The Best Chocolate in the World

Want to know what the best chocolate in the world is? Would you like to offer some or just know where it comes from? Here is a short guide that explains or searches for you and gathers all the information you need to find the best in chocolate.

Where does the best chocolate in the world come from?

best chocolates of the world
The origin of chocolate excellence has often been attributed to countries such as Switzerland or Belgium, but opinions are unanimous in recent years: France is at the top of the list.
This is due to the upmarket and quality of products of this kind in France. And zChocolat is the worthy representative because our chef chocolatier, Pascal Caffet is the best worker in France and won first place at the world championship in this category.
Just like Lenôtre, Alain Ducasse, Patrick Roger and Jacques Genin, he actively participated in what made France shine by the quality of its international chocolate delicacies.

Which countries make the best chocolate in the world?

If France is now the leading destination for chocolate fans, the reputation of the following countries must be recognised as ambassadors of quality:


  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • Belgium (Bruges in particular)
  • The United States of America

there are also very special places to find perfumes of excellence around chocolate:
You may think that the Swiss and Belgians know the chocolate market best. Even New York and Italy know a lot about cocoa, but the best chocolate in the world is really a global issue, and we’ve chosen some underestimated places that every lover of this sweet pleasure should have on their radar:
In May, a trip to Belize will take you to the Belize Chocolate Festival, a celebration of the country’s long history of transforming cocoa into rich chocolate products. An ancient Mayan tradition!
-Saint Lucia
One night at the Chocolate Hotel places you on a cocoa plantation, and Boucan, the restaurant on the spot, offers dishes infused with chocolate in a pleasant setting.
-Oaxaca, Mexico
Another destination that pays homage to its Mayan roots, Mina d’ Oaxaca Street is lined with colourful shops that offer delicious chocolate treats.
-Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome and Principe, the island of Sao Tome and Principe, is celebrated by chocolate makers all over the world for its unique and tempting flavours.
-Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
visit to the Chocolate Bar at Hotel Langham is a must during a visit to Boston. You will be amazed by the range of sweets and chocolates on display and ready to eat.
-Hershey World, Pennsylvania (USA)
With a huge craft factory permanently creating your favorite Hershey sweets, this delicacy in Pennsylvania also has its own amusement park.
-Bohol, Philippines (USA)
The Chocolate Hills of the Philippines are not really made of chocolate (it’s limestone), but the country still produces its own distinct brand of cocoa and has made great strides during the chocolate competition season.
-Cologne, Germany (USA)
Where the chocolate museum is located. What more can I say?
-Scotland, United Kingdom (USA)
While his older sister, England, usually gets all the accolades centered on cocoa, Scotland has made a lot of progress in the world of chocolate and provides a number of the world’s best premium chocolate makers and cocoa artisans through Edinburgh and Glasgow.

What is the best chocolate brand?

Choosing your favourite brand is a matter of taste and personality, of course. But judging by what the chocolate experts consider to be among the best companies of its kind, zChocolat is one of the best products of this family!

world's finest chocolates
For example, we have won numerous awards in international competitions, such as recently at the International Chocolate Award, and our presence on the famous list of “The fifty best chocolate”, a reference in the field.
The best sign of confidence is the return of those who have already ordered from us. As you can see on Trustpilot, opinions are praiseworthy not only in terms of product quality but also in terms of customer service quality. It’s been 6 years since we received an award of excellence and we were recently voted “Best Chocolate Shop” internationally.

What is the best chocolate in the world?

It is French, you knew that but in the offer that is proposed to you, if we had to advise you only one, it would be the one resulting from the recipe of number 0. Just judge for yourself:

best chocolateshop best chocolate
Discover the secret of this creamy praline with hazelnuts from Piedmont whose milk chocolate coating 40% Côte d’ Ivoire origin reveals pieces of finely chopped californian almonds.
A must in this field which won him a prize at the last international competition.

The different kinds of our best chocolates

To make you discover chocolate in all its forms, we have the following offer:


  • The assortments
  • Boxes of chocolates
  • Chocolate bars
  • Dark chocolate truffles
  • Spreads and spreads
  • Chocolate almonds
  • The orangettes
  • Hazelnuts

and full of other delights!
You can offer them in beautifully decorated wooden boxes that you can customize with photo, name, engraving, message and accessories!

