More than any other day of the year, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to indulge that special someone with the finer things in life.  as you celebrate this february, indulge even more luxury by discovering our fine french chocolates.

Not another heart-shaped chocolate box Be original!

heart shapped boxes

Choose our classy mahogany box; filled with chocolate delicacies; customized with a personal picture; engraved with a name or special words, add a fitting accessory; write a personal message on the gift card and have it wrapped in our signature paper, all finished off with a luxurious ribbon and 3 initials embossed in a wax seal.  Offer this jewel of a present to your loved one to say, “I love you”.  All containing the best chocolates in the world.

personalize A chocolate heart

Symbolize the love that you share with your loved one. Choose an exceptional delicacy where  exquisite design and class exel. What could be better to represent the romance of Valentine’s Day than a sublime praline heart which will surely keep the flame burning between lovers. Finally add a loving and personnal message to this happy Valentine’s Day gift.

valentine heart shaped chocolate

A heart gilded in gold

Create your own romance by adding warmth and radiance and setting the mood for this Valentines Day.  A simple tablecloth, topped with a vase of fresh flowers, or perhaps just some scattered rose petals, a few sweet smelling candles of varying heights and some soft music playing in the background make this a perfect way to forget the everyday routines.   It is also the perfect way to show off zChocolat’s stunning gold leaf covered chocolates; hand coated in pure 24-karat gold leaf, these heart-shaped delicacies offer unparalleled luxury that’s sure to sparkle by any candlelight.

Chocolate assortments: not to be missed!

Our assortments are a very popular choice to celebrate February 14th. Especially our milk chocolates, but why not to try one of our other selections. With 26 delicious varieties avaible in our shop you will find our variations in most of the zBox collections. They are to be savoured.

valentine chocolate assortments

The menu can make all the difference on Valentine’s Day.  Luxurious flavours don’t have to rely on difficult-to-pronounce ingredients, however.  Simply incorporating multiple courses into a single meal is often enough to make what would otherwise be a routine dinner into something remarkable.  For example, consider accompanying a pasta dish with fresh seasonal vegetables, warm crusty bread, and, of course, a rich red wine.  Focusing on fresh, high-quality, ingredients and harmonious flavours is the easiest way to make any meal memorable.  It’s also an excellent way to set the stage for a fantastic finale.  Presented after a romantic meal zChocolat’s stunning Valentine’s assortment boxes (featuring both heart-shaped chocolates and traditional chocolates from the Numbered Collection) steal the stage as both a glamorous gift and a decadent dessert.

Our favorite flavor for Valentine’s Day

recipe valentine chocolate

If we have to choose only one it would most probably be the Dark Z Chocolate. It contains a salted caramel with bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and a praline containing hazelnuts from Piedmont, all coated with delicious dark chocolate from Venezuela: It’s absolutely a must for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Chocolates for him and for her

chocolate valentine box

Little chocolate surprises are often associated as gifts which men give to women, but this is not always the case. In Japan for example, women show their love by offering boxes of chocolates. Unlike a bouquet of flowers, receiving such a highly refined  gift with precise personalization   is suitable for both men and women. Our beautiful black zBox is a perfect gift for both sexes thanks to its neutral tone and classic appearance.

Send a valentine’s day message

Poems and Valentine’s Day have long gone hand-in-hand.  Whether borrowing a Shakespearean sonnet or composing an entirely original verse, reading your loved one specially selected words is guaranteed to add even more romance to your celebration.  Along with each box of chocolates from zChocolat, there is a customizable message card inside the pouch where you can write your loving words. ,  It is so easy to add that extra bit of luxury  to your gift this year.

It IS All in the Details

Although your goal may be to achieve the so-called grand romantic gesture, luxury is ultimately a matter of detail.  Focus on tailoring even the smallest aspects of your evening to match your loved one’s preferences and you’ll be adding layers of luxurious romance throughout.  Choose music to match the mood;  use high quality linens and glassware;  display framed photos of shared memories and build anticipation ahead of time, by leaving small clues .


Allowing your loved one to glimpse small  peeks about what you have planned builds excitement and allows them to savour the anticipated event.  To help achieve this, zChocolat can arrange a concierge service to notify your recipient of an impending chocolate delivery, without giving away too many details.  .  Special packaging, like monogrammed wax seals secured by stylish wrapping paper or even heart-shaped padlocks with custom combinations are also small details that can add suspense and luxury to your celebration.

Worldwide Delivery of France’s Finest Chocolates

Of course, nobody wants to have to apologize for a late gift.  zChocolat guarantees delivery by Valentine’s Day to countries around the world courtesy of DHL, and provides tracking numbers and email confirmation for even more peace of mind.

SOME OTHER ideas for a chocolate present for the love of your life?

Although our Valentine’s Day range is perfectly designed to send a love message to someone special, there is nothing to stop you from meandering through our wide range of selected chocolates to discover  more surprising boxes. Our golden chocolates and diamond-shaped delicacies are pure luxury and indulgence; the survival kit is just that, our recipe for survival; chocolate bars and spreads are exceptional products at  low prices… you will certainly find something suitable for everyone.


What can I use to accompany my chocolates on Valentine’s Day?

The big moment has arrived and you fear that after a candlelit meal  that your chocolates may not have the effect you were hoping for. Choose to make a dish that is not too rich. Preferably serve natural sweet wines to enhance the cocoa taste of your Valentine’s Day treats. According to  wine merchants, red marries more with dark chocolate. Whisky, in moderation, is the perfect drink for the roundness and enjoyment of these refined high-end chocolates.