Our Team

Jean-Philippe Khodara

My favorite recipe: Dark Z. The marriage of caramel and praliné followed by the intense Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark couverture is devilish.

Why I love working at zChocolat:
Empowering people to make other people happy by sending them the world's most sacred food: chocolate. zChocolat allows me to fulfill this dream.

Noémie Nicaise
IT Process Manager

My favorite recipe: N°0. It has all the qualities of a great milk chocolate: gourmet praline and crunchy almonds... delicious!

Why I love working at zChocolat:
In the same day, I can prepare a selection of chocolates for a customer in New York, print a picture of lovers on a honeymoon in Hawaii and wrap an order for Singapore!

Thomas Evrard
Logistics Manager

My favorite recipe: N°22. The fullness of praliné and the spicy taste of coriander gives this chocolate a unique oriental flavor!

Why I love working at zChocolat:
Receiving an order at 1pm and creating a unique gift box which will be delivered on the next day, this is for me the Z signature. I find this exciting!

Taralee Schoen
Corporate Sales

My favorite recipe: No. 17 is my favorite - I LOVE hazelnut pralines and the subtle toasted coconut finish with the intense dark chocolate covering is divine!

Why I love working at zChocolat:
I love working at zChocolat because we have such an amazing team, amazing products and wonderful, happy clients!

Marc Segard
Chief Financial Officer

My favorite recipe: N°12: I love the subtle finishing touch of sesame.

Why I love working at zChocolat:
We have an exceptional savoir-faire and the desire to share it, our attention to details translates our culture of excellence and we have a product we love and kindles any dream.

Marina Gonzales
Customization Manager

My favorite recipe: N°17. The subtle alliance of coconut and praline gives this chocolate a unique and exotic taste!

Why I love working at zChocolat:
I like the feeling of selecting a raw gift box, personalizing it entirely by hand and making it unique.

Phoebe Thomas
Commercial Assistant

My favorite recipe: I love the number 12 for its intriguing sesame and almond praline combination!

Why I love working at zChocolat:
There is a shared sense of passion and pride for the products that runs throughout the team and, even as an intern I feel completely integrated.

Laurence Chassany
Customer Service Manager

My favorite recipe: No.8, I love this pure, surprising and captivating taste! The 70% dark chocolate holds a delicious coffee ganache mixed with the sweetness of hazelnut praline, which dances on my taste buds.

Why I love working at zChocolat:
Creating customer satisfaction and loyalty is at the heart of my job and to undertake it with such a dynamic and passionate team is truly motivational!

Nathalie Bach
Director of institutional sales

My favorite recipe: Milk Z. I love milk chocolate, caramel and praliné. The Milk Z gathers all 3 together.

Why I love working at zChocolat:
We are a small company, which allows us to learn quickly and be versatile. It is very pleasant to sell a product we love and above all to transmit this passion to our customers.

Karine Monchal
Packaging Manager

My favorite recipe: N°10. The most simple chocolate of our collection, but certainly the most intense. I recommend it to all the chocolate lovers!

Why I love working at zChocolat:
I have been in the company since its creation and I am glad to be able to treat thousands of chocolate lovers worldwide every day!

Selin Blanco
Customer Service Representative

My favorite recipe: The white Z chocolate is my absolute favourite! I love the velvety texture with the combination of the sweet and salty flavours.

Why I love working at zChocolat:
Working with such a passionate and inclusive team to ensure that each and every customer is happy with their order from us, is why I love working for zChocolat.

Julien Sagnier
Graphic Designer

My favorite recipe: N°0. It is amazing with its perfectly crisp almonds on top.

Why I love working at zChocolat:
I find my job so rewarding! It's very satisfying to be able to send our French chocolates anywhere in the world.