What is the occasion to offer the best chocolates in the world?

When you plan to share your emotions, send as a gift one of the best chocolates in the world, it is ideal to mark special occasions such as weddings or birthdays such as 18 years, 20 years, 50 years etc….
Culturally, these luxury chocolates are particularly appreciated on Valentine’s Day. With such high quality ingredients and know-how, you are sure to impress your recipient’s spirit every time! Especially since you can add your personal touch to customize your gift.
For children, you can also imagine an advent calendar with milk chocolates, guaranteed success!

How are our favourite chocolates made?

The recipe for the best chocolate in the world is obviously secret because it has benefited from many years of research by the world champion chocolate maker, yet the ingredients are clearly visible in the “our chocolates” tab on our website. You will only see top-of-the-range, carefully selected ingredients to give our delicacies an unprecedented taste. Enough to satisfy all the gourmets of the genre.
All our chocolates are guaranteed 100% pure cocoa butter, without preservatives, animal fats, alcohol or dyes (except for the red heart).
As for their confection, our chocolates are made in France in a specialized workshop and delivered on their shipping platform, located in Forcalquier in the south of France.

Favourite recipes around best chocolate

Eating chocolate simply is more than enough to appreciate all the subtleties of chocolate, you can also use the best varieties for the following recipes, which are very popular:


  • Cakes and brownies
  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate fountains/chocolate fondues
  • Chocolate Coated Strawberries

How to get the best chocolate boxes in the world delivered?

When you place your order on our online shop, your package is shipped the same day for ultra fast delivery worldwide. DHL with whom we are a privileged partner, delivers in almost all countries of the world in less than 2-3 days in the vast majority of cases.
The products are carefully packaged and protected by anti-shock foam. For hot destinations, boxes resistant to temperature variations allow the chocolates to arrive in good conditions for your recipients. We deliver places as varied as Sydney, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong… etc…
A premium delivery guarantee for the best chocolate delicacies!

What is the best spread in the world?

Very much appreciated by families, you have always wondered what is the best chocolate paste? Is there anything other than the best known that’s worth it? Here too, we have a little surprise in store for you because we have one of the very best spreads in the world!

best spread chocolate in the world
She received the bronze medal at the last international competition and is available in three different recipes. The difference: Handcrafted with delicious caramelized hazelnuts from Piedmont, roasted Valencian almonds and grilled peanuts from China, mixed with a creamy 40% Côte d’ Ivoire milk chocolate, our pasta spreads make you dream… They are composed exclusively of natural ingredients with lots of dried fruit for very little sugar and will evoke to all the gourmands the sweet memories of their childhood snacks with a zest of perfection.

Which countries are the biggest consumers of chocolate?

We may have the best food of our kind, but France is only tenth in the world rankings! There is much more greedy than us in the world and here is the list of achievements:
Here is the list of the ten countries that consumed most chocolate in 2012, per capita:

1. Switzerland 11.9 kg
2. Ireland 9.9 kg
3. United Kingdom 9.5 kg
4. Austria 8.8 kg
5. Belgium 8.3 kg
6. Germany 8.2 kg
7. Norway 8 kg
8. Denmark 7.5 kg
9. Canada 6.4 kg
10. France 6.3 kg
Because chocolate is considered a luxury in some countries, the majority of the world’s top 20 chocolate connoisseurs are also among the richest in the world.
It should be noted that even if India does not appear in the top 20, it is the nation with the strongest increase in chocolate consumption. Its sales doubled in three years, from $418 million in 2008 to $857 million in 2011.

Why are these better chocolates so expensive?

You are probably used to buying chocolates in chains or supermarkets. These are industrially produced in colossal quantities with ingredients often requiring the addition of colouring agents and preservatives. This is not the case of our chocolates, which are made manually with first choice ingredients in France in much smaller quantities to keep the quality of the best chocolate in the world. Add to that the particular care taken at each step of your order, you pay the price of the know-how and the time we spend to elaborate our recipes. It’s just a different approach, because at zChocolat we are focused on offering sublime and gourmet gifts and not on the desire to flood homes with cheap industrial chocolate.