox chocolates

A classic in our range, the zBox is a refined and refined box offering high quality packaging to contain several assortments of our best chocolates. All for a very affordable price.

The Mahogany Collection

wood box chocolate

Luxury boxes to surprise your recipients, this collection combines several models of lacquered wooden boxes with gold clasp for a gift of the most beautiful effect. In this range you will find our largest box of chocolates (Adonis). This is our house specialty and our favorite product!

The Chameleon Collection

custom chocolate box

Give free rein to your imagination. Each chestnut box is hand made in a small French workshop. You can customize it by changing the image on the lid as well as the color of the frame.

The box of chocolate truffles

truffle box

Among our chocolates, truffles are among the most exceptional dishes of our online shop. This collection benefits from a delicious recipe including Venezuelan dark chocolate sprinkled with cocoa and a creamy hazelnut praline from Piedmont.

Where and how are these chocolate boxes delivered?

Each of your orders is shipped the same day from our workshops to be delivered in a few days anywhere in the world! Indeed thanks to close partnerships with the best delivery services, your chocolate box arrives in the vast majority of cases at destination in 2 or 3 days. For the most exotic countries and subject to more marked climatic conditions, we send your boxes in specific isothermal packages in order to keep all the flavour of your chocolates. The unit is perfectly protected from shocks thanks to specific foams. Thanks to this, we can efficiently deliver to regions as varied as:

-London (United Kingdom)

-Seattle (USA)

-Melbourne (Australia)

-New York (USA)


26 chocolate recipes to compose your own boxes

The French chocolate maker Pascal Caffet who makes our recipes is also world champion in his discipline. Thanks to its know-how more than 26 recipes contained in our different pieces are available to elaborate your assortments to insert in our boxes and boxes. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate,… it’s up to you to see the recipes you prefer!
Customer reviews on our chocolate boxes

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★★★★★ A chocolate of such good quality, I am sure I will place future orders for the family and people I love to make them feel this happiness…

★★★★★ Even though my order was made to be delivered so far, the delivery arrived on time, as zchocolat estimated. My boyfriend loved his surprise!

★★★★★ This is the best chocolate I have ever ordered ! The quality is incomparable and the packaging and details are amazing. Thank you very much, I hope there will be many more orders in the future.