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Our Couvertures

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cabosses2We do not compromise with chocolate. We exclusively use pure, single-origin cocoa in our couvertures; never blended cocoa couvertures, which result in average, everyday flavors. The use of high-grade, single-origin cocoa beans produces a more distinctive and longer finish on the palate than blended beans. Beware of chocolate that reveals its aromas too fast: the longer the finish, the greater the couverture. We have created three single-origin chocolate couvertures made from 100% pure cocoa butter. Each couverture is made from a unique cocoa bean with a guaranteed identifiable “vintage” – resulting in one of the best chocolates in the world.


70% Venezuela & Madagascar blended couverture for all our dark chocolates.

Our unique dark couverture features a rich and complex profile with cocoa beans from Venezuela and Madagascar at its base. Venezuelan cocoa beans reveal a rounded and delicate aroma and offer a lasting aftertaste while beans from Madagascar boast a signature flavor marked by slightly tart, yet fine notes. This couverture reaches a perfect harmony of flavors with a strong personality that unites power, balance and lasting flavor. Its effect on the palate is typical of beans from the Carenero Island in Venezuela: powerful and intensely chocolatey at first which then transitions into notes of sweet honey. To finish, one can discern light citrussy notes specific to beans from Madagascar which then take on flavors of candied red fruit.

40% Ivory Coast couverture for all our milk chocolates

The Ivory Coast’s reputation as a cocoa grower is largely founded on the sheer quantity of production rather than quality. The cocoa beans it produces are often quite bitter. However, when used to make milk chocolate, the bitterness becomes an asset; it gives a perfect balance to the milk and sugar. We have selected a fermented Forastero variety with an “Ivory Coast Good Fermented” grade. Not too sweet, this cocoa produces a delightful, lingering aftertaste, reminiscent of Viennese pastries